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  1. I wear nike Spark lightweight. Fantastic sock for the humid SouthFlorida summertime golf. https://www.nike.com/t/spark-lightweight-no-show-running-socks-KkZwrc/SK0052-100
  2. regardless of the shoe, use Mr. Clean Magic eraser to clean your shoes. No need to scrub or anything.
  3. Looking for a decent priced Scotty mid-mallet cover to fit a Fastback 1.5
  4. I’m the sneaker head with the baby powder trick Have 4 pair of ADG and they all squeak. slap baby powder under the insoles. Should be good to go for a few months. another trick = clean your shoes with a mr clean magic eraser. You don’t need anything else. Thank me later.
  5. Up for sale is a Scotty CC 35” Newport button back Teryllium putter. Brand new. Never taken out of plastic. Looking for SOLD. No trades, simply looking to move this asap.
  6. Game. 35" 1.5 Teryllium and love it. if anyone is thinking about getting it.....do it. Great putter and look.
  7. Im a hack so take this with a grain of salt....... Went form d, 3w, 5w 7w 5i down to d, 4w, 3i down Love the 4 wood and it replaced the 3 & 5 woods. The 7 wood & 3 iron depend on the course I am playing and/or wind that day. Love hitting the 3 iron off the tee.
  8. Love the model, but no cleats on the bottom suck. The plastic junk is unplayable when its wet or dew......which is a lot in the South Florida summer months
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