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  1. The Accra staff are going to be sad to see you go... Great gear that I wish I would've seen before I paid full retail. GLWS!
  2. So are you going to wait on the ZX7? I have a brand new set of 4-PW z785 still in plastic but I wanted to match it with an AW as well. If I can't fine one, I may sell these and wait on the new line.
  3. Looks like z785 are already getting tough to find due to imminent release. Been on the hunt for a single AW and can't seem to find one anywhere!
  4. Would be really nice to have this functionality back. Search functions are useless...
  5. > @tsupo said: > yes and yes. > > hitting a set right now > 125s are closest but a launch much lower. > maybe a td hevier as well Thanks for the post! I'm a high ball, high spin hitter but I seem to get as long with the 120tx pretty well. Unfortunately, there are no fitters in my area where I can try out the SP Blue and just trying to get feedback. Also noticed the raw length of SP is much shorter than Modus. I normally play +.5" longer and like to keep same shafts in 4-GW. Will SP allow for that?
  6. Are these shafts still available for retail purchase? Does anyone have a comparison to Modus 120tx?
  7. In a post below tell us who is your nearest authorized dealer? **_PGA Tour Superstore Myrtle Beach_** What performance are you seeking with a new driver shaft? **_Tighter dispersion_** What weight / flex Ventus Black you want to win? **_6x tipped 1"_**
  8. **Set purchased directly from Ping with matching serial numbers and is in excellent condition. Set plays +1/2" over standard and are power spec lofts. Lamkin UTX Midsize grips still in excellent condition. _PRICE DROP SOLD OBO_**
  9. When I originally signed up, I was paying an annual subscription fee. The card I was using expired and I received a notification regarding the suspense but I do not see any information on how to update. Are you able to provide any additional info?
  10. What is your handicap:7.6 Current driver shaft and flex:Accra Tour Z 465 M5 Have you tried Ventus before:No Choose your Ventus model (Red or Black):Black Choose your weight and flex:6X Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos?Yes
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