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  1. Again, thank you to everyone that has provided information on the Chattanooga golf scene. As I said before, I’m leaning towards Black Creek right now unless my family wants CGCC amenities, which I doubt. I’m fortunate that I’ve already made some connections that will get me on the Honors once we get moved. One question i didn’t ask earlier - any of these courses have “regular” games that are walkers or push/pull carts? I know the caddy program at the Honors, but what about the others? I’m not sure if any of these courses are suited for walking due to layout and/or terrain. Thanks again - Todd
  2. Thank you so much for the information - this helps a lot. I think we are going to end up in Signal Mountain primarily for the schools. I’m leaning towards Black Creek right now but also considering Chattanooga G&CC, of course if there is a wait list this may eliminate this option. My realtor has already offered to get me on Honors so I’m looking forward to that once I get settled. I’m also anxious to see Sweetens and Sewanee - both have almost a “cult” following. Thank you again and maybe I’ll see you on the course soon! Todd
  3. I'm relocating to Chattanooga for a new job and I'm interested in joining a private club. I would appreciate if any fellow Chattanooga golfers would provide information on top choices in the area, including info on initiation and annual fees. I've done some Google research but would like some first-hand knowledge from the expert at Golfwrx! Also, is Honors Club by invitation only? Feel free to DM if you don't want to publish info. Thanks in advance! Todd
  4. Taking my dad to the 2007 US Open at Oakmont and watching Angel Cabrera hold off Tiger and Furyk down the stretch! It was a great Father's Day memory at an iconic course. If the US Open ever goes to a rota format, Oakmont surely would make the list!
  5. Perfect combo makeup in my opinion...these would be mine if I was man enough for those shafts. GLWS!! Best irons I've hit the past several years
  6. Why doesn't that MMC/MP20 combo have different shafts??? Need C-taper Lite stiff shafts and they would be mine...
  7. I’m in town next weekend and have one day to play golf. You know the question - where should I play? Played We Ko Pa Saguaro last year and really liked it but maybe somewhere new? I’ve also played TPC Stadium a few times. Give me your top 3 in order. Thanks for your help! Todd
  8. Well I was so fortunate yesterday - I showed up around 5 am and was 14th in line. After everyone registered and got their guaranteed time, most went back to their hotel for either breakfast or to go back to bed for a couple hours (some had been there since 1 am). Well I stuck around thinking I might get a few photos of me in front of the R&A clubhouse before anyone got there...and did that pay off! The gentleman checking us in just happened to be one of the guys I got out with Wed evening and the caddie master phoned him right as I was about to walk out. He motioned for me to wait and after about a min phone call he hung up and said “the first time 6:30 just cancelled, would you like it?” - can you believe my luck! I was first off TOC with two other gentlemen who were the last to show up right after I did! We finished in 3:30 hrs, played really well, except for the par 5 on the back which I found two bunkers and an unplayable...that hole killed me both rounds! So after putting out for par in 18, I had a late breakfast and checked checked out of the Scores. I still wanted Carnoustie but they said it was unlikely I would get on so I decided to call Kingsbarns and they paired me up. I know it’s not like by most but I must admit I really liked it...but I’m not sure I’d play it again unless part of a package. Overall one of the best golfing days I’ve had - hard to beat being first off TOC I’m near perfect conditions.
  9. I got on yesterday late afternoon (17:00 tee time!) and it was beautiful. I ran out of steam coming home but still had a respectable round. The last four holes into the city with the sun low at my back was something I’ll never forget. I didn’t make the drive to Dornoch, with finishing at 21:00 by the time I had something to eat, looked at my pictures, replayed the course in my mind, it was well after midnight before I got to bed. Tomorrow I’m torn between getting up early and another round on TOC or making the short drive to Car-NASTY! I ‘d really like another shot at TOC when I’m better rested but I’d also like to see Carnoustie. Ok gang, voice your opinion once again. I love reading all the comments!
  10. Unfortunately we missed the ballot for my first day in St Andrews. I’ll find out tomorrow afternoon if I’m successful for day 2 - if not, I’ll be at the pavilion very early Wed morning. Was really hoping for the ballot on Wed so I could drive up to Royal Dornoch on Thur. If I make the ballot on Thur, I’ll make that drive on Wed.
  11. Thanks for the feedback - the weather is supposed to be wonderful so I’m determined to make the drive and play Royal Dornoch. I know it will be a long day but I’m not going to pass up the chance based on everything I’ve read and your comments.
  12. I’m staying in St Andrews and have a car. I’m hoping to land a ballot time with another, but willing to get up early as a single if needed. I have a chance to play two more days so I’m looking for advice. Is Royal Dornoch worth the long drive (would be round trip in one day)? I’m willing as I may not get back over here again. What about Cruden Bay, Carnoustie, Kingsbarns, North Berwick, or ??? Looking for some good advice! Thanks!
  13. You are limited by the 10-12 hr driving time from Iowa. Outside of that drive time I would look at Pinehurst or myrtle beach, can't beat that time of year at either place. RTJ courses are great but require a lot of driving between since they are spread out over the state - it may be just as cost effective to fly to a golf destination when you consider the total cost of driving.
  14. TPC stadium and champions one day, Troon North courses another day, then one of the We Ko Pa courses your last day.
  15. First, let me start that I've only been to Scotland once and only played the Old Course on your list. I think your itinerary is exactly what almost any American golfer would put together for a 7/8 day trip to Scotland. One thing I would highly recommend is reading Tom Coyne's "A Course Called Scotland" where he plays every links course over there in less than 2 months; 111 courses! It is a great read and will give you some insight to not only the courses you have planned, but also all of the others recommended here and more. He has his own interesting "scale" of how he ranks the courses - instead of a scale from 1-10, he simply uses this as a metric: "if you told me I could come back and play this course tomorrow, how willing would I be to change a flight and return?" He calls it the "flight factor". Maybe you'll be intrigued enough to decide to visit one of his "flight factor" courses! Cruden Bay sticks out to me from reading his book as a "flight factor" course that you may want to consider.
  16. Thanks for your comments GoGoErky. Anyone else have suggestions/information?
  17. I have been presented with an opportunity that may take me to Buffalo. Although I never thought I would consider moving somewhere with such harsh winters, this will be great for my family's future. So, I now am looking at the area for things like best school districts, housing market, cost-of-living, etc...which leads me to best private and/or semi-private golf clubs. I'm looking at what would be considered mid and upscale golf clubs that also has things to offer my wife and two young boys as they don't play golf yet. What are most important to me are good practice facilities, nice golf course(s), nice facilities that the family would enjoy (pool, tennis, restaurants, etc), and established membership. Any suggestions and information (on cost especially) would be greatly appreciated. I did a brief cursory google search, but I didn't find the level of detail I was hoping to receive. Thanks in advance for your help!
  18. I'm going to be in town for business in a couple weeks and we are already playing TPC Scottsdale Stadium - couldn't pass this up since it is the week before the tournament. Anyway, we may have an extra day of golf...so what is the one course that is your absolutely must-play in the area? The important things to us are conditions, scenery/memorable, great layout, etc. I played one of the Troon North courses but it was around 10 yrs ago and it was for a business event, so that didn't really count. Other than that, I haven't played any other courses in that area. Thanks in advance for your recommendations!
  19. Obviously #2 if you can, and then #8, #6, and #9 - in that order for me although all are really good; Tobacco Road is worth playing for the scenery/conditions, both are wonderful; Mid Pines and Pine Needles are great; Dormie Club is also great, but I'm a Coore and Crenshaw fan. Those are what I would consider the best-of-the-best you can play. I also like Legacy and Talamore for a little less money. You couldn't pick a better time to go to Pinehurst - spend as much time as you can on property!
  20. You won't be disappointed, definitely one of the top courses in Myrtle Beach. I'd give it a 7.5-8. In true TPC fashion, you have to golf your ball! Caledonia is the best course down there (haven't played The Dunes) and I'd give that a 9.
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