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  1. I didn't order this myself so I'm not sure how well it wears over time since I haven't used it much on the course, but it looks awesome. I believe the work is done by LABWORXGOLF.COM (who I recently had refinish the old carbon Sik Sho tour prototype in Devils Black). Both putters look outstanding to me, but as stated I have minimal on-course time with them. Very high quality and even application!
  2. OTR 100% and worth approx $50 +/- 25%
  3. Which putter is which? I am only a novice TP Mills collector -- thanks for clarifying!
  4. Do you happen to know how much that shaft weighed before installation?
  5. ...not according to the last MGS ball lab report, buyer beware!
  6. Maybe a batch to batch or model to model variations -- I was basing it off of the Sho Tour Proto I have that was finished in their old black PVD so maybe thats the differentiating factor. I do agree, there is no difference in the full face grooves vs centered only -- same DLT. OP should reach out to them on Instagram for more clarity as they seem to be most responsive there.
  7. ...actually I believe the Tour Protos were carbon steel vs 303. That is the main difference. Sik doesn't offer any carbon options at this time so despite what was said above, there may be more value to someone who prefers carbon.
  8. They are legit. >> https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?sid=golfsfinestcom&isRefine=true&_pgn=1 They also own and operate https://www.benhoganvintage.com/shop/frontpage.html
  9. I have not purchased from them, but I've seen their listings on eBay for years. Seems legit (for once)
  10. Thank you for your reply -- I thought maybe there was some tour issue status or whatever going on -- I agree with you that the condition and specs are top notch! GLWS
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