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  1. Everything sold. Mods please close it up, I can’t figure out how to do it in the new layout
  2. PRICE DROP! MP-18 3-PW DG 120 S300, .25 long and 2* upright. Used for one round and one range session. Lead tape can be removed at request. SOLD PRICE DROP! Rare Tour Issue M2 8.5* (Head Only) do not have original spec sheet $200 obo Scotty Select Newport II SOLD PRICE DROP! Precision Pro range Finder $100 obo (Used for 2 rounds) PRICE DROP! Mizuno T7 52 and 56 (Used for half a season) project x 6.0 .5 long SOLD
  3. Brand New never been hit Rogue Driver stock even flow 6.0 $400 obo Rogue 3 Wood with stock Quaranta 50 Regular $250 obo (hit twice indoors )
  4. Thanks guys! I did alittle research and I agree. Usually when it seems too good to be true it is lol Thanks Ric
  5. 2nd swing has a Circle T square back I’m interested in purchasing and I’m wondering what it’s actually worth. Can anyone help me out?
  6. Must resist ?, nice irons great set for whoever picks them up
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