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  1. The putter just arrived - here are my first impressions: Plain brown box - nothing "Limited Edition", etc. - I am ok with that, just an added expense that in the end does not really matter Headcover - really high quality, only negative is that it is a velcro closure (I hate velcro) Grip - really nice, SuperStroke like, very tacky, maybe just slightly firmer than a SuperStroke. Arccos sensor in the end of the grip Feel - only putted on a PuttOut mat for a brief time. Sound is a little "louder" and feel is slightly firmer than my TaylorMade Spider X Finish quali
  2. I guess I am biased because I admit I ordered one, but I think it is a pretty personal decision on what looks "better". I applaud all companies for trying something different. For me, I always feel like "oh another anser style copy" - I don't know if I really love the look of the Cobra, but at the $399 price point, I want to support companies to continue to push the technology to bigger and better things. I think it would have been incredibly easy for Cobra to just make another putter that looks like everyone else's.
  3. I just pre-ordered it. While it looks a little rough around the edges right now, I think it is pretty cutting-edge. I want to see and feel it for myself. Plus. I can always get back 50% on the BST
  4. All prices shipped via payment in PayPal. Offers welcome but no lowballs please - lowball offer PMs may not be responded to. Discounts available for multiple items purchased. Not really interested in trades (never done one here) - Only trade offers interested in would be unique flow neck putters (non-TaylorMade). Items will ship out via UPS on Monday if sold Friday, Saturday or Sunday. I have tried to take quality pictures to fully show condition - thanks for looking! Ben Hogan Icon Irons - 4-PW, Standard loft&lie, KBS Tour Tour V 110 Stiff Shafts, Lamkin z5 standard grips -
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