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  1. Literally every course in the world has this issue, and while it maybe due to money (I haven’t heard that in 25 plus years of working in golf but I could see how it would be) it’s more likely due to bad operators and fear of reclaiming the edges because it’ll look like total crap for a little bit. We’d use a PVC tee that was 30 inches wide and myself or the assistants would walk and dot every green periodically. In the summer times when we were closed, particularly after we blew our place up and resurfaced the greens, we would measure the distance from irrigation heads to the edge an
  2. It’s just equipment and referring to course setup. The first picture is a tee at Harding Park, the second is a tee at Winged Foot. HP used a riding mower with three reels, triplex. Winged Foot walk mows their tees which is most likely a 21 or 26 inch single reel. Now I understand that HP was short staffed...start earlier. I know you’re a muni but to me if you’re hosting the best you need to do the details to a T. Ultimately it isn’t that big of a deal, but after hosting events and working in golf it’s something I see and think that looks like total $hit no matter how good a triplex can cut no
  3. I think the open just refers to the fact that anyone can enter/qualify. Personally I was just the opposite I didn’t care for it at all. They triplexed tees and approaches.
  4. Depends on the course, there’s some tournament courses that are tough member courses Bay Hill comes to mind especially in the winter and guys have gone low there in the tournament and then there’s Deere Run (fine golf course) but it ain’t tough to score on at all. The only thing I find easier about tournament venues, and other high level clubs, is the consistency from hole to hole. Not just on the greens but surrounds too, because I hit shots based on how the ball will react on the ground I don’t want the checking on the first hop when I hit a shot correctly that’s meant to skip skip check. F
  5. the same two reasons that govern every decision that clubs make; money and liability.
  6. Yeah that’s cool, but no I don’t think it’s the best finish ever. A guy named Sammy schmitz made a walkoff ace on a par 4 in the 2015 MidAm at Johns Island West.
  7. I’ll echo this sentiment having worked with him on a project at a golf course he renovated. Do me a solid, take everything Jack says with a grain of salt. We drove all around all 18 twice in a day once 1-18 then 18-1 he made a ton of suggestions, half of which Jackie and another from Nicklaus Design just looked at us and shook their heads, “no”. Also having read his quote, I think he’s absolutely correct but that’s what sets the great ones apart from the not so great. In any walk of life there’s some that are just different, they posses that drive and talent to be the best. By no means was I
  8. I wonder if titleist99 has enough lotion and tissues for tomorrow’s coverage.
  9. No. He should luck into one now and then, but he won’t ever dominate the way he’s talked about. I feel I should elaborate on this, but I don’t know much about him really, don’t really wanna delve into stats either. I will say this though, if I’d take Matt Kuchar or Zach Johnson (at 30) over Tony Finau that tells me all I need to know. I was actually thinking of this during coverage seeing sticks having a good run this week, but we all ponder about and anoint the next one way way to early. What about the next Charles Howell III? I was seriously thinking, “boy tony might be taking the torch fo
  10. I haven’t played a ton in New York, but I’d imagine National Golf Links and Shinnecock are pretty tough to beat. NGLA is sandwiched between Shinnecock and Peconic Bay, personally I never understood nor cared for course architecture (even though I worked in golf my whole life) I just played the course as it was and really enjoyed playing there although it was only twice?It’s a serene setting, with the water the course and the mill on property. Then you go right next door and play another fantastic golf course. If money was no object I’d live in the Hamptons and play those golf courses everyday,
  11. They are installing a sub surface heating and cooling system.
  12. As an aside to this, I would go absolutely nuclear on crew members that turned on the fringes/collars. I absolutely despised the wear patterns and didn’t want weak collar areas plus they all had turning boards to use, that was my biggest pet peeve on a golf course. We stressed to them everyday don’t turn on collars/fringes with your walkers, and especially triplexes. But that being said there’s some courses where it’s not possible to not turn in the collar because of a steep bunker face or pond etc.
  13. Solid tines. Most tournament venues will solid tine a month or so and twice at least, especially the summer venues, to help relieve compaction. Couple that with filters on the cameras it makes it look worse on tv than in person. You’ll see it but not like on tv. Reason it’s noticeable is because that’s where the plant is “healthiest” if you will.
  14. First off I think the nine hole match this week at Muirfield raised 300k plus individual donations. Secondly, Nationwide donated 10 million earlier this week to the hospital. Third, Taylormade Drive for Relief raised 5.5 million for first responders. Fourth, The Match II raised 20 million for first responders. Fifth, The nine hole match a The Rocket Mortgage raised north of a million dollars for local charities. Sixth, buying a ticket is the same GD thing as texting to make a donation or logging in to make a donation online. The only difference is your getting something of value in return fo
  15. y’all will get your wish for tucked pins tomorrow
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