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  1. He looks back as he does it, so i think he's checking the position of the face. Is it too open or shut.
  2. I honestly don't know how anyone could use a putter without a sightline. How do you know if your putter is aimed square? Just bizzare. But that's the beauty of golf, it let's everyone be an individual!
  3. I've used that exact setup before with an instructor, but placed a foam pool "noodle" over the stick in case you hit it (won't damage your club).
  4. FYI, slow greens are probably due to them letting them recover from the huge cold snap in February. Our club superintendent sent out and email explaining it all. Some won't know if the greens will die off in spots until we hit April / May.
  5. Agree. If you haven't figured out yet that this whole thing is not about COVID, then i don't know what to tell you. But I digress...
  6. Agree. On my best short game days, my tempo on shots <60 yds is slow and smooth. Soft hands. Let the club head fully load and turn through the shot.
  7. Picked these up locally for a steal. Mint condition. I hope my ball striking is good enough to game them.
  8. I game a 64 PM grind. My course has a lot of bunkers, and this thing is magic in them. I can use it for flops if needed, but i primarily use my 58 for a all chips and pitches.
  9. How does the quarantine work? How do they enforce it, do they escort you from the airport to the hotel and keep you under locked guard? I just don't see how any of this is enforceable.
  10. Thanks, Dave. Good feedback. Any reason why you stayed in Prestwick vs. Troon? Right now, we have 36 holes at Troon booked for a Monday, with Prestwick set for Sunday afternoon. Looks like Turnberry for Saturday afternoon. Only there 3 days before heading to St Andrews for Tues-Friday.
  11. Piggyback on this topic. Looking to stay 3 nights in Troon area. Any pros/cons of staying there vs. Turnberry? Turnberry seems much more luxurious, but a bit isolated. Troon seems nice, with multiple options within walking distance of Royal Troon. Also, what dining/pub options near Royal Troon?
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