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  1. Several items for sale today......all reasonable offers will be considered....no trade offers please. NEW - CUSTOM BUILD Odyssey White Hot OG 7S with BLACK Stroke Lab shaft $250 + $10 for shipping. 33” RH Super Stroke Traxion 2.0 50G weight inside grip Headcover included Used Custom Combo Iron Set - Titleist 718 AP1/AP3. IRONS ARE SOLD! Set in is PHENOMENAL shape RH 4-PW Dynamic Gold S200 shafts MCC +4 Green / Just regripped, maybe 4 rounds and a range session on grips. Standard size grips. .25” short of st
  2. I also have a 7s.....looks great and rolls true.
  3. The main difference is I bet Rors thinks he hits his PW 150, and Trackman data tells him it’s actually 153 vs. the WRX population who will tell everyone they hit a PW 150, which would be longer of course if it was possible to find a shaft that can keep up with a punch-stinger-trap draw that actually carries 132...downhill...downwind....in the summer.....at 3pm in the afternoon.
  4. Two items for sale today...... MINT but used (indoors only) Odyssey Stroke Lab Black 7s. SOLD RH 33” was originally 34” New Super Stroke Mid 2.0 Stroke Lab weight is in shaft under the grip as it came from factory Headcover is new MINT but also used (maybe hit 15 shots) Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero 5 wood 18* head only. SOLD RH Not a mark on it! New Mavrik FW headcover included No trades. Will ship Tuesday AM. See feedback....Good seller with a perfect history. PM with questions.
  5. GLWS.....I have this exact combo and it is a beast!
  6. In a Titleist Vokey 56 degree wedge, with the stock S200 wedge shaft.....what do you guys “think” is the tip weight they use?
  7. What’s the typical weight of a tip weight in a 54/56 degree wedge and a 58/60 degree wedge if being built at “standard” length? Thanks for the help in advance!
  8. Keep in mind that you also need a set of blades if you also have/want a staff bag. If only there was a place I could go to hear the debate of using a staff bag if you’re not a pro.....
  9. I’m the same way......played 710 AP1s for years, then moved to a 718 AP1/AP3 combo set. I am looking at the Srixon ZX5s.....forged iron with a moderate top line but with a wide sole.....haven’t hit them yet, but have heard nothing but great things about Srixon irons.
  10. Just did it this AM so I will have to wait and see....feels good chipping indoors.
  11. Very cool! I’m sure my wife would love for me to try this.....I’m thinking probably our dining room table on a Saturday morning. Probably put on some Pantera on the SONOS as well so I can concentrate.
  12. Never tried to grind a wedge before but I wanted a trailing edge on my Zipcore 58 so it will feel more like my Callaway JAWS X Grind 58.....I think it turned out pretty good...did all of it with a Dremel....grinding, sanding, polishing....any thoughts?
  13. 2 questions..... 1. How did you keep hitting shanks after 13 in a row? 2. How did you not go Bo Jackson on every iron in your bag? I would have snapped at least two just to get the bad mojo to go away and to scare the other irons straight. That’s something that Triplett would have remembered....
  14. 5 under through 7 holes......ended up with a 71. Same golf course.....4 under through 2....yes, 2 holes....birdied opening Par 4, and got my only albatross on a Par 5.....finished with a 73.
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