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  1. Ready to buy! Please PM me for instant payment.
  2. If these were a size 13 I would buy them all at once. GLWS
  3. Used 5-10 times for some feels. Not for me. Includes everything that is included when bought new. $OLD shipped OBO
  4. Used about 15-20 rounds. All in good condition. Grips: Lamkin REL midsize (with KBS log on the grip) Shafts: KBS Tour 120s Length: +1" entire set Lie, Loft: Standard Set Includes: 4,5,6,7,8,9,PW,AW Looking for SOLD and shipping is included in the cost from sunny South Florida via USPS Priority with tracking and signature confirmation. Will ship in original P770 TM box NO TRADES See pics and let me know if any questions.
  5. I am looking into a 5w ti to match the 3w ti I use. Fujikura Pro 2.0 6s shaft is beautiful. Hate hybrids. Tough to find a 5w ti
  6. DAMMIT.....if they were all a size 13 I would buy them all. GLWS
  7. Dammit. If these were a size 13...I’d buy the lot. GLWS
  8. 16 years in a row I have taken the L and counting. On to 2022 tickets and another L
  9. USA ZIT.......and of course no wide sizing for the narrow shoe. Nike and their weird golf shoes. I wear a 13 in everything, but have to watch the toe box and get wide sizes sometimes aka Roshe & ZIT's
  10. How is everyones length with the Planemate....shorter/same/longer?
  11. Will there be a new P790? I am currently gaining the original P790's, but want to upgrade. Is the 770 the new P790? Kind of confused and looking for some help.
  12. I wear a size 13 everything Nike and the AM97 golf shoes fit like every other size 13. true to size.
  13. I wear a size 13 everything Nike. Just got the ZITs today in black and also white. Initial reaction is they are rather narrow. The side of my big toes feel like they are hanging over the edge of the sneaker. Bought them on Nike, so may take them out tomorrow to the range....but I dont know. I have about 20 pair of Nike golf shoes and the ZIT's and the TP's are the only ones with wacky sizing.
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