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  1. Be careful with GG. I’ve gotten a lot of counterfeit clubs from them. I don’t think they really care either. Long story, ask me how I know.
  2. Continental Golf is excellent. Have had a bunch of work done by them and they have been A+++
  3. I hover between 14-16, I'm playing 718 AP2's. I just love how they look and feel.
  4. Thanks for the recommendations and feedback. I have considered Dunnigan in the past, but he only books 2 hours at a time. He's currently charging $225, which is not unreasonable for 2 hours. I just don't think I want to do 2 hours in one pop. I was hoping to do just an hour at a time. Maybe I'll change my mind, but I have heard he is a good teacher. I've considered doing a clinic down in Pasadena, Maryland too. Not sure if they will happen this year though.
  5. My understanding is that the Titleist Thursdays are supposed to be free.
  6. Brooks looks like a fatty. There, I said it :)
  7. Water Filter (sawyer) Pot to cook Lighter Knife / blade Small .22 type hand gun (to hunt squirrels / birds)
  8. OP you are up poops creek as they say. Neither Titleist or JetBlue is about to do anything for you. I've had stuff ruined by airlines plenty of time. Your best bet is to sell what you can and start fresh. It will save you a lot of sanity. Very sorry that happened to you.
  9. Hey everyone, I have been going between a 14 / 15 Handicap the past season, just can't seem to get over the hump. Best score is an 80 on a par 72, so I know I have it in me. My goal is to get to a 8 to 9 HC this season. Anyway, I'd like any recommendations locals have for a quality golf coach / lessons. Looking for someone in the Newark / Wilmington Delaware area. Thanks.
  10. There was a thread on THP about it, also they were talking about this last night on Katrek and Maginess "On Tap"
  11. I'm surprised there is not already a thread on this. Believe this was confirmed that Justin Rose is no longer going to play the Honma clubs.
  12. I will second that fitting is way overrated. Try stuff off the rack. Mix and match shafts. You can figure out what you like on your own and for a lot less coin.
  13. I wouldn't let anyone touch my clubs anymore. Too many bad experiences with "golf industry" guys who don't know what they are doing.
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