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  1. #2 arrived here June 30th, wife used a Madela the first time and they work well if you don't mind being tethered to it for multiple pump sessions day n night. This time around the upgrade to Willow has been a Godsend so far-- the freedom alone is worth it, but the phone app tracking and automated features really set it apart. Good luck!!
  2. Looking for a 9 iron shaft specifically -- may entertain an 8i or PW shaft (or whole set if price is right) -- thank you kindly!
  3. FWIW, the newest CT Tour white & army green putter shafts have the label etched on in -- it's very high quality, unlike regular stickers.
  4. Both of these putters were done by Labworx -- they do outstanding work if your putter doesn't need any ding restoration
  5. Yes, I've ordered multiple times from them with no issue. Enjoy the discounts!
  6. @Peoples Golf payment sent for New Pulled Pured Mitsubishi OTI 95 Gram Stiff Flex 4-PW iron w/ BCT Grips
  7. ...even if you put the heaviest weight on one side and the lightest weight on the other?
  8. ...I think you got tricked by the creative advertising they used online -- the promotion appears to be save $20 off when you buy 5 items (can be other qualifying clothing items) or save $50 when you buy 10 items. Thanks for sharing this though, some good deals to be had even at full price here!
  9. ...yeah, definitely looks like a re-production. Cool piece either way though, especially in showcase condition!
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