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  1. Updated price to $99 shipped. You won’t be disappointed with this launch monitor!
  2. Good morning! Selling my PRGR launch monitor. Excellent condition, plastic still covering buttons. Reads swing speed and ball speed to calculate distance. Bag, batteries, and stand included. No user manual but can include instructions if needed. Looking for $99 shipped CONUS. I accept PayPal, message for deats. Thanks!
  3. 1. Done 2. Done 3. W. Memorial Rd. in OKC 4. No 5. I would love to get a driver and putter fitting and splurge on those two!
  4. 1. Done. 2. Yes, I joined 3. Traxion Wrap Midsize in White 4. Traxion WristLock Putter Grip in Black
  5. I’m selling a mint condition scorecard holder. It’s white and black leather with custom embroidery. Asking SOLD shipped CONUS. I accept PayPal, message for deats. Thanks!
  6. Brand new putter grip, shipping included CONUS only. PayPal accepted. Thanks for looking, y’all!
  7. Thanks! Yeah, she’s a beaut, just switched to a mallet.
  8. Happy Master’s Week! Few items up today, shipping and PayPal fees included CONUS only. Titleist 915 7-Wood. 21* with a Proforce V2 x-stiff shaft. Length is shown. New Lamkin standard+ wrap golf grip. Chip in the paint on top, someone Sharpied over. My one-armed, blind idiot cousin put a ball mark on the crown. Swear it wasn’t me...$SOLD Orange Whip, driver length, excellent condition with the orange ball still in plastic. $SOLD MacGregor Bobby Grace M2 putter w/ complete weight kit. Excellent condition, 36” with a new SuperStroke grip. $SOLD Kuro Kage 55g R-flex 7-wood shaft with Titleist 917 tip. Length shown. $75 Watson Hanger. Excellent used condition. $50
  9. Good afternoon! I have a set of Ping 2010 Anser forged irons for sale. Bought these here about a year ago. Passing them along for someone else. Blue dot, C-Taper 130X shafts, though I removed the labels. Custom ground leading edge on all the irons. +1/2in. Length at D3 swingweight. Lamkin wrap grips, like new, Standard+ size. I would rate these in good condition. They have great grooves. Typical face wear, dings and scratches. 7 iron and PW show the most wear. I re-glued the clear badge cover on the 6 iron and you can tell there’s super glue beneath it. Asking $SOLD shipped CONUS, PayPal fees included. Thanks!
  10. Orlimar Intercept single length irons, stiff flex. Single length, lie, and weight. Standard all around. Hit at the range a couple times, not for me. 7 & 8 irons unhit, still in plastic. Others in excellent or like new condition. GW has a rock scrape. They are what they are, a cheap experiment. Try for yourself. SOLD shipped CONUS. If you have a cool partial set w/ lofts 30/38/46 (preferably graphite shafts) I could be tempted to trade. PayPal only, fees included. Thanks for looking!
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