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  1. Galway Bay makes nice waterproof pants, both lined and unlined. Pricey at $185-$200, but the lined gray version is on sale for $150: https://galwaybaygolf.com/collections/pants Cross M Edge Chino is also a good waterproof pant (unlined only). They're usually pricey at $215, but the Edge Chino in green and blue are on sale for $108 plus shipping (from Sweden): https://cross-sportswear.com/shop/menswear/sale-menswear/golfwear-sale-menswear/m-edge-chinos-lichen-green/ https://cross-sportswear.com/shop/menswear/sale-menswear/golfwear-sale-menswear/m-edge-chinos-sto
  2. The specs on the Hoofer Tour's webpage say, "2 zippered, expandable water-bottle pockets", which leads me to believe that the slot into which you placed your plastic bottle of water wasn't meant for that purpose. I think the zipper compartment below/behind that slot is where the designers intended bottles to be stored. Ping moved away from the conventional open-mouthed bottle pocket to a new "zippered, insulated multi-use water bottle pocket" in both the 2020 Hoofer Lite and Craz-E Lite as well.
  3. For Ping's G410 woods and hybrids, the published "Lie Angle" spec is actually an average of the five loft positions visibly printed on the adapter sleeve. Ping's calculation of this "Lie Angle" (average lie) spec excludes the 3 hidden Flat positions (F, F-, F+) that are not printed on the adapter sleeve. The G410 3-wood's published "Lie Angle" is 56.5°, but that 56.5 is actually the average of the 5 visible lofts on the adapter ( O , Big+ , Small+ , Small– , Big– ). When the adapter sleeve is placed in the O position, the lie angle is 57.5°: Ping G410 3-Wood
  4. My home course has a hole with double/alternate greens. In their course database (i.e. the "Search courses" function), Arccos has two separate listings for my course: one with "- Right(hole#)" appended to the course name, and the other with "- Left(hole#)" appended to it. If Arccos hasn't already done this for your course already, you'll need to submit a support request. When I begin a round on the Arccos app, I have to choose either the -Left(#) course or the -Right(#) course. The starter's podium at my course always has a sign indicating whether the Left or Right green is i
  5. The 2019 TP5 practice balls are on sale again at GolfDiscount for $19.99/doz, except now the PIX 2.0's are also available. Shipping is still free for orders over $99; otherwise $9.99 shipping. TaylorMade TP5 PIX 2.0 Practice Bagged Golf Balls TaylorMade TP5x PIX 2.0 Practice Bagged Golf Balls TaylorMade TP5 Practice Bagged Golf Balls TaylorMade TP5x Practice Bagged Golf Balls
  6. Interesting. The VX seems to be a rain-friendly bag since all of the zippers look like the seam-sealed waterproof kind. The padded straps appear to have non-porous or less-absorptive outer fabric similar to the straps on other rain bags, including SM's own H2NO line. A carabiner is also included for some reason.
  7. I've had this exact issue with the Minimus SL. On its Amazon page, all of the Customer Photos and many of the negative reviews are related to problems with the spikeless nubs or the entire outsole coming loose. Here is one of those images: Surprisingly, its average rating from 757 reviewers is 4.3 out of 5. This leads me to believe that a few bad production runs/batches with really poor work on the spikeless nubs and/or outsoles had slipped past their QA. This wouldn't have been a big deal if New Balance repaired or replaced the faulty shoes, but they refused to warranty m
  8. I ordered TS1 clubs in 5-iron through 9-iron. In the "Order Notes" field on the final Checkout page, I specified/requested that all heads be bent 3° flat. GolfWorks accommodated. On the invoice/packing slip enclosed with the clubs, the "bend 3° flat" note for each club was hand-initialed by (presumably) the club builder. I also had the clubs checked to confirm the lie angles were, indeed, bent 3° flat.
  9. ? I do a lot of practice putting (both on my carpet at home and on the putting greens at the course), so I remove the putter sensor after every round knowing that I'll very likely be practicing putting (possibly a lot) before my next round. I also try to remember to carry my wedges/putter upside-down when walking to/from my bag and my ball, but it's really easy to forget.
  10. Per their US & UK websites, Ping's 2020-2021 fall/winter apparel is now available: https://ping.com/en-us/shop/products?category=apparel&filter=mid-layers,rainwear,outerwear https://www.pingcollection.co.uk/en/shop/mens-golf-clothing/outerwear/
  11. Also, the MD5 wedges are on the list of "20% Off" items in CPO's Summer Warehouse Sale: 20% Off
  12. I'm not sure if this is old news, but JAWS MD5 wedges are available on the CPO website: Callaway Golf JAWS MD5 Tour Grey Wedges | Specs & Reviews Callaway Golf JAWS MD5 Platinum Chrome Wedges | Specs
  13. I'm not 100% certain, but it looks like Arccos calculates the length of your approach shot by measuring the distance between (a) where you hit your approach shot from and (b) the pin. Arccos seems to disregard where your first putt is located in that measurement. For instance, when I enter "Edit" mode and drag my 1st putt to the extreme front edge of the green (and press Save), the distance of my approach shot doesn't change. If I then go back into "Edit" mode and drag my 1st putt to the extreme back edge of the green (and press Save), the distance *still* doesn't change.
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