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  1. Looking for 20 or 23 degree, head only or "S" flex. Send pictures plz
  2. I don't find them "tingy". I have had several and settled on the "closer". This is a great putter, very solid. 3-4 degrees upright too. Allows you to get closer to the ball.
  3. I am playing the RAW orange 65TX, It launches higher than the RAW white. I really loved em both. Toll Brothers did a big test on here while back. It inspired me to buy them. They are both MUCH better for me than the original Pro series from Tensei.
  4. Really Good Stuff Here: All items described accurately, Examine Pics please, No returns, no holds, no trades Free Shipping to US 48, others must pay. Paypal: [email protected] Shafts: Tensei RAW White 65TX Bought new, mint shape, no tipping TM adapter, 43 5/8" long, super low spin, (SOLD) Graphite Design AD DI 6X (SOLD) HZRDUS T1100 "stiff" 6.0 65 gram, used told no tipping, TM adapter, small butt extension, super low spin, 43 5/8" (SOLD) Even Flow 6.0 "S" flex 75Grams 3 Wood Shaft direct from PXG 41/5/16" near mint $79
  5. WTB: PXG Gen2 XF 10.5 Degree Head. Send Pics. Thanks
  6. No Trades No Returns Free Shipping to 48 USA States Paypal: [email protected] PXG Sugar Daddy 54, Tour issue s400 shaft $245 PXG Sugar Daddy 60/09 Darkness, Steelfiber 110CW "S" $245 SIM 9 Degree Head, 196 Grams (10g front and 10g back weights) great shape, SOLD Tensei Pro Orange 60 "S" TM Adaptor, Bought used and never used it. 43.5" tip to tip with grip SOLD Miyazaki AX-1 "4333 Flex" Stiff 43.75" with TM adaptor and grip, Tipped 1/2". Rare shaft from Japan, 47Grams $140 Riptide CB counterbalanced 6.0 "S" 50gram with TM adapter.
  7. Have you thought of turning your adaptor 180 degrees to "Lie" or upright". On a SIM this makes the lie upright about 4 degrees. On other brands it actually flattens the lie 4 degrees. There is a HUGE difference in how the driver sets up. And it's free...It absolutely changes the ball flight and how the clubhead rotates through the ball (Gear affect I think they call it).
  8. No trades, Free Shipping to 48 USA Paypal: [email protected] Some of these are brand new, others are slightly used. Please Look at the Pictures. I will not break up the bundles. (4) Callaway Driver, Fairway Adaptors $45 (3) Titleist Hybrid Adaptors and (1) Driver Adaptor $35 (1) Flexloft adaptor that I have never seen before $12
  9. No Trades, All prices include USPS Priority Shipping to US 48 Paypal: [email protected] PXG Proto 0811X 9 Degree Great Shape, I bought this new a month ago. Adaptor included, no HC, PXG's Best offering by far. Very lively face and super low spin. (SOLD)
  10. I have one and for $450 it's a nice little toy. The spin rate calculation is all algorithms and is NOT accuarate but they are working on it. Club head and ball speed is accurate. Smash factor is a bit iffy. I have had several at 152 when I believe 150 is the MAX. It's spot on for wedges though. I would buy another one for sure.
  11. Free Shipping to USA Paypal: [email protected] No Trades All items are excellent as pictured. I can adjust loft and lie to fit you for no Charge. Tensei Pro Blue 60 "Regular" Driver Shaft Plays 44" in Ping G410. Shaft is 43" tip to tip $150 Accra 50i Pulls from PXG set, 6-GW 33.5-36" in 1/2 increments $125 Tensei Pro Blue 60 "Regular" Driver Shaft Plays 44" in Ping G410. Shaft is 43" tip to tip (with a grip) Accra 50i 6-GW Pulls Pin 7/10
  12. PXG Gen2 0811X 10.5 Head with head cover. Lightly used will come with an adaptor too. 2 range sessions,1 round. $230. Free shipping to USA.
  13. Free Shipping to USA, NO TRADES Paypal Only: [email protected] All Items in Excellent Shape, some barely used. PXG 0211 6-LW Steelfiber 110 Stiff direct from PXG, 5 rounds, $795 PXG Gen1 XF, 7-GW Steelfiber 110 “S” near perfect $695 PXG Gen1 0341 5 Wood head and cover NEVER hit, brand new $185 PXG 0211 Set Pin 4/15 pin 4/22
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