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  1. More like Sun Mountain lite. Great deal for sure, but definitely not the same quality and materials as actual SM bags.
  2. ...same! Did you read the design story behind the new RM-4s? Link on their IG bio.
  3. Interesting, onto page 3 now and still no mention of Fourteen RM-22. That's my vote.
  4. Need a 9 iron shaft preferably -- or maybe full set of clean pulls
  5. So crazy! I thought I was the only one sitting on the same two random heads -- almost forcing me to complete the set! GLWS
  6. ...great deals, they do appear to be last year's generation of each model. For anyone trying the free $20 off first order...coupon not valid for already discounted items FYI!
  7. Just have to search for Srixon Z-star and they show in the results >> https://www.rockbottomgolf.com/balls/new-golf-balls/srixon-z-star-practice-golf-balls-36-ball/
  8. ...gospel, thank you! Amen.
  9. https://www.golfalleypreowned.com/ https://parxgolfbend.com/ https://g.page/FiddlersGreenGolf
  10. ...is this a one picture tease?
  11. Tensei 1k https://www.mca-golf.com/products/tensei™-pro-white-1k
  12. ...sounds like that bag is ready for the local hustle at your nearest muni
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