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  1. I’ve thought about that. These clubs do a great job of masking bad strikes. They launch really well no matter what it seems so might need to get on the range with a launch monitor and see.
  2. So my son went from being able to stick greens with his old blades to getting fit for G400 irons this summer and now can't hold a green. GW is rolling out 5-7 yards, 5i-7i 10-15 yds. Could it be ball striking, or are these clubs just terrible for landing into greens. Would think even with GI irons and low spin a GW would still spin some instead of kicking forward and rolling 5-6 yards. We are facing harder than usual summer greens though. He is using TP5X ball if that matters.
  3. Enjoy it at that age while you can. Sometimes it's like pulling teeth to get my son to practice at 12. It changed when he went through puberty and started noticing girls. He will play or practice putting any day of the week. But getting him to work on ball striking and chipping is tough. We play 3-4x a week during the summer and practice 30-60 everyday doing something.
  4. We had an 11yo on our squad that could drive the green at 200+ yards playing the forward jr league tees. I could see this for girls only, but no boys should be playing forward tees. Heck, if I was a boy playing I would refuse. Most boys want to go back in tees, not forward. Don't know many boys that like playing it up like a girl personally.
  5. We were looking at the multi stix mainly. Not the laginator. Haven't used them yet. Going to the shop saturday that makes them and see what they are about.
  6. Cobra junior worked well for us at that age with an extra shaft to grow into. Don’t think we used anything different from about 8-11. He was never short against our level of competition. Only recently have we found a need to chase distance as the competition gets tougher at 11-13. We just now got a real driver fitting looked at ball speed and switched to a TP5x for longer drives. Wasn’t needed until he got over 85 mph SS.
  7. At what age are you folks letting your kids start strength conditioning? Also what type of weights and exercises did you start them out on? My son is 12 and has hit several big growth spurts and hit puberty about 3 months ago and figured it was time to start some strength training leading up to playing golf for the HS in 7th grade.
  8. https://www.tsunamibarsports.com/swingbalance Have any of you used these? My friend makes these products and they are being used by many of the conditioning centers here. Seem to be endorsed by a couple of our top golf strength and conditioning folks here. Just curious if they are worth it as I can get a hold of pretty much everything and let my son start to train now that he has gotten older.
  9. Makes zero sense to play from different tees. Don’t see the point there except to satisfy a few complaining club pros to keep them in the program.
  10. Looking for info on where to track down courses with the best junior deals. Will be there for a week in August and my son is better than I am so trying to find him some good courses that are reasonable to keep his practice up. Thanks
  11. My son has stuck with the old F6 Baffler. It’s a beast and loves it out of nasty lies.
  12. Man, he loves this thing. Hits it so much longer and straighter than the old driver. Granted the old one was a terrible shaft for him. Too stiff too heavy. But this thing is nice. He also got some work on his swing this week and is now only 2 clubs behind me at 12. I’ve got to hit the gym. Lol
  13. My daughter is 7 and is showing an interest in golf again. From our experience with USK with my son we were planning on bypassing it all together. But may give it a look this year now that it may shape up to be a little better setup. Time will tell. We do have the luxury of having a really well run tour her locally, even if the USK system in general has been flawed imo.
  14. F8 with the Tensei blue 50g reg flex. Getting it dialed in this afternoon. Came in yesterday evening.
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