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  1. Take the insoles out and put some baby powder in there. Put the insides back on. Problem solved. if it comes back, just do the same thing again
  2. I wear a 13 everything Nike....they fit perfectly and the toe box is like normal sneakers......not the narrow golf crap where we have to get a wide.
  3. Seemed ok by me. I’m a rules stickler because when people make up rules, there’s a huge grey area. Just play by the rules and there’s no issue. Player dropped within 2 club lengths and was a smudge farther from the hole. thanks for the clarification. on another note - if he was to drop and the ball would be closer to the hole.....what would the options be for that situation?
  4. 1 = where shot was played. Red arrow = skulled shot from the sand (1) into water. 3 = where drop was taken after skulled shot into water. Yellow mark = flag placement. The water is not marked with any colors (yellow or red). It’s a forced carry from the fairway which will be at the bottom of the pic. leaving the ball left from the fairway is safe, but brings the bunker (#1) into play. Player took relief of water 2 club lengths left of where the ball went into the unmarked hazard. Is he correct? Replay from last shot (in bunker)? Keep line of s
  5. Still have a size 13 never even tried on.......only thing is I threw away the box (doh)
  6. Oh the days when I had about 30-50 pairs of Jordan's. Sold them all for dirt cheap. Only wear running shoes these days, few AF1's and a few Yeezy's. As I get older, the J's are for my kids New shoe addiction are Nike golf shoes lol 40 years old and its always been something sneaker related for 25 years now.
  7. So if its water right off the green then there is nowhere to drop (I assume) and back to the original place the ball was played?
  8. So no markings = red. In this case if the ball crossed and then rolls back into the water....drop on the fringe where the ball rolled back into the water?
  9. What if a local course does not have a “yellow” or “red” stake/line around a green surrounded by water....where would we play our water shot from that hit land and then rolled into the water?
  10. When someone hits the island green and the ball then ricochets / bounces into the water (backspin into water or rolls out into water)...... why can’t the player take a drop from the entry into water (basically on the rough : fringe of the green)? anyone have a link to this rule for water around the green and having to replay the shot from the last shot (in this case the tee box on hole 17 or the drop area). today Byeong Hun An hit from the drop area and the ball spun back into the water....why couldn’t he just drop from where the ball crossed onto the green an
  11. Lift up the inside soles and put baby powder in there. Put them back down. Stops all the squeaks. Sneakerhead trick along with cleaning your shoes with only Mr Clean magic eraser. No need to scrub or anything.
  12. I had those and the greens in retail and HATED THEM......sold them within a week for what I paid (retail). Looking back, should've kept them and made some money lol
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