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  1. I think the course is faring well this week as it usually does. The cut line is never really that low nor is it extremely high. I have caught some early round coverage this morning and geez these greens are firming up. I do not want to say its going to get outta hand but its going to get to the edge I think. Suns out, wind is up, humidity will be dropping so that means ET is really high today. (ET is short for evapotranspiration which is a measure of how much moisture is leaving the surface and the plant of which sunlight, wind, humidity, temperature are factors). So that means thing will be f
  2. Sure and they should be. Poa gets a bad name and very very rarely is a turf stand 100 percent free of contaminants. But yes lately the poa was encroaching a little bit more than I am sure they liked, but it was still magnificent surfaces to putt and play on.
  3. Cannot really go wrong with that one. Fun fact though since we have discussed The Memorial in this thread extensively in my opinion having worked in turf and setup tournaments and played each of them...Muirfield Village might be the best conditioned course that I have ever played. That is a testament to the Latshaws and the "Latshaw mafia" that has come from Muirfield. Paul Latshaw (I believe the current DOG at Muirfield Village, is the son of Paul Latshaw who is probably the best superintendent to have lived had the gigs at Oakmont and Augusta...he was really good). knows his stuff but more i
  4. Yeah I can see that. What for you is the best course on Tour?
  5. You are far more aggressive than I but yes I do agree with you The Memorial checks a lot of boxes for me. I love Bay Hill and put a lot of blood sweat and tears into that place but Muirfield Village is unbelievable.
  6. ooof I am not sure about that. As you have worded it yes maybe for the fifth major. Which one would they rather win? I still think The Players comes out on top as the purse at The Players is significantly more than The Memorial.
  7. Yeah you’re going way more in depth than the average fan/person cares about. If they heard that a player was content at not being the best they’d s*** a brick. Because the “I’m paying your salary” crowd feels there owed the players best every day by buying a jersey, signature shoe, attending a game, or even worse look up to athletes as role models. When in actuality the things they’re doing don’t register much on a players bottom line. I read about here all the time when someone starts talking about ticket sales affecting a players or the Tours income. Ticket sales have no bearing on the Tour
  8. LMFAO Rod Perry did not get in on past champion status. Rod Perry is a club pro from up the road in Port Orange. He usually wins the NFPGA tournament that provides and exemption plus he’s a past Florida Open Champion and National Club Pro Champion.
  9. I would love that too, but the fans feel that they are owed something by showing up to watch these guys and gals play a game.
  10. In my opinion Breakers Jones course is better than abacoa and NPBCC.
  11. For what it is worth I am pretty sure he lives nearby, so yeah games not great but its a PGA Tour event and he can sleep in his own bed. Arnold shot 89 in his last go around here if memory serves.
  12. Stories can and do get "bigger" with age...but I tend to believe that he might have said what tree whether he asked which side of a particular tree I don't know. These guys are good, and also aim small miss small is a good axiom. Norman was a member of a club I worked and one evening he was hitting balls, and I struck up a conversation with him. He was just striping drivers and I asked him what he was aiming for, and he pointed to a royal palm that was close to 300. He put a few left of it, then a few to the right of it then I watched him put three balls in row off of it...I could
  13. Yep it is gnarly! You could stick your hand down in some spots and it would come up to your wrist, and it is very dense.
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