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  1. Went from JPX900Forged to JPX921Tours (6-P) & MP20 HMB (3-5). Thought some might find it odd but I did it because I couldn't pick between both sets so I decided on this "strange" mix, until I saw that J.Day put a similar mix in his bag recently. The HMBs are great but they feel quite hollow because of how it's constructed. The JPX921Ts feel solid though
  2. Just wanted to share something I noticed on my 6-ish weeks old set of JPX921T. The paint(?) or whatever you want to call it on the badge area does peel off. Personally, I'm all good if they do come off, which leaves a nice mirror finish on that area. But just wanted to share for those who want to keep them perfect. The first 3 are my 8-PW that have peeled off, I scratched the 8 just to see if it was consistent. Guess the only downside is not being able to identify the model in 50 years...
  3. Ordered my JPX921T blended with MP20HMB in the long irons (weird, but I kinda dig it) 8 Nov, shipped 20 Dec and received them 30 Dec. It was a real struggle watching it every single day but well worth
  4. How do you guys clean off that old icky range ball cover marks on your wedges? It sort of works with a wire brush but that seems like it couldn't be any good in the long run. Any suggestions?
  5. An update on my situation: I went back to the store to test the readily available shafts again and finally settled on one after making sure I was warmed up and swinging up to speed. Modus 120X. Feel was good, numbers wise: clubhead speed: 95-96mph ball speed: 124-125 spin was around 6800, launch 20* (little high but that's what I'm workin on swing-wise) descent 49*. Went with JPX921T (6-P) MP20HMB (3-5) just because I didn't like the look of the Forged/HMP The 120g shafts just felt easy and versatile whereas the 130g shafts mostly felt too heavy. The 130g all ended up spinning and launching higher probably because I'm trying too hard to load/unload them which also gave me contact issues. Would have considered this but the problem is that it's not exactly a "custom option" from where I'm getting them and fitting is really really limited here... Plus, the cost. lol
  6. Personally, the PX6.5 was pretty decent. I'm only hesitant to pull the trigger here because that's how I felt when I first tried the C-Tapers and now I find myself not liking them as much after trying X100s and a buddy's modus105x. A lot of variation here I've realized... Also read that PX6.5 is somewhat similar to C-Tapers so that sort of scares me. I hit the JPX921 tours.
  7. The descent angle was 51-53*. Ever so slightly higher than what I'd like but I'm working on reducing launch angle.
  8. I forgot to add that I'm also trying to stay away from KBS for now until they figure out the tip bending issue especially since I hit off mats at the range. The C-Tapers really are boardy... Which kind of forces me to pull a little too much sometimes and come in a little too steep. I might try to look at the PX6.5 or Modus 120x or tx. The X7s just seem too. Unfortunately, there really aren't any fitters that can let me test out the irons I want. The ones I have here either do retrofits or fittings for club brands that are especially unique. They also lack a lot of stiffer shaft profiles due to the lack of demand from them. Asia things dude... Did you find the PX6.5s boardy at all? From what I've seen on golfwrx, PX6.5 is somewhat comparable to the C-Tapers and if I'm making the right assumptions, PX7.0=Ctaper130x and PX6.5=CTaper125s+, I might just go that route. Especially given the 5g less weight, even though I'm not sure how much that's gonna help.
  9. It's a 7i in metres. So roughly carring 170yards.
  10. Now that I've found my C-Tapers to be bending, I'm out looking for a new set and have my eyes on the JPX921Tour probably a combo. Been checking out a local store but their options are VERY limited. What I did manage to test out were 3 shafts that they had for testing with the 921Tours, Modus120X, DGX100, PX6.5 (Ignore the image it was a wrong label on the LM) Could anyone make sense of my numbers here and suggest a shaft which would work best? I've only ever played with X100s and C-Taper130X plus some other stock shafts when i first started. Before anyone scolds me for this, fitting options are SEVERELY limited where I am. Best I could do is retrofit... So I plan on getting my clubs online somewhere and shipped over... Little about me and my game/swing: - Currently gaming JPX900F with C-Taper130X - open to trying other brands/feeling shafts - Been working to compress the ball more and lower Launch angle (yes it's too high) - Recently worked on getting more inside-out which has been working for me but also increasing my AoA slightly - I'm assuming the SS on the LM is increasing after each shaft change because I was getting warmed up - Slightly aggressive on my Downswing but not overly aggressive. - Driver SS: 110-115; 7i SS: 92-95 - 7i carries 170-175yards on a stock shot - Tried out a buddy's club with Nippon 950GH Neo Regular and it reduced my Launch angle to 19* (This did not make sense to me at all) but spinning HARD - Can't swing for s*** inside indoor hitting bays... So my question here is, do I stick with a 125-130g shaft or should I go down to possibly the Modus105x?? Anyone have any suggestions for potential candidates? Probably gonna be a while before I can travel to find a decent fitter back in the US I apologize for the color of the images in advance. foolish me didn't think I was going to show this to others
  11. Yes, have that issue with my C-Taper 130Xs. Spoke with a couple of shops about it and they said that it's an issue across almost all KBS shafts. Heard that KBS does replace them for you if you go through the right channels. Never tried it myself but I'm planning on finding a new shaft that works for me and move over because I really don't want to be dealing with the replacement issue.
  12. Does it make sense to blend the JPX921 Tours (7-P) with MP20HMB (3/4-6)? I like the Tours but also want to blend the set with something more forgiving in the longer clubs. Normally I'd go with the Forged (which I have in the full set from JPX900) but I really like the MP18 FliHi from my MP18 combo set. Annnnd I get to have TWO nice sets this season... Is this a bad idea? Or should I go with Tours (7-P) and Forged (4-6)?
  13. Anyone else have these mini "dents" on the face and even the sole of the TM Hi Toe Bigfoot?? I have this and the Hi Toe ATV but the other one's fine. I thought it was just dirt and never really dug into it until today? Could they be from hitting range balls? I don't recall hitting anything other than a golf ball *not with this club at least* Could pebbles/rocks do this much damage?
  14. I think the G80 would be perfect if your swing/ball flight corresponds with their algorithm. If you could somehow take the G80 to test with a trackman/gcquad and it shows that you're hitting essentially the same carry then you should be fine. But if you're a low launch player but gets plenty distance, G80 might tell you you're short. If the G80 accounted for spin in the carry, I think it would be a steal. There are people on this golfwrx that truly like the G80 though, you should go read it up in the other section. I made my buying decision after reading there. It MIGHT suit you, it just didn't suit me
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