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  1. Messaged Mr. Parsons for ya and he said he doesn't need the cash right now, so he'd consider letting you cancel that order...
  2. Terms: No Trades - Price includes shipping to lower 48 and will be through UPS or Fedex Ground - All items ship within 48 hours - It is possible to make minor changes by professional fitter before shipping, so feel free to ask and we will do our best to work something out - I package well, ship fast, and over communicate – You will not be disappointed with this set!!! PXG Gen4 0311p 4-GW - SOLD!!! Accra iCWT 2.0-115i M5 X-Stiff Flex Graphite Iron Shaft - These are a custom colorway from Accra and are way more subtle – Normally green/black – Shafts alone are $600.00+ 4i = 39” – Each iron ½” down form there 1º Upright 1º Weak BB&F Co Ferrules Orange & Grey MCC Midsize Worked really hard on this build only to find I could not make the transition to lighter weight graphite shafts – The only reason these didn’t go back to PXG was due to being past the return window – I refuse to use the word mint when describing a condition, so I will use “like new, excellent, & fully depreciated for your spending pleasure” - I am taking a bath on these, so please be respectful when making offers. pin 1/16
  3. My guess is that when the plan is to buy our way into a good golf swing, there are roughly 40 of those wrenches hidden in various locations around the house anyway. It would be nice if they offered a discount for not sending one!
  4. Bought 2 of these and opted to keep the one with the Evnroll dots on top. This one is completely naked, brand new, and still in plastic. Exact specs shown below. Save yourself the sales tax, shipping, and build time wait!!! $Old - No Trades ER1v Hosel: Long Slant Length: 35" Right Sight Line Options: No Sight Lines ($50.00) Head and Hosel Finish: Silver ($0.00) Paint Fill: Yes ($35.00) 1. E Logo Face: Black 2. E Logo Sole: Black 3. EVNROLL Sole: Black 4. EVNROLL Cavity: Black 5. Model Letters: Black 6. Model Number: Black 7. Small Text Sole: Black 8. Dot(s) Sole: Black Shaft Finish: Black ($15.00) Custom Loft and Lie: No Grip: TourTac Black Headcover: Black Blade ER1v quantity $489.00
  5. Rule 1 of shaft ho-ing - Tip everything and ask questions later. Pretty sure I read that somewhere on here...
  6. Seems simple enough. Quit my job, get my tour card, win a few tournaments, pick up a few sponsors, and practice erry day. Voila! BST ad archived and shafts back in play!
  7. Price Drop Alert Let's face it, I am not as strong and good looking as I used to be - On 2nd thought, I'm not as strong as I used to be - My 118mph swing speed is gone and I don't think it will be returning - It's time for me to accept "Denial" as being my recent state of mind and not a river in Egypt - Buying equipment based on a fitting I had 8yrs ago is just plain DUMB, but I digress... All shafts listed are in excellent condition - No visible scratches or blemishes – No trade interests at this time – Thanks for looking! ACCRA TOUR Zx465 M5 Custom Colorway – This shaft and the one below ordered as a matching set in matte silver – Prices listed individually, but if you buy them both, I will knock $25 off the total price. · Titleist TSi Adapter · Measures 43.5” from grip to tip without head – Playing length just under 45” · Shaft has been tipped 0.5” · Shaft logo down when played in standard A1 adapter setting · Golf Pride Tour Velvet Midsize Plus 4 grip · SOLD ACCRA TOUR Zx475 M5 Custom Colorway · Mizuno ST180 Fairway Adapter · Measures 42.5” from grip to tip – Playing length roughly 43.5” · Shaft has been tipped 1” · Shaft logo down when played in standard setting · Golf Pride MCC Midsize Plus 4 Gray · SOLD FUJIKURA Ventus Black Velocore 6x · Titleist TSi adapter · Measures just over 44” from tip to grip – Playing length rough 45.5” · Shaft has been tipped 0.5” · Shaft logo down when played in standard setting · Golf Pride Tour Velvet Midsize Plus 4 · SOLD HEADED TO TX Mitsubishi TENSEI AV RAW White 65TX Prototype · Titleist TSi adapter · Measures just over 44” from tip to grip – Playing length 45.5” · Shaft tipped 0.5” · Golf Pride MCC Midsize Plus 4 Gray · SOLD pin 8/22
  8. I def appreciate the feedback! Guess the tough part to understand is why fitters wouldn't want to have the full suite of options available to help with a club sale. I can't imagine it would be a huge amount of overhead expense to keep a few heavier X flex laying around. I guess it's about supply and demand and catering to masses instead of a few. Is this how leftys feel?
  9. Made it to page 2 without a response. Help!
  10. Looking to make transition from steel to graphite and I'm having a terrible time finding a fitter in my area that offers heavier X flex graphite options. Live in SC so would like to find someone in the southeast who has the following... Mitsubishi MMT 125TX Steelfiber i125cw X Accra icwt 2.0 115 m5 This would include a new set of irons and shafts purchase. May very well decide or find I need something lighter but any help in testing some/all of these would be greatly appreciated!
  11. Works really well, but I've only used it at 1 of the 3 courses I regularly play. It's surprisingly accurate!
  12. VOICE CADDIE SL2 ACTIVE HYBRID GPS Check out the newest model to hit the market!!! Buy this like new unit at a discount versus paying retail and also save on sales tax!!! Price is $550.00 OBRO - Only trade interests would be higher end Bettinardi putters. Will ship via Fedex or UPS, NOT USPS. pin 7/11
  13. Not sure what's worse - "we're working on it", or "___________". At least the fill in the blank leaves room for my imagination....
  14. Are you actually getting them to answer the phone or return emails? I've had an order in since early April and I can't seem to get any responses!
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