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  1. Exactly. The bad driver swings he had today were so bad, that you cant blame the club. I belive him when he says the driver is a beast. It most likely is. I really want to hear about his prototype ball more than anything.
  2. So I am absolutely loving these KBS PGI graphite shafts. My entire bag is graphite now except my putter and two wedges. What would people recommend for graphite wedge shafts? I currently game a 52 and 58 Taylormade Hi Toe wedges with KBS Hi Rev 115 shafts.
  3. 1. Orlando, FL 2. 11.1 3. I would use it to sub out the 7w in my bag and get some more height for those shots. I like the idea of bridging the FW and HY. 4. My experience with Callaway woods has been limited but this seems like a product that would fit in my bag and to my game well. 5. Yes, I agree
  4. 1. Orlando, FL 2. Taylormade SIM2 Max w/Aldila Rogue 110msi silver 60s 3. 10.6 I like the idea of a lightweight fixed hosel driver and I played the Cleveland Launchers and Cleveland Classic XL driver back in the day and absolutley loved them.
  5. I have played the C-Taper Lites in irons through the years and still have one in my standalone 3i. I think you are going to get a smoother feel with the PGI but a higher trajectory. Not by much, but they do elevate just a little more and on a really good and boring trajectory. I have found that there is no problem flighting the ball down when needed though, so just another thing to think about maybe with the transition. I do think I will end up swapping out the CT lite for the PGI in my 3i eventually. I should've asked for that one as part of my testing.
  6. Follow up from my round yesterday. Shafts are incredible. They produce such a nice high and boring trajectory, very pro like. Love the feel too and I am gaining about a half club in distance from my previous TT Elevate Tour s400. I have nothing bad to report back on and they are staying a keeper in the bag.
  7. Hi All, Feel free to hit me with any questions you might have about the shafts. KBS has another quality product.
  8. Agreed. It is a personal taste thing. Excited to hear what you have to say and if your findings are the same as mine. I should've added another shaft to put in my 3i that isnt part of my set and is standalone. That one has KBS C-Taper Lite s in it and its just a tad heavier than the rest of the set, but may be purchasing that one to install.
  9. Same here but heard great things about the MMTs. My previous two sets were TT Elevate Tour S300 and KBS C-Taper Lite stiff. I've always preferred a bit of action in my shafts and both of those were great, but I would take the PGI over both of those. As far as the graphics being busy I would disagree. There is some getting used to, but the matte black blends really nice into the clubhead.
  10. Yes, after speaking with Jarret at KBS he told me that the 90 gram version I have is reg+ so I took his advice and we tip trimmed an extra half inch to stiffen them up closer to a traditional stiff flex. rwl, it seems you are seeing the same characteristics as me. Great feel that doesn't seem whippy with lots of energy through the ball. Im about a half club in distance more and flying high but still boring. These shafts are great so far.
  11. Follow up to play yesterday. Was a nice day though pretty windy at Orange County National. Got a flat tire on the way so didnt have time to hit up the great range there before the round. The new shafts held up nice and I love the high ball flight I get with them. Even though the flight is high, I dont feel like the ball is getting lost in the air. There is still plenty of spin and a boring trajectory. I'd say I am getting a couple extra yards from the new shafts as well. My good friend I play with is 2 handicap and an extremely stong player hit them and complimented the feel and action of the shafts through the ball. He plays TT Dyncamic Gold x100s so they can stand up to that type of player too. All in all they have been a great transition and a welcome addition to my bag.
  12. First thoughts from the range today. Weather was nice but there was a strong breeze back into the face on the range. Always hard to tell just off feel and sight alone but the shafts were excellent. Produced a very high but boring shot trajectory with just the tightest draw on it. The feel was great as they felt plenty sturdy and not that I was giving anything back with the loss of weight compared to my previous shafts. I really liked the impact through the ball, it felt powerful and with a kick that held up to my hardest swings. Smoother swings were great and I could feel the shaft loading and the clubhead perfectly. So far so good but will report back after my round at Orange County National on Sunday.
  13. Hi All, Just got the clubs back from Eddie at Edwin Watts and they look great. Again, I got the PGI 90 gram version and we tip trimmed them an extra 0.5 inch on guidance from KBS. Five-iron is playing 38.5 inches which is about standard for graphite. Swingweight is D3. The grips I had installed are not great, (apparently there is a grip shortage and I could not find Lamkin Crossline 360 or Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 locally, which are my preffered on irons) so I got a cheap set on Amazon to test everything out. Will probably hit the range tomorrow or a friends simulator before playing Orange County National on Sunday. Below are some pics for reference and I will follow up after playing some with them.
  14. Wish I had bought the yellow cord version when they did a special release years ago. Those are the bomb.
  15. Dropped the set off to be built today. Little about me, I am a 10.6 handicap. Mostly play here in the Orlando area. I have been playing New Level MODB-1 irons with True Temper Elevate Tour s300 shafts for the past 1.5 years. I'm excited to get the KBS PGI shafts installed in the Bridgestone J15CB heads. I used to have the same set built with KBS Tour stiff shafts and sold them like a dummy a while ago.
  16. Same! I like the double logo look actually. Think I am going to have him install them up/down. They are taper tip but I think my guy can make it work. He's the best in Orlando.
  17. Hope everyone is having a great weekend and watching this amazing Ryder Cup. Want to thank KBS and GolfWRX for choosing me as a tester. The shafts arrived today and in an awesome package. Below are some pics of the shafts and the irons I'll be installing them in. Recently bought a set of killer Bridgestone J15CB heads from fellow member @sadclevelandsports and I think this setup is going to be amazing. Will be taking the set to Edwin Watts here in Orlando on Monday to have the great Eddie put it all together (I'm sure some of you know him). Feel free to reach out with any questions.
  18. This exactly. Dude didnt grow up playing Junior Ryder Cups or other international amateur events. So he had no idea about foursomes and such and the 2016 was his first taste of it all. Probably why his comments got taken the wrong way when he mentioned "winning his point or his partner hits a bad shot". He just doesnt have a history of growing up around all this stuff the way JT, Spieth, Rahm and more have.
  19. Best news ever! Ever since the PGA TOUR Superstore down the street failed at the simplest task (honestly didn't even try to bend a wedge and then said it was impossible) I went there and have nothing but the best to say about Eddie.
  20. This was from a good friend like 6 months or so ago. Was Eddie still there? That dude is the best in town. Looks like I'll bea heading back there if so.
  21. Hi All, Was looking to see if anyone had reccomendations for the best repair/workshop in the greater Orlando area. I used to take all my stuff to Eddie at the Edwin Watts on Turkey Lake, but I was told by a friend that he is no longer there. Might possibly need to get some .370 shafts installed in .355 taper heads. Thanks!
  22. Always love his bag setup but this dude changes drivers more than I change Hinge girls. That D9 is fire though.
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