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  1. I carry my driver, but I recently switched to a 4 wood and ditched my 3 wood. I hit the 4W 90% of the time. The driver rarely comes out of the bag anymore unless it's a wide fairway on a par 5.
  2. The Titleist 913F2 or 915 F2 versions fit that niche pretty well and can easily be had used in the price range your looking for.
  3. I carry a 60, a 54, and 48Wedge. I use two chips a higher softer front foot and a lower more rolling back foot chip depending on how much green and rough I have to work with. I'd say about 60% or better of my chips are done with my 54. I use my 60 for all the short soft stuff (maybe 25-30%) and the 48 (or sometimes a PW or even 9 iron) if there's a lot of green to cover and I want to roll it a bit more. The way I learned was to make fewer types/sizes of swings and just club up or down accordingly. My chipping and pitching has always been the strongest part of my game. If I could ever hit fai
  4. I bought a "like new" Titleist 917 F2 4 wood to replace my 3W and 5W. Most times now I'm going to carry Driver, 4W 2Hy instead of Driver, 3W, 5W 3 Hy. The 4 Wood falls nicely right into the smallish gap between the 3W and the 5W. So now I get to carry a 2Hy which is virtually identical to my 5W distance wise. All this spare time and testing on my SkyTrak showed me this setup would work... and it does so far.
  5. Welcome back...I too had a long hiatus and then came back to the game a few years ago. Welcome to WRX also!
  6. Whew...let's see if I can remember, it's not a super long list... Wilson ProStaff CB (circa 1998) Cleveland TA3s Cleveland TA2s Adams Redline TaylorMade R7s Titleist 714 AP1s (still have) Titleist 718 AP1s (Current)
  7. I'm hovering at an 18 HC at the moment. Titleist 718 AP1 Irons are what I've played since early 2019. Before that I had 714 AP1s since 2015 and before that Taylormade R7s... I'm still very happy with the 718 AP1s. They are a small but noticeable improvement over my 714s.
  8. My Wife and I watched and enjoyed the event. One thing we both got a bit aggravated with was the commentators talking over all four golfers constantly. being that we don't get them miked up and talking openly too often on the course...I would have 100% preferred to hear what they had to say rather than Azinger or one of the other analysts sqawking some stats of other bullshit. I thought they looked kinda silly all in shorts, but to each his own. Overall, it was in some ways more enjoyable than watching a full tour event on TV.
  9. That wouldn't be something I'd be interested in doing. 9 holes is my minimum...I'm also wondering how they think $25 for five holes is a good deal? LMAO
  10. I went from my older 714 AP1 irons to the 718 AP 1 last year. IMO...It was an incremental improvement, and as a added bonus, the 718s are high on the sexy scale. I found that the AMT shafts and the small changes made them an iron set with good feel, plenty of forgiveness and easy to swing with confidence. I was reluctant to change, but glad I did.
  11. Ricky has some time to win that Major. His career arch might be like a certain Spanish player who didn't win his first (and only) major until he was in his late thirties. Ricky is also a better ambassador for golf by far than the previously mentioned Spanish player.
  12. 1 Masters 2 British Open 3 PGA 4 The Players ( I know...I know...) 5 U.S. Open
  13. Congratulations! That's awesome. The first time I broke 90 I lost a ball...so you're not alone. :-P
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