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  1. I have been playing Iomic 1.8s and despite having large hands, love the feeling of small grips for some reason. How much of a size difference is there between the 1.8s and the Junior grips? I use air and no tape on the 1.8s - could I build up the Juniors with tape to feel about the same as the 1.8s? (Like some of the colors in the Junior line.) I have an email into Iomic, but haven’t heard anything back in a week. Thanks!
  2. That’s exactly what I’m doing - going to 5° gaps. Likely ditching the 5 iron and hopefully un-bunching my mid-long irons. Thanks for the advice!
  3. Looking to create a 42° 9 iron in my 585s - would you suggest bending the PW 2° strong, or the 9 iron 3° weak to accomplish this? Not a fan of a ton of offset, but am worried adding 3° to the 9 iron might create too much bounce. Thoughts? Suggestions? (Yes a 785 9 iron bent 1° weak would be easier, but then I'd have to improve my ball striking through practice - obviously not the solution. )
  4. So I’ve been trying the TSi3 with a Ventus Red 6x - it is crazy long, but I’m not loving the feel of the Ventus and am getting too much roll out. Have always loved the feel of Graphite Design shafts and am typically a high launch player. Am I crazy dumb to be thinking of a VR 6x? Any other suggestions? Basically looking for a bit more spin and a more lively feel.
  5. Looking for a relatively versatile/workable 7 wood. I have an epic flash heavenwood that I’m not in love with and have never really gotten along well with hybrids. Suggestions?
  6. I’m a little late to the party, but have recently drank the toe sweep kool-aid. Are there any current wedges out there that are similar? eBay is drying up on newish ones and the last thread about this that I could find was a couple of years old. Thanks in advance.
  7. I am putting a Ventus Black 8x in an Epic Flash Heavenwood and am planning on having it play at 42”. I have a high ball flight and a driver swing speed around 112-115 with a smooth to moderate tempo. How much should I tip the shaft? Fujikura’s website says a half inch which sounds like not enough. Not wanting to create a telephone pole, but also don’t want to hit moon balls. Thanks!
  8. Thanks! This is definitely a quarantine project and I’m testing prototypes on old crappy graphite shafts. Initial design is cutting notches on two ends of box channel (with one side removed). I was hoping that the leverage block might be able to apply enough (even-ish) pressure to get some separation between hosel and ferrule. Was going to attach the leverage block to the box channel and use my shaft extractor. obviously my fabrication skills are rudimentary at best. But it’s something to do.
  9. I remember years ago using a large wooden fork like tool to assist with removing iron heads from steel shafts. Does anyone know what that was called or if they are still available? I’m trying to fabricate a tool/adapter to remove iron heads from graphite shafts without having to tear off the ferrule. (Tired of destroying BB&F ferrules.)
  10. I have played the 6.5s in my long irons for a little while and so far am a fan. I feel like they have a little bit more of a loading feel than the PXis but fairly similar performance.
  11. Bumping this thread as I too am curious. Just switched from Modus 120TX to F5 110s (non-prototypes) for elbow pain but need something heavier and lower launching. Also - any comparisons of the Recoil Utility/Driving Iron and the MMT utility.
  12. How much have shafts improved over the past decade or so? Thinking of earlier premium shafts like Graffaloy Epic, Aldila VS Proto, RIP Alpha vs Tensei Pro and Fujikura Ventus? Not asking for a shaft to shaft comparison, but rather what are the general improvements that you would notice with the new shafts vs the older ones. Would most amateur hacks notice any major difference?
  13. Can you bend a putter shaft? If so, what tools do you need. Have some crazy builds I want to try and would need to essentially create my own single and double bend shafts.
  14. I'm "trying" to reshaft a Cameron Laguna 1.5 and was wondering if there are any work arounds for the flare tip shaft? Can you tip trim a shaft to the same diameter of the flare tip? Or am I fighting a losing battle?
  15. Are the sole weights the only difference in the heavy/circle h Scotties?
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