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  1. ^ Another endorsement for the MP-64s. I've hit some of my purest long irons with them when I had them in the bag. Played a combo set of 3-6 in MP-64 and 7-PW in MP-4 and couldn't tell the difference between them. GLWS
  2. Yes! I now join you on the long list of former owners of this thing.
  3. Guys, I know I'm going to regret this. I've never been really attached to a putter my whole life up until this one. Up for sale is my gamer Byron DH-89 that I've had in the bag for a few years. It finally getting beat out by some other hussy. This posting will be open until the end of the week at which point I'm headed on vacation. Or I might have seller's remorse and close the thing. HistoryApparently this thing has made its rounds on the BST, and out of curiosity I traced the records back to 5 previous owners one at a time. All of them said they regret selling this putter yet here I am. I ne
  4. Happy August, y'all. A couple interesting things for sale. Descriptions and prices first, then pictures below. All prices are shipped within the continental US. Scotty Cameron Art of Putting Newport 2 with "Baby T" GripPrice: $300Specs: 35" length with standard loft/lie Grip: Scotty Baby T, no shaft band presentNotes: Purchased second hand, history unknown. Just too long for me and would play too light if cut down.Scotty Cameron T22 Grip Price: $30Notes: Purchased from eBay shortly after the T22 came out from someone that had it pulled. Just never used it myself. Has the copper colored danc
  5. I’ll take it. PM sent. Been looking for one of these.
  6. Agreed! It took me a while but I finally figured this out and concocted a 4 wood. Started with a TaylorMade M2 HL 3 wood model which is 16.5* and I installed a 5 wood shaft into it so it plays shorter and stiffer. The head has hotmelt to add some weight (and for feel and sound). It's been a dream for the past two seasons and it's a keeper for the long haul.
  7. PM sent. I’d like the blue short sleeve one.
  8. I'd match whatever you're using for your other wedges (gap/sand/lob).
  9. Happy Friday, WRX! Just my GOAT driver for sale today. Please let me know if you have any questions. I will send my Paypal info once ready to send funds. No lowballs, no holds, no nonsense please. I will be out on the course this afternoon (1-5pm EST) so my apologies if my response during that time is irregular. PRICE Head only: $OLDShaft Only: $140 shipped SHIPPING USPS Priority from VA to continental US onlySPECSHead Model: 2016 M2 (Tour issue S/N 732KE017)Weight: 201.1gLoft: 10.4° actualCT: 247Shaft Model: Accra TZ5 Proto 55Flex: Stiff (M4)Weight: 55g Length: 44.25" grip to tipGrip: Golf Pr
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