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  1. Life is good when you're working some pepperoni lol I'm curious if you guys think the 790 will be a good fit for mid handicappers or is it really a players blade feel? I love the mp53 so that comparison got me curious. Wonder how maltby playability mpf will rate this head? It looks like it could bridge a gap between game improvement and players clubs?
  2. So I take it from your profile a vokey gap was your solution? What kind of bounce do you like on your gap for Illinois conditions, if there is such a thing lol? Thanks
  3. Just played my first round with a new to me set of mizuno mp53 4-pw with true temper Xp reg flex and loved the feel. I need to nail down yardages a bit as I flew a couple greens on longer irons, which according to specs I found online, are a bit stronger than my now old set. Anyone know if the mp53 line had a gap wedge option...like a 50 degree? I looked at specs and it says the pw is 46 so I need to find something that matches up well with the set as I use a gap from 100 yards in quite often in my current setup. Were players using separate non-mp gap wedges to accompany the mp irons gene
  4. Which model of the NSPro 950 GH are you considering, there are 4 different models in this series depending on the model some have an SR flex, no not senior flex but stiff/regular. I tested out at regular flex with an 81 mph swing with a 6 iron on the little blue mizuno thingy. Other shafts like xp95 reg and a kbs tour 90 reg flex were close but I like the feel of the nippons. I'm coming from a set of kzg evolutions with rp rifle flighted 5.5 5- gap. Love the look and feel of those forged irons. Performance would likely be stronger with the Nippon shafts and the game improvement jpx hotmet
  5. I think used is it until early next year....I need to hit srixons with the proper shaft at some point
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