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  1. Never seen that one or the other one with the Sam Jackson flight or flier? Where he’s addicted and crashes a jet? But no means is it common sense, but if you are around aviation at all it’s fairly easy. For all my childhood, I’ve had a pilot in the house. For 20 years of that pilots were next door, across the street, down the road because we lived on base. It got to the point where at Kadena I could tell the difference between engines and know what jets were coming or going because you live the life and know what is going on. Could I fly a jet? No chance. But when the NTSB releases their report and I read it or read Popular Mechanics, Aviation Week, Air Force magazine articles about the incident you tend to be decently informed about the facts and understand the decision that the river was the best option. And absolutely hindsight is 20/20, all three options could have been absolute disaster. It just so happened that everyone lived. The quote that sticks out to me is, “I was making deposits for 35 years for one big withdrawal” now whether sully set the jet down in the river or not idk, technically I believe the FO is to take the stick during emergencies while the captain works the problem and checklists. During emergencies nothing is more important than to aviate, navigate, and communicate. All three of those were done to darn near perfection throughout the whole incident.
  2. Agreed he did get lucky, but that whole incident was kinda unprecedented. Sure flight crews have checklists for problems like dual engine flameout, but it’s meant to happen at cruising altitude not 3000 AGL, if they hit the birds earlier they probably blow up on impact with the ground because there’s no chance to work the problem. At that height they had enough to glide for a bit, while the NTSB simulations did show that a percentage of pilots were able to make it to LGA, once they factored in the human element of evaluating the problem, formulating a plan, and implementation of that plan, it was too late. Those that made it back, were turned around immediately. Ditching in the river was legit the absolute best option. Coming back to LGA would have been very tough to pull off, jet is full of fuel and without engines it probably overshoots and runs off creating other problems to people on the ground. Also not that this was in his mind, but a jet full of fuel will float for a bit (gas is lighter than water) ditching in the Hudson was close to multiple ferries, plus the A320 is rated for extended overwater operations which means it is stocked with a life vest and life rafts. long story short you’re cemented in your opinion of 1549, but it’s wrong… he got extremely lucky but ditching was the best option among bad options. for the record my father was a pilot former Air Force, commercial aviator, and worked for Flight Safety. While every opinion is my own this one comes from questions I asked and answers I’ve researched.
  3. Jason Day used to hang around Columbus Ohio. Granted he could easily travel to warmer climates
  4. I love that course played there 3/4 times in the past nothing but good memories from it seemed to use every club in the bag good par 3s, great par 5s, couple short drivable fours if memory serves (8/11) and then a beast of a par 4 (14) before an island green par 3.
  5. You should work for the Tour with those ideas… Creating a challenge artificially because the main “defenses” aren’t present or in play, isn’t ever a good idea on a golf course. There’s an organization every year that sets up an event similarly to what you’re saying and sometimes they get absolutely bludgeoned for it because they went too far in their prep and setup. They simply got a soft golf course with pure greens. Most players are going to play well ball in hand with good greens. It’s not just elite players either, look at the US Am that was hosted by Oakmont last year, first round stroke average 77, then rain comes thru during the second round and the stroke average drops 3 shots at 74 and change. Now is there other factors involved, sure but rain had a lot to do with it. This event was just the perfect combination of good weather, pure course conditioning, and incendiary player ability.
  6. What should a tour calibre course be able to do?
  7. I don't see why you couldn't play by yourself. There was story about a young man that qualified for the Four Ball by himself because his partner was a surgeon (?) and got called to work. Qualified on his by shooting 63. Generally there is a deadline to submit a substitute player, I would imagine that three hours is beyond that deadline.
  8. No. Legend has it, from members, that the nines were flipped because they believed that the first 9 (as we know it) was more difficult and intricate than the second 9 (again as we know it). And if players started on today’s 10 tee they’d have 9 holes to warm up before playing the more difficult of the 9 holes. The committees wanted the challenge to come in the beginning rather than the end of the round.
  9. That’s fairly common if memory serves. Our school was like that, except for one we had the defending individual national champion who earned that right. I know a majority of other schools in our southeastern conference were like that as well. Dog eat dog my friend.
  10. Could he? Sure. Will he? Probably not. Am I still going to tune in every week the PGA Tour is on? Absolutely.
  11. Audiences pay at majors too…sure there maybe more corporate at majors but regular joes are still paying to get in.
  12. FWIW my pro at our club where I’m a member got my brother and I out unaccompanied at TPC Southwind. It’s subject to availability but it’s doable.
  13. I was in Memphis Monday morning and just got back to Florida. Just a quick trip to visit my brother but we played 18 at Galloway and tbh for 35 bucks each with a cart before 11 I thought it was a terrific deal! Course was in good shape, bunkers had some drainage issues as did number 14 and 18 green but tees were good fairways were fine and greens rolled really well! All around a great value and option for a round of golf. Lots nice mature trees, elevation changes, pretty par 3s. I’d recommend it!!
  14. And yes as far as Tiger goes absolutely any athlete or celebrity personality that we have no personal interactions with at all, it’s super pathetic to me when people say I’m so disappointed with what he did or mad at him or whatever. For what? He’s a guy most of y’all won’t ever meet or have any personal encounters with, and if you’re going to judge him and want to knock a guy down (for whatever reason that’s what our society has a HUGE infatuation with) go for it you do you man if you gotta rag on him for his PERSONAL mistakes and shortcomings be my guest and throw the first stone, because it only reflects poorly on those people. By no means are Tiger and I boys, we’re members at the same club and have mutual friends. He’s been nothing but fantastic to me, answered every question I ever had about golf, and guests I have brought around the club. I had some friends whose kids played soccer with Tigers daughter, Tiger was at every single game according to them as was Elin. Even purchased the teams Nike uniforms. No one reports that s*** that he goes to his kids games or takes them to Mickey Ds after school (there’s a McDonalds on the corner of Bridge Road and US 1 hang out there on an off season you’ll see some names there if they have kids).
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