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  1. I have my travel booked for June 2021 Scotland trip when should I book tee times I had planned to try for the old course pre booking lottery before doing the rest of the tee times. Now that it is not an option should I go ahead and book my rounds? we will have 2 or 3 shots at the daily ballot for the old What are the typical cancelation policies should Covid continue into mid 2021?
  2. Kilkee is a fun course and plays right up to the edge of the cliffs. When I played there During the week the cluBlouse and pro shop were closed and you paid into an honor box.
  3. Back in spring the pool noodles were above the cup so nothing went in the hole it just banged off the foam. Now they are about a half inch below the green surface so the half the ball is above the surface. The pool noodle is better than the hard plastic raised thingy they use in Vermont that the ball will actually bounce off of
  4. Dunbarnie is 235 GBP which is nuts for a 4 year old course
  5. That sucks but I guess it is to be expected. I’m questioning if I should drop St Andrews from my plans and play some more hidden gems maybe head farther north than I had planned
  6. That is what I’m afraid of. I assume they will keep the daily ballot might be good to get off the beaten tracks and find the hidden gems in 21
  7. Every course is doing this a bit different and some is being driven by a given states state golf association in conjunction with the state govt. in NY the pool noodle seems to be the thing. Just played two rounds in nearby VT and both courses had a raised plastic flag holder that was only about a half inch below the grass. I didn’t touch the stick but it appeared to be locked into the holder. We had Many putts bounce Off the hard plastic thingy and counted them as holed as they were dead center. and to the guy that said it’s just a suggestion you are violating the rules of golf.
  8. Back in April or May we had the pool noodles above the rim of the cup so the ball could not be holed. In NY it was a state mandated thing That the ball could not go in. I had a foam in one where it hit the noodle so it scored as a 1 per the Usga take on local rules but didn’t count as a true ace. Thankfully I had one last fall and another a couple weeks ago for me the biggest issue is lack of rakes in traps. Our traps are basically unplayable as the sand is super firm
  9. Going to Ireland and not going to the west coast is a waste in my book. Dublin frankly is just a city and not all that nice of one. fly to Shannon instead and go the Kerry. Instead of driving the ring of Kerry in one day spend a week doing it. Waterville has two great courses plus golf in Kenmare Hosted Euro tour events and Dooks is my fav in Ireland
  10. Does anyone know when the TOC lottery is for 2021? i thought it started Aug 15 but there is nothing on the web site and the 2021 rates are yet to be posted as well.
  11. I’ve only scrolled thru the various golf instructional talk here is a different take. Go play a par 3 course and have fun playing without even having a driver in the bag. my club also has a short course and I try to play if for fun once a week without worrying about score. Golf is fun unless you let it become not fun
  12. Decided to go with playing Rutland CC and Green Mt National ive read some great reviews on Rutland. Has anyone played it?
  13. Has anyone played Equinox in Manchester VT? I am looking for Nice midweek golf break within 3 hours of my home - I live in the Lake Placid NY area. Doing this with my 17 yr old son before school starts maybe week after next. Probably a twilight round first day then stay overnight and a round the next morning have lunch and drive home feel like getting out of the house but still being socially distanced responsible it is a Marriott hotel and I have LT Ti status so I could either earn points or use points for the room looked at Turning Stone but it was pretty expensive and I’m not going to the
  14. NY is a much bigger state than people from other parts of the country realize and there is a ton of good golf courses while not the best in the state I live and am a member at The Lake Placid Club that offers 45 holes with 27 f them designed by Allister McKensize and members don’t consider those the best course. There are another 36 holes in town making it a great golf If you looking for fun golf vacation with incredible Mountain View’s check it out I live here and I still take photos on the course al, the time
  15. Late to the topic but here are my top 5 in no specific order Vilamoura Victoria - site of WGC Portugal Open Baltusrol Lower Dooks - Ireland Dunbar - Scotland North Berwick - Scotland
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