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  1. You guys continue to speculate...you'll know if you get close when we take down Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp again. That was just a rehearsal yesterday should we really need to pull the master plug from the wall at Menlo Park.
  2. It's already September, don't you normally start these threads in June? You guys asleep at the wheel...
  3. This Friday 9/3, the following go on sale: MG3 wedges P790 P790 UDI Big weekend...plus it's TOUR Championship, Korn Ferry Finals and Solheim Cup. #golf
  4. Looks like a great couple of days was had by all. Thanks for making the time guys and hope you enjoyed the experience at Reynolds, East Lake and also with Greg and those lovely MG3s. They hit retail this Friday 9/3.
  5. It's the same in the Rors Protos too. Just a weighting/CG thing. These were the protos for the P730s.
  6. All good. You guys love to chatter/judge in the days/weeks before you actually see it and hit it and then do a full reversal. Carry on.
  7. Those look sweeeet! Great pic.
  8. Soon...and they're gonna be worth the wait.
  9. P770s took over from the P760s. We like P7MB - P7MC - P770 - P790 as a good transition.
  10. That was a lay up for you. Closer to Olympics/Fedex Cup timing I'm afraid.
  11. What number would you like to hear? 10? 20? 30?
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