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  1. SoldCleaning out some items here. Prices shipped CONUS from Texas. 1. Titleist AP2 714 iron set (4-PW). PX 5.5 shafts, MCC+4 grips in great shape. Tight little dispersion of browning, impress your friends on the range. Shot my best round ever with these (71) so like a good Wrxer, I'm selling them, LOL. 8 iron will get new grip before shipping. $sold 2. SIM 9.0 driver head, hot-melted for great sound and feel, minimal use, clean face, just couldn’t kick the M5 out of the bag. $sold 3. AP2 716 single iron (3i), with Recoil prototype 110 F4 shaft, MCC+4 grip, great little driving iron – mint condition. $60 4. SM5 50-12 wedge, stock shaft, MCC+4 grip. $50 $40 5. HZRDUS 6.0 Black driver shaft, TM tip, 75 gram, 2.9 torque, 44” grip to tip. DriTac midsize grip in perfect shape. Thing is a bomber, I have just moved on to a lower torque shaft. $sold Pictures to follow.
  2. Garmin S4 watch for sale. Touch screen. In great shape, fully charges and works perfectly. Includes charger and user manual. I upgraded to new model, so don't need this one. $OLD.
  3. Bluegrass Fairway. Love mine, held up well over a year of constant use. It holds my yardage book.
  4. PGA Tour make % from 8 ft is 50%, I believe. So, to me, as a single digit handicap, I can't possibly think my make % from 8+ feet should be any more than 25% and rapidly decreasing with the distance. I go to lag mode on anything past 15 feet. Because my make % at that point is probably 10% or less.
  5. My punch out game is #elite. You need to keep the ball back in your stance. This serves 2 purposes: delofts the club to keep the ball low if you are avoiding tree limbs, and it helps you hit the ball first to avoid flipping the club or flubbing it fat. Not necessary to use a 5 iron, i use a 7 sometimes. Either way, you need to choke down for better control.
  6. Lots of 3 and 4 foot drills, like the Michelson drill mentioned above. Get the ball lined up and just worry about starting it on that line.
  7. I bought a used ipad mini on ebay for 100. Works great with the Rapsodo.
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