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  1. @Valtiel Just wanted to update you. Never realized when I was trying to hit up on the ball for better distance that it was so extreme and glad I jumped on some launch monitors to analyze that. Your inference about strike location was dead on, as I tried to hit more on the upper part of the face and with less AOA and it seemed to have worked great the last round I played. Still going to try and get these numbers to work on a launch monitor soon and still testing out the Aldila Rogue 110msi 60s since that is what I play in my 3w and love it. Cheers for noticing the problem might be the archer and not the arrow my friend.
  2. Yes, it is 8* up give or take on the swing haha. You are right, that I might be catching it a little too low on the face. Feel is everything with the driver shaft, so just trying to get that same feel with a little lower spin. Will look into the RF. Might try the Aldila Rogue 110msi since I play that shaft in my 3w and like it very much, but driver is just a different beast when getting the feel right.
  3. Yep, I have the 10.5 turned down to 8.5 loft. I'm faily high spin player getting about 3500 and angle of attack is high around 8*. Have tried Aldila NV NXT Green, NV 2KXV Green, Project X RDX Smoke Blue, and they all help lower spin, but the feel just isnt there for me. Not even worth switching out if I can't get the feel right first. @storm319 @Valtiel
  4. Have a SIM2 Max with a trusted MCA Diamana S+ Limited 2nd Gen in it. Love the shaft but want to get spin down. What recommendations are out there for something with the same feel but can knock the spin down? Feel is really subjective but maybe there are some that have a similar experience.
  5. Yep! I have seen it too and it is amazing! The amount of talent in the ladies game is crazy. We would all do well to watch and observe more of it.
  6. 1. Orlando, FL 2. 13 3. Wilson Staff BLK 8883 4. 2021 Studio Stock 28 5. Yes, I can test within a week of recieving. 6. Yes, I agree.
  7. 1. Orlando, FL 2. 14 3. Taylormade SIM2 Max w/Project X HZRDUS Smoke Blue RDX 60s 4. I've had multiple fairway woods from Tour Edge over the years including the E8 Beta 3w that is curretnly in the bag. Love their products and would be honored to test and use their driver. 5. Yes, I can test within a week of receiving. 6. I agree.
  8. I'm all for it. Brings a fun aspect to what has traditionally been a stuffy and boring atmosphere. Yes, if it is too loud then it is a problem, but I have rarely experienced that, maybe not ever. Even the municipal course here in Orlando has speakers built into the carts so you can connect via bluetooth. Keep the game fun.
  9. 1. Orlando, FL 2. 12.4 3. Z-Star XV, preferably yellow if possible 3. Yes I can test immediately 4. Taylormade TP5 5. Feel, quality of shots with it, no funky logos or lines, trajectory off irons 6. Yes I agree
  10. 1. Orlando, FL 2. 12.4 3. Mitsubishi Diamana S+ Limited 2nd Gen 60s 4. True Temper Elevate Tour S300 5. Formula B+ 60s 6. Yes, I can test within a week of receipt 7. Yes, I agree to continue reviewing with added posts and pictures
  11. Mike Whan came and spoke to us many times at group functions at Golf Channel. This is a definite upgrade for the USGA. Whan keeping the LPGA afloat in his tenure there was phenomenal and he did it by making the product great as well.
  12. Agreed. These are the same suits that sold theif flagship tournament and other events to Fox chasing money and had to do an about-face going back to NBC.
  13. Big to differ a little. I feel Rory is a nice guy who happens to be one of the deepest thinkers and one of the most qualified voices in golf today.
  14. Dang, I was holding out hoping that was the case and was going to trade in my old SIM. Guess Ill just get on with the preorder. Were they doing the Ventus Velocore at no upcharge or the TM made for?
  15. Does anyone know if Taylormade will be doing the 150% trade in for new SIM2 equipment like previous models?
  16. 1. Orlando, FL 2. 11.6 3. ZX5 3. Yes 4. New Level MODB-1 4-PW True Temper Elevate Tour S300 5. The sole and promise of increaded ball speeeds 6. Yes
  17. This is 100% false. It had the same runtime as every other one hour GC show. It also had the same break structure.
  18. Peter Kessler will never be on GC ever. After sales and programing obligations there really isnt that much of the schedule left to dig into the library. One of the downsides to the old content is that it is not formatted for HD televisions and the commercial break structure is different than it is now. Everyone wants to see certain things, but unless you are a Nielsen home, it really doesnt matter all that much. The schedules are driven mainly by the Nielsen ratings.
  19. I'm not going to even touch that at all, but it is interesting reading all the comments and knowing how far off all the people are on here. Also, all the hate on a woman in golf is big reason why it has a stigma to it.
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