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  1. We made a cool video from Torrey this week that we think you'll like...
  2. Snapped this spy shot of the TM Tour Truck for 2021 from up in the trees at Fermi Court...bet you'd kill to have this roll up to your local course someday.
  3. The latter. Reveal and pre-order tomorrow available on 2/19.
  4. One more sleep... Tour Truck Tease Final_IG.mp4
  5. He won the 2020 Masters with a 7 wood...rotated between a SIM Max 19.0 Rescue and SIM Max 21.0 #7 wood all season. Wonder if he was the first person to win the Masters with a 7 wood in the bag?
  6. 14 more sleeps... Then we can start the "What's TaylorMade got new for 2022?" thread
  7. Nothing like "ringing" in the new year with some new gear. 5-IGFBTW.mp4
  8. Friend of my cousin's brother knows a guy at his local club who says he overheard the pro and the rep talking...
  9. It's been totally re-built from the ground up. You'll see on 1/19/21.
  10. The Ventus w/Velocore in Black and Blue are both available to order for an upcharge.
  11. Unprecedented demand right now, some supply challenges due to the pandemic and gearing up for 2021 too. It's golf's perfect storm. Sorry, doing all we can.
  12. Think this is the one you wish would come back...
  13. We do chuckle here in the office when you guys make your minds up on whether to buy something or not based on a bad screenshot/black and white image... We know you'll go out and check it out/demo it/compare it to your gamer anyway. It's what makes you who you are. It's in your DNA. Don't ever change guys, love ya all.
  14. You may have an old pic there of the P7CWs...may want to check Getty...
  15. P7CWs.... Although keep digging around and you may discover some other P series in there now.
  16. Gonna have to wait until 2021 for that my friend..speculate away.
  17. Free Team TaylorMade shampoo and conditioner with every driver purchase in 2021 *Terms and conditions apply *Just joking
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