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  1. Hit me with your best drills for not rolling the forearms in the early stages of the backswing
  2. Have started using the PRGR now. Driver before doing the speed stick training is around 108mph, and after doing the training around 111mph. My speed with the lightest stick goes from 119 in the beginning to 128 after using the heaviest setting. Anyone else experiencing the same thing?
  3. Keep us updated! Im waiting for my PRGR and hopefully it will arrive next week. A question for all speed junkies out there. When im speed training with a driver not hitting a ball im seeing that my club face is pretty open prior to impact, is this something that happens to you guys and do you just ignore it and focus on swinging as fast as possible?
  4. Hi, What app do people use for drawing lines etc when you do swing analysis?
  5. Haha thanks for the advice Some wear cargo shorts and others wear tight shorts
  6. I just want to say to everyone that this speed trainer is awesome but the best part of it all isnt the trainer its the person behind it! We had some issues shipping it to Sweden but it all worked out in the end thanks to this guy. He has being great the whole time and is a really nice guy chatting with!
  7. Is this better Monte? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47nP0cipBX0
  8. I think I understand what you are trying to say
  9. Could that help me with my off plane backswing and heel strikes?
  10. Anyone have a good drill that can help with the issue you see in the video below? This is killing my short game at the moment. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4PQ9YJpalrE
  11. I have always had a tendency to whip the clubhead behind me and getting very flat in the backswing. In an effort to get the club on a better plane I have adopted a very slow takeaway and first part of the backswing. The problem is that despite I have been doing this for quite some time I always go back to whipping it way behind me when I try to add speed. Any idea that might help me?
  12. Just send them an email and they will fix it for you!
  13. Hi, Can someone please explain to me why early extension in some cases (almost always?) equals loss of speed?!
  14. I find it easy to get the club perfect on plane in the backswing if you start with a little bit of momentum. Does anyone know any good feeling if you dont want to keep starting the backswing halfway through the follow through?!
  15. The famous "Stick drill" Jokes aside, I recently took a lesson and got a 10 minute review of what's going on in my swing and why. Finally, I got a couple of drills to work on, including "stick drill"
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