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  1. I’ve got the driver, 4w, 3hy, and just recently got the 21hwy (7w) Ive played the driver with UST Elements Chrome 7f4, Motore Speeder vc 7.3, and Xcaliber Pro TSL. The Chrome is my gamer. I’ve compared the driver side by side on course against a Ping 425 and Sim. Unfortunately couldn’t match the shafts for a true test but the Maltby feels better than both Ping and TM. Popeyes “crushed it” feel description is spot on. Similar sound to the Ping and of course louder than the Sim. It’s longer than both. It’s as forgiving as the Sim but not quite as forgiving as the Ping. It’s typically a left to right flight for me. Very rarely get the lefts with it and can absolutely eliminate the left side when it’s a must. The 4w with Tensei Blue 70 is a machine. Love that club. The 3hy with a Mayazaki C Kua 80 is very solid. The new Hiway took me a bit to figure out. Its a larger head and I have to consciously remain neutral and remove any degree of forward press. Here lately I have hit some silly good recovery shots out of the rough from 200+ with it. I think this is where this club shines and I’m looking forward to experimenting more with it. tldr: I’m really happy I gave Maltbys woods a shot.
  2. PSA- Jim at GW isn’t expecting the new Max wedges until late November at the earliest.
  3. Good stuff. Thanks!
  4. Hey Popeye, Any updates on the new Max wedges? Was hoping for a late summer release.
  5. I’d recommend waiting until the new M series wedges are released. They’re not DBM so your 3* should be attainable. They’ll also have weight adjustability which should allow you to dial one in to be that jack of all trades wedge your after. I hope they’ll eventually be offered in DRM also cuz it looks damn good.
  6. What’s the name of your Callaway? I like the look of it too
  7. How’s it feel? I’m still enjoying my Moment XI but I’m eyeing this one and I, like you, want a short slant neck on it. Was it you that said you were talking to the GW guys about offering one?
  8. Sounds like the initial release will be a brushed satin chrome finish. Looks like I’ll have to hold out longer for the potential DRM release.
  9. Looks like Britt recently gave a brief update on the Maltby forum. Late 2021 release if they approve the latest samples on the way. I’m itchin….
  10. Pull the trigger. Still loving mine
  11. If I may ask, how is the ball flight? I’m looking for something to hold long firm par 3s. My hybrid tends to run out and through and I’m not skilled enough to elevate a shot. I can flight em down a bit though.
  12. I see they also have the 850 in the 90g range. I’m looking for something to put into a 21* 7 wood. Anyone have any experience with these? Would I be wrong assuming these would have a lower flight than a graphite fairway?
  13. Definitely a predominant left to right flight for me. I have to work to turn it over. I also prefer the L setting. I’m a big fan.
  14. My experience may be relevant for you. I play the Maltby KE4 TC driver. I found a new UST Chrome elements and a new Motore Speeder 7.3 VC for cheap on the bay. I alternated both last season. The UST performs better on the course but the Speeder always tests better on the sim. Weird. This Spring I bought an Xcaliber TSL which is an ultra light. The Xcaliber feels great and is long... I just can’t keep it in play because I over swing it. It’s light, smooth and stout though. Unfortunatley I can’t comment on a longer build. I’m 44.5-45 in all 3.
  15. Going up to the 70s has really helped my dispersion. No loss of yardage since I’m finding the center more consistently. I feel the weight difference and like it. Much better control and tempo. I’m tempted to dip my toe in the 80s now...
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