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  1. Does anyone have the Greyson Koko hoodie? If so, how does it fit? Do you only dry clean it? Thanks
  2. Does anyone have the Greyson Koko hoodie? If so, how does it fit? Do you only dry clean it? Thanks
  3. What's up Leftys? Inspired by Tron Carter from NLU I tried to play Left Handed for a couple of months. It was fun but it did not last as long as expected. I bought an old set from a left handed friend of mine and I am now looking to off load them. All prices are OBO and I do not have any trade interests. 1. Taylormade RBZ Irons 4-AW, RBZ Steel Regular Flex $250 OBO plus shipping 2. Taylormade RBZ Driver 10.5 Degrees, Matrix Ozik Regular Flex $75 OBO plus shipping.
  4. Looking to buy left handed Callaway Mavrik Irons with True Temper Elevate 105 shafts.
  5. I know we say this every time he plays but it is time for Nike to release Tiger Woods sweaters
  6. https://kingcollinsgolf.com/projects/ Their projects are listed there. Sweetens does flood, however it has less to do with rain and more to do with Tennessee Valley Authority flooding the area because the course in located in a flood plain. However, the new ownership is supposedly coming up with a solution/alternative flood route to prevent this.
  7. You might be surprised. Sweetens Cove is in the middle of no where and only nine holes. Yet it is booked months in advance.
  8. A couple of weeks ago my girlfriend and I decided on a last minute trip to Chattanooga. I have always wanted to play Sweetens and was desperate to get on. I knew how popular Sweetens had become and when I looked, all of the passes for the weekend I was going to be there were booked. I called the Shed and they told me to keep checking daily. I must have checked 10-20 times a day and I finally ended up snagging a pass last minute. I had very high expectations going in and was not quite sure what to expect. Once you get off
  9. I know KC has a few other courses they are actively working on and they are designing several others. They seem to have bigger and current projects to focus on while this is all ZB really has. I am sure you are right that ZB wanted more say in the process than KC was likely comfortable with. If the course is built I'm sure it will be great. However, I think the loss of the contractor/building side of KC is potentially even greater than the design loss. They built Sweetens for cheap and have gotten a couple other jobs because they build the courses for a lot less than o
  10. 1. Edwin Watts Golf, 2602 Shackleford Road, Suite G, Little Rock, AR 72205 2. Little Rock,AR 5. 5.3 4. 10 Degree Taylormade SIM MAX, Tour AD DI 7x 5. No 6. TS2, TS3, TS4 7. Yes
  11. I think the Method is an 006 stamped 001. They did that for some reason but I can't remember why
  12. Put them in a pillowcase and tie the end of the pillowcase. Then throw them in the washing machine. They will look close to new.
  13. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Rare-Scotty-Cameron-Circle-T-Futura-X5-Tour-SSS-Putter-with-Designer-Weights/184453369857?hash=item2af2471001:g:uzkAAOSwp6ZfZPEc Hard to look at the inspired by after seeing this.
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