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  1. All good. You guys love to chatter/judge in the days/weeks before you actually see it and hit it and then do a full reversal. Carry on.
  2. Soon...and they're gonna be worth the wait.
  3. P770s took over from the P760s. We like P7MB - P7MC - P770 - P790 as a good transition.
  4. That was a lay up for you. Closer to Olympics/Fedex Cup timing I'm afraid.
  5. What number would you like to hear? 10? 20? 30?
  6. Wait?...what?...there's a new (old) mini coming? We're in.
  7. We made a cool video from Torrey this week that we think you'll like...
  8. Snapped this spy shot of the TM Tour Truck for 2021 from up in the trees at Fermi Court...bet you'd kill to have this roll up to your local course someday.
  9. The latter. Reveal and pre-order tomorrow available on 2/19.
  10. One more sleep... Tour Truck Tease Final_IG.mp4
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