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  1. Price drop!!! Super nice club for the budget minded folks out there. The M5 is a BOMBER
  2. Sounds like a really messy hassle. Dry hands with a towel, use a glove if needed, remove glove after playing shot to keep it dry. I don't use a glove, I just keep my hands dry with a towel.
  3. I know this is months later, but I didn't see any other responses. I recently built up a Mavrik Max and have played just 2 rounds on it. Playing it at 44.5" and I'm loving it. I'm only 5'9" so I always have to trim any drivers I play.
  4. Looks exactly like my Mavrik Max, nothing sticks out to me, looks good IMO
  5. If saving money is a priority, I would just go through the fitting and get your spec sheet. You could probably order the same stuff yourself and put it together for a fraction of the cost. If you don't mind burning the money for their conveniences ... then order through them and you don't have to do any ordering or putting clubs together.
  6. Can you just order grip solvent from the Golf Works? That stuff has never let me down.
  7. So I've been told. I'm waiting for all the stories of folks winning in court and all the time these ebay scammers have spent in jail
  8. I will say it again .... it is not worth anyone's time involving any police. I understand everyone wants to see some sort of justice, but the reality is, the facts are vague, and it will come down to "he said / she said" regarding what item was truly sent and what item was actually returned. There is no case here. Spin your wheels if you want to waste time and frustrate yourself. Maybe go ahead...it will be a good learning experience....
  9. FAKE and a bad one at that. Those painted ports on the front of the face are just LOLOLOL
  10. Forget the cops, that is a total waste of your time. Just be happy you are getting all of your money back. It sucks, but it happens.
  11. Similar has happened to me and many others. Bought some stuff here one time and the guy disappeared. Not sure what happens, but these people have to realize they won't make off with the little bit of cash they get. You'll get your money back from PayPal, but it will be a bit of a wait. I think it took 2-3 weeks to get my full refund back into my account.
  12. I played a set of T100's ordered directly from Titleist last season. The dead giveaway for the fakes that i have seen is the "Forged" stamp on the iron hosel, the fakers can seldom get that stamped 100% clean. I'm no expert and pics are hard to judge sometimes, so I can't really comment on the authenticity of your clubs ... but the forged lettering looks really good compared to how I remember on my old set. What I will say is that my set had a serial number very clearly etched on the 6 iron. I'd be pretty concerned about no serial # on that set, although they could be stolen / hot.
  13. Fractured my tibia, lower leg between knee and ankle at the age of 12. Took several years before I felt 100% on it again. And even then still tended to protect it. I can't imagine the difficulty and recovery at Tiger's age. I'm not so sure we will see him play next season.
  14. Srixon U85 can be had on the bay from reputable sellers for around $200 crispy new in plastic. I picked up one recently and it came with a recoil in it. Very happy with it
  15. Your gamer had too much spin and was launching too low with a steeper descent angle. The additional height and less spin is giving you much better numbers. I'd say that's a well worth it fitting.
  16. Nice, much better than TaylorMade. I cracked an M4 and they would not replace it without the original receipt....who the hell keeps receipts. Needless to say, I don't buy TM anymore.
  17. TM M5 Driver A little rough condition. I'd say it's well used and something like a 6.5/10 condition wise. Has some small marks on the top line, as well as other cosmetic imperfections I have captured in the photos. Shaft is a Fujikura Atmos Red 5R that is tip trimmed 1/2" JumboMax Grip (small) is installed on it. Club plays approximately 44" $200 shipped
  18. Was this a glued hosel driver? Meaning no adapter type of club? I'm trying to figure this situation out, because whenever I do re-shaft work, the driver head is never on the club. I use the golfworks shaft puller, not sure how the Mitchel works, if it is much different.
  19. I used Testors model paint (oil based) I ordered on amazon. I re-did my Bettinardi putter over a year ago, and it still looks good. You definitely want an oil based paint, or else it won't hold up very long.
  20. I re-did a set of T100's with Boyd Blade & Ferrule (BB&F) ferrules. Honestly they fit them so well I didn't even turn them down. If you are super picky and want them super flush, it would be very minimal work to turn them just a bit.
  21. I switched to Jumbo Max (smalls) this year, and I'll never go back to anything else. Unless I can get the same size in a leather grip. Previously used gripmaster leathers.
  22. Yes I got my annual rejection notification.
  23. Yeah I agree. I've always used 80 grit sandpaper (hand sand) and have never had an issue, never had any club fail. I just roll it around the tip and twist it. I've done many woods using this method. Obviously you want to just remove the outer layer of paint to expose the graphite. Twist with light pressure and honestly it is pretty easy and very straightforward. If you are worried about removing too much practice on a junk shaft. I'd say you have to be pretty aggressive to remove too much.
  24. TLDR- sand the tip, then clean with acetone. In my experience small amounts of acetone does not seem to affect the shaft paint. I just tipped a driver last night. All you need to do is sand it a bit with the 80 grit to prep. This gives the epoxy a good surface to adhere to. I use a qtip with acetone to clean the tip of any remaining graphite dust that remains.
  25. JumboMax all the way for me. I love them. I use the gray tour grips and I never use a glove. I sweat like a hog in heat too
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