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  1. ...so you were the winning sniper bid, aha!
  2. Yes I would sell it -- $100 shipped (offer valid for 72 hours)!! https://hickorygolfsupplies.com/product/noble-pharaoh-ii-golf-putter/
  3. ...did they disclose where they were forged then, if not ENDO?
  4. ...another miracle motherlode!! LH Scotty Cameron Pro Platinum Newport Two ($3.99) RH 2009 Titleist AP1 4-GW ($3.99 per club) RH Titleist 910 D2 driver ($12.99)
  5. Personally, I like to carry around a mini spinner prize wheel with all of my favorites from the endless array of putters in my ho-collection (ranging from low-end Goodwill specials all the way up to custom builds) -- sprinkle in a few wildcards like "opponents choice", "no putter allowed", or the ever popular "putter swap" where you take your opponents putter and you get to choose which one they use. Take a spin before you're round. Have fun with it putter hoes!
  6. ...we've got movement! What setup is replacing the "old signature" gamers now?
  7. #2 arrived here June 30th, wife used a Madela the first time and they work well if you don't mind being tethered to it for multiple pump sessions day n night. This time around the upgrade to Willow has been a Godsend so far-- the freedom alone is worth it, but the phone app tracking and automated features really set it apart. Good luck!!
  8. FWIW, the newest CT Tour white & army green putter shafts have the label etched on in -- it's very high quality, unlike regular stickers.
  9. Both of these putters were done by Labworx -- they do outstanding work if your putter doesn't need any ding restoration
  10. Yes, I've ordered multiple times from them with no issue. Enjoy the discounts!
  11. @Peoples Golf payment sent for New Pulled Pured Mitsubishi OTI 95 Gram Stiff Flex 4-PW iron w/ BCT Grips
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