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  1. I remember that but I’m not sure that was ever to pull out of the Ryder Cup.
  2. LMFAO yeah right source for that please?
  3. Larry O’Brien didn’t hoop either, he was the commissioner of the NBA during the ABA/NBA merger. So your point is?
  4. I’m not sure that it was already in existence but rather he commissioned it and donated it to the event.
  5. Highly unlikely the short folders of America will allow the Tour to take over their Golden goose. Granted they also make back from the PGA Championship, but I wouldn’t give it up if I was them.
  6. Well it’s actually named for him because he donated the trophy, hence Ryder Cup.
  7. I’d be the one person who’d honestly say “eh whatever”
  8. By no means am I saying that those seeds you see today in stores are his company but it’s similar.
  9. Every single one of the people on here knows about how he made his wealth. You pass by them every time you go to the garden center in any WalMart, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Target (maybe?). He made his fortune selling seeds in packages for a penny. His other competition had to mail them which upped their prices, since he lived next to a mainline railroad he was able to eliminate costs. He wasn’t really a golfer until later in life when he and his brother started sponsoring golf tournaments. Although a good player himself, he was captain at two clubs Stratford Upon Avon and I forget the other (fun fact Shakespeare was from Stratford Upon Avon) he was less known for ability but rather his enthusiasm and ability to promote the tournament's.
  10. What specifically would you like my perspective on?
  11. I’d like to preface this by saying it’s not an attack on the user creed77 BUT I would just like to highlight this text as it proves literally none of us know what we’re talking about. Unless there’s some sarcasm I’m missing, an MC and T30 don’t exactly scream good weeks.
  12. Oh because that thesis was evident from a dozen words. Hardly anyone made a significant amount of money until television became wide spread. But yes the players that made it might take exception to it, they’ll be dead soon though.
  13. Right? It’s kills for the for the PGA. Which is why I said you mean the primary source of income for the PGA? if you meant that it would still exist if it didn’t make a profit. I doubt it tbh, the PGA, USGA, PGA Tour aren’t much into history as they claim to be it’s all about dollars. They wouldn’t host it biannually to lose money
  14. You mean a the primary source of income for the PGA and whatever the organization is called that runs the Euro side? Because that’s what it is.
  15. Sure maybe. Again as with everything on this site that I post I am speaking as me on my opinion. There are somethings that are “factual” based on years of experience gleaned from working in golf. But most of it is in my opinion. You’re right though generally the best players have been American, that’s not too jingoistic to say I don’t think. But it’s like the teams that celebrate division titles in college football then get smoked in the conference game. Hey we’ve won this division 5 years in a row, yeah but you get run out of the stadium every year in the title game. So do you wanna celebrate the small things or something of importance? To me the Ryder Cup isn’t an event I dreamt of winning or participating in. I’ve warmed up to the Olympics, although my motives are ulterior to the competition it self (see Olympic village ). But I’ve never ever dreamt of a putt to clinch the Ryder Cup, like I have The Masters or The British Open.
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