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  1. I have found the Sim 2 to not be as hot as the Sim. But, it is still a long 5 wood. Another option I play with is an original Callaway Steelhead with a Nippon 950fw steel shaft. Definitely solves the “too hot” problem and is a joy to hit.
  2. I’m (mostly) loving my Sim 2 5 wood but am trying to find the right shaft for it. Bouncing between Graphite Design XC 7x and Tensei White Raw 85tx.
  3. Apologies if this is already discussed, but couldn’t find it. On the 5th gen Diamanas (TB and PD) is there a material difference between X and TX or is it just really stiff vs really, really stiff.
  4. As someone that has been a tad heavy handed with tip prep - it really won’t matter (at least I have had issues). As to your pics, there might be a little exposed graphite, but it looks intact. It could also be epoxy. But really until you start to see feathering you should be good to go.
  5. My vote is for soft stepping 2x either way. 6.5 if you like the weight and current trajectory. 7s if you want a tad more weight and a negligibly lower ball flight.
  6. Does anyone know if you can convert a fitting/demo iron head to take a regular shaft? Missing a 7 iron and all I can find are demo clubs. Thanks!
  7. What are some Anser/Newport style putters with a center shaft? I know the Newport 2.6 but those usually sell for more than I want to spend. Prefer a firmer feel than the Betti Studio Stocks. Thanks!
  8. Not sure if this applies to most of the pros today, but at least for me (39 year old) the F and S grinds work the best for me. And I think the reason why is that I learned to play with Cleveland 588s and pretty much all of those were an F style grind. I hit (well, attempt) a lot of different shot around the green and have always done so with pretty minimal grind work done to the soles. Just a hypothesis as to why there are so many F grinds on tour.
  9. Does anyone know of a place to get cool ferrules for woods? Patrick from BB&F did not sound too optimistic of bringing them back. Billy Bob’s are just not as fun once one has discovered BB&F. Anything remotely close out there?! Thanks!
  10. I’ve been playing the 620MBs all summer and love them! I’m a 6-8 handicap and irons are not the strength of my game, but I don’t really notice a huge difference in forgiveness between these and the TaylorMade P760s I played before, or even the Srixon Z585s before those. If you like the look of a small club head and a thin sole - I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.
  11. Club Champion and Barton Creek Fitting Studio are pretty good here. You might just ask around at your local courses if there is someone local. What you are looking for could be done (very well) in a garage shop by a club junkie. Local club pros might know some people.
  12. I have a Ventus Black 8x fairway shaft in my hybrid and love it. But I used the tip of a .370 steel shaft as the shim.
  13. Where in Texas are you? Would hate to suggest someone in Austin if you’re in El Paso.
  14. By no means an expert, but that is a really tough question to answer. What driver and fairway shafts are you playing now? (Model and weight.) what do you like and not like about them? And what is your typical miss and preferred ball flight with your woods? I would probably look at a 50-60g range driver shaft in R or S. CTaper lites always felt a little boardy to me, so I would probably lean towards a Project X Hzrdus or Fujikura Atmos if you want a similar feel to your irons. If you miss left and don’t need help turning the ball over - I’d lean toward stiff shafts. If it is the other way around I would lean towards regular. For most of us mortals, I’m not a huge believer in low/mid/high launch shafts - delivery has much more impact on the flight and the differences between shafts tends to be barely noticeable to the naked eye. (Again, my opinion.) Find a shaft you like the feel of and the color of. ;) I love Tensei shafts, but they have a livelier loading sensation to me so that is why I would initially not suggest those. Hope that helps some.
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