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  1. Had it on and off in both elbows for a few years now from too many pull ups and not being a spring chicken anymore. Have had a few cortisone shots over that span, yeah they hurt but they do provide almost immediate relief. It was always temporary for me though. I've been advised that resting it might seem logical but that training through the pain with proper form is the only way forward, so I try and be smart and deliberate when lifting and grit my teeth a lot while playing golf. It's better now than it's been in 3-4 years. Sucks to get old..
  2. Had them since release, and been pretty happy with them so far. They look great, as stated above. The feel is no worse, marginally better than the P790's I had previously. I might have lost a little distance, not much to speak of, and get far better spin and control into greens than before. Obviously they aren't as forgiving on bad swings, but they shouldn't be, and that feedback is slowly helping my game I believe. Shot trajectory is high, as I was hoping it would be, and distance control is consistent from iron to iron with one exception, and I think possibly one iron is slightly out of spec or something, I have been meaning to have it checked but haven't gotten around to it.
  3. I find the notification features on the S62 to be sporadic at best. If you've just restarted everything, watch, phone, etc...then notifications will show up normally. But over time, then they stop coming through and you don't notice until later you realize you haven't been getting them. I don't know if that's actually on the S62 end, or more of a problem with Android specifically. Hard to say. Then again, getting notifications from my phone on my watch while I play is pretty far down on the priority list for me.
  4. So you don't know either. Well, that's two of us and counting.
  5. Any reason why this particular post is pinned so it never drops off the top of this forum? I'm starting to subconsciously think that ZX5 vs ZX7 is the most important and impactful golf topic in history, which can't be true because BDC doesn't use either of them...
  6. This is the kind of input I was looking for. Thanks everyone who responded, I feel like I have a better idea of which club would work best for me. Now if somebody could just do something about the backorder situation...
  7. What's the differences between these two clubs, really? Slight loft differences, one is D2 swing weight vs D3, and there are some different options in shafts, but is there much difference in the head between say the ZX Utility 4i vs the ZX4 5i? I can't see much difference, not enough to justify the $45 price differential. Seems like product overlap.
  8. I play SM7 54 and 58 M grinds. I have the exact problem you have, and was told to move to D grind to solve it. You aren't giving me warm fuzzies....guess it's time to admit that the problem isn't the club...
  9. I've had the watch for nearly a year. I would definitely buy it again. Battery Life - Astounding up front, coming from a more traditional Galaxy watch, which had to be charged pretty much every day and could barely make it through a round of golf using some crappy 3rd party app, even on a full charge. The S62 will last for 2 weeks if you just use it as a regular watch, and even now I play 2-3 times per week, full rounds, at least one morning of hiking, and 3-4 sessions at the gym. I still have 20%+ at the end of the week before I charge it up. I would say the battery has begun to slip just a little, but it's still miles better than anything else. Screen quality was an issue at first, it was a noticeable downgrade from the bright colorful screen on my previous watch. However, its only indoors under artificial lighting conditions where I notice it. Outdoors, the screen is actually very good, which is what the watch was designed for. It works extremely well in natural sunlight, or even overcast days, much better than a traditional smartwatch screen. Once I had spent some time digesting that, I never really thought much about the screen afterwards, and yes, I am sure that does help contribute to the outstanding battery life. Ease of use. No, I never have issues with button presses or navigating the touchscreen. Features - Yes, as I mentioned previously, I use the device for a lot more than golf. I use it for strength training, cardio, hiking, etc etc. It performs all of these tasks pretty well. Not as good as the Fenix model, but well enough for me. I could have upgraded to the Fenix for a couple hundred more dollars, but I did not want to give up the golf functionality that was inherent in a watch made for golf. If there are any gotchas, it's that the Garmin Connect app does not connect with many third party applications, probably by design. It will connect to MyFitnessPal, and Strava, but not much else. Which makes sharing data across multiple platforms problematic. I wish they would open it up more, but Garmin doesn't seem inclined to do that.
  10. You need to have your phone near when you first start your round, I leave it in the cart after that, not in my pocket. Watch hasn't failed to give me wind speed yet, nor has the virtual caddie given me any trouble. The sensors can be labeled however you want, but the Garmin Golf app only has so many options. For instance, it knows about Driver, 3w, and 5w. It doesn't have the option for a 7w, but you can easily take one of the hybrid choices and rename it to 7w. I think it has 3,4,5 and 6 for hybrids. Then 3i through PW, GW, SW, LW, and Putter, if I recall correctly off the top of my head. It doesn't really matter though, you can name any of them whatever you want, and as you play and hit your clubs, it will learn your stats from there and the virtual caddie will start making recommendations of of your average yardages, taking into account where the GPS says you are and what the wind, etc. If you have the CT10 sensors, all of this is automatic. If you don't, it still works as well, but you have to remember to tell the watch what club you have in your hand, which I was terrible at remembering. The watch will know you hit something, and it will almost always prompt you on screen to tell it which club you hit, but if you forget, move to your next shot, hit that one, etc. eventually the watch will just miss some shots. The CT10's make the watch for me, although I realize the cost is ridiculous compared to other systems out there.
  11. Fitted into 770's in early October, just came in a few days prior to Christmas. Played twice, love them so far. Gamed 790's previously, was afraid I would lose a bit of distance with the weaker lofts but if I have it's not noticeable. Hitting the same irons into the same greens I always have, but with much improved ball flight and spin. I know it's winter conditions and soft greens but approach shots are stopping on a dime. Feel is much improved over the 790's which were honestly pretty harsh and clicky if not perfectly struck. Was a little worried the smaller size would make them less forgiving and maybe I'm still in the honeymoon phase but so far I haven't noticed them being any harder to hit than the 790's either. Bottom line, they're rockets with great feel and look awesome in the bag. Zero regrets.
  12. You could easily walk it, but few do. The pace of play is usually fine. Lots of older folks playing every day and playing quickly. Facilities are upscale, the course is always in great condition, but it doesn't have tons of personality. I am usually 5 strokes better there than my home course.
  13. I have the golf version without the hoodie. It's the warmest lightweight jacket I've ever had. You add an undershirt and a 1/4 zip underneath it, and you can play in weather cold enough to damage your clubs.
  14. You're not wrong, and I shouldn't give the impression that I am not happy overall with the device. It's much more multifunction than any other golf-centric smartwatch out there, the battery life is phenomenal, and I use it for a ton of things other than golf. I just wish that it didn't have the glaring holes in golf functionality that it does, especially when they wouldn't be that hard to code for. Allowing you to click a button where the flag is not a heavy lift. Checking out the statistics gathered and displayed the way your two main competitors do it also doesn't seem impossible, the watch is already collecting the data. It's nitpicking, I know. But then again, with the watch and a full set of sensors, I have a considerable amount invested.
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