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  1. Trying to move my brand new set of T100/718 CB combo 4-PW. PX LZ 6.0 shafts. 4-7 T100/8-PW CB. CBs are 1 degree strong to match the T100s. Other than that the specs are standard. These clubs have seen all of 18 holes and are in pristine condition. There’s no bag chatter at all, just some dirt where I was too lazy to clean them. No trades. Asking $1000 shipped but very open to reasonable offers.
  2. Here’s the grooves. Little dirty but in great shape. I took the wrapper off these when I bought them in March. Here’s each face:
  3. Selling my entire bag. Life happens and at this point I need the money more than I need the clubs. Will sell as a whole or split up. Selling the whole set for $1500 or individually: Ping G400 LST 10° w/ Graphite Design AD-DI 6s- $300: Used for one year. Still in fantastic condition. Ping G410 5 wood- Project X Even Flow Black 6.0- $250: This is brand new and has seen a total of 27 holes. Callaway Apex 3 hybrid 20°- Stock Catalyst 6.0- Another brand new club. Bought with the G410 and played 27 holes with it. $200 Titleist T100/718 CB 4-PW Combo- Project X LZ 6.0- TOTALLY NEW. Played 9 holes wit
  4. I have a combo set of T100/718 CBs on the way. 4-7 T100 and 8-PW in 718 CB.
  5. Just placed my order of T100/718 CB combo set. Went with 4-7 in T100 and 8-PW in 718 CB. Can’t wait for them to come in to post some pics.
  6. I appreciate the responses. I guess it’s going to come down to personal preference. I’m a good enough ball striker to play blades, but the T100 could offer that little extra help. The Blueprints are just so beautiful.
  7. Has anyone compared these 2? Obviously I’m assuming the Blueprints will require better ball striking, but the consensus I keep seeing is that they are surprisingly forgiving. I’ve played the original AP2s since they came out way back when so I’m naturally looking at the T100s.
  8. Has anyone compared these to the Blueprints? I can’t seem to find any comparison, but I could be looking in the wrong spot.
  9. Has anyone compared these two? I have the original AP2s and I’m in the market to upgrade.
  10. For sale are YORO MP 68s 4-PW heads only. Double black nickel finish with custom tune on the hosel. Heads are in excellent condition. Purchased on here in March and didn’t play with them as much as I would have hoped. The PW has some cosmetic mark on the back that was there when I bought them. Looking for equal or greater value trades (willing to add cash) for either putters or other players irons with more forgiveness than a straight up blade. $250 shipped.
  11. City and State (US Only): **Nashville TN** Handicap: **3** Current Irons: **Mizuno MP68** Favorite Feature of the New P790 irons: **The tungsten that lowers the CoG is really interesting.** If selected, do you agree to participate in a review thread? We would ask you provide hi-res, quality photos, and provide a review of the clubs? **Absolutely.**
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