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  1. USA ZIT.......and of course no wide sizing for the narrow shoe. Nike and their weird golf shoes. I wear a 13 in everything, but have to watch the toe box and get wide sizes sometimes aka Roshe & ZIT's
  2. How is everyones length with the Planemate....shorter/same/longer?
  3. Will there be a new P790? I am currently gaining the original P790's, but want to upgrade. Is the 770 the new P790? Kind of confused and looking for some help.
  4. I wear a size 13 everything Nike and the AM97 golf shoes fit like every other size 13. true to size.
  5. I wear a size 13 everything Nike. Just got the ZITs today in black and also white. Initial reaction is they are rather narrow. The side of my big toes feel like they are hanging over the edge of the sneaker. Bought them on Nike, so may take them out tomorrow to the range....but I dont know. I have about 20 pair of Nike golf shoes and the ZIT's and the TP's are the only ones with wacky sizing.
  6. Awesome feedback! I still have trouble using my hands/wrists....so when I use the GG transition it seems to work better & more consistent. Personally I feel they work together, but using the lower body more with GG so I get more distance & accuracy. When it comes to chipping/pitching - its simple TS. Bring it up, cock it and turn....works beautifully. If your short game is getting better, handicap will drop quickly. I was hovering around 18.5 for a few months.....since using the TS & now GG with it, I am down to a 14. Not great, but progress. All comes down to if I can get off
  7. Just GG in general. I saw him demo'ing it and loved. Just wondering if the GG transition combined with the playmate is something that will work together.
  8. Anyone use the playmate with a Gankas swing? Wondering if both go together.
  9. After tying the shoes up tightly for golf, the tongue looks hideous.
  10. More on the heel of the club or more on the heel of the lead foot?
  11. Any help with 2 things (right handed player)....... Push shot to the right? Chip/pitch shots coming off the toe, as opposed to center hit?
  12. We to TrumpDoral for a round today. Side note its beautiful out there, played Golden Palm). If anyone can help, would appreciate it....... I had a fade today with killer distance. Used to a draw and cant figure out WHY the ball was fading to the right. Wasn't a slice at all, just the ball falling right. Would like to know why and how to fix and/or hit on demand. If I am doing something wrong, please let me know.....HELP!!!
  13. I am a huge sneaker head......dont worry about dirt or anything because all you need is a Mr Clean Magic Eraser and everything comes off within seconds. Dont use any cleaners, toothbrushes or any other nonsense.
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