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  1. Can you post a link or a full picture of the jacket please? Wondering too if it's a q-zip or full zip. Thanks.
  2. Just one iron set for sale today. Hit em straight. Happy summer everyone. My notifications on here have been spotty so my apologies for any delays in responding. Will honor dibs in order of receipt if it comes to that. Price: $595 Shipped Make: Mizuno Model: MP-20 HMB Clubs: 6-PW Shafts: Graphite Design AD-75 Stiff L/L/L: Standard (7 iron at 37”) Grips: Golf Pride Tour Velvet and one Lamkin Crossline, all standard size Pictures:
  3. Just wanted to say to everyone that these are one of my favorite irons to have ever used. A perfect blend between the soft feel of the MBs (MP-14s/33s/4s) but more forgiveness. If there's any set I'd go back to, it'd be these. GLWS
  4. Price: $115 shipped Time to sell some old faithful clubs here to make room. They got kicked out of the house and landed in my office. Now they just gotta go. Nice condition all around including club faces and grips. DG S300U shafts. Standard L/L/L
  5. Thanks, it’s less that it’s too heavy but kind of a stark contrast going from 95 to 118 between two clubs. Was trying to figure out a way to step it down to heavier short irons. I think DG 105 with the 115 wedge shaft sounds like a great idea. Thank you for that.
  6. Those two specific shafts are the Graphite Design AD-IZ hybrid shafts and crazy expensive. I’m also hesitant to go 95g across all the way down to the short irons. I enjoy the heaviness in the wedges. But I also haven’t tried anything that light in the shorter irons so I may give it a thought. Thanks.
  7. Background: - 37 years old and slowly losing distance - Driver swing speed at 103-104 mph - Handicap: 4.3, declining only due to lack of consistent play (dad life) - Strengths: Ball striking, wedge play I’ve played DG S300s in MBs since I started playing in 1996 and moved to DG S400 AMTs and CBs three years ago and loved the transition. Last fall I jumped to 95g graphite shafts (AD-IZ) in my 3 and 4 irons and loved that even more. Off of the 4 iron at 95g, even with my progressive S400 AMTs I have noticeable jump in weight into the 5 iron. Is
  8. Odyssey Milled Collection RSX 001 Putter — $SOLD Shipped USPS (Continental US) Price is firm. Will keep it if it doesn’t sell. Trade interests: - Scotty Phantom X5.5 flow/slant neck version - TaylorMade M5 or SIM 10.5 degree head - Graphite Design Tour AD-IZ 6S shaft with TM adapter - Toulon Atlanta or San Diego Specs: - Custom drilled sole weights (heel and toe), purchased this way so no other details; stock head weight is 345g so it’s likely greater than 350-360g - Length: 33.5” - Grip: Piret
  9. Let me know if you have any questions. #1) Odyssey Milled Collection RSX 001 Putter — $ SOLD - Custom drilled sole weights (heel and toe), purchased this way so no other details; stock head weight is 345g so it’s likely greater than 350-360g - Length: 33” - Grip: Piretti Iomic - Head cover included #2) Mizuno JPX 919 Forged 4 Iron — $ SOLD - Length/Loft/Lie: Standard - Shaft: Dynamic Gold 105 S300 - Grip: GolfPride MCC Plus 4 Standard #3) TaylorMade P790 UDI 2 Iron — $ SOLD - Length/Loft/Lie: Standard - Shaft: Dyn
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