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  1. I'm looking to upgrade my MP-32s. I like the look of the 7 series Srixons. Does anyone have any experience with them in regards to the VT sole. I have a steep attack angle and take large divots. Just curious if the VT is suited better for sweepers . Any info would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. After gaming an old SC mil spec for years, I picked up an 8802 new from Wilson a few years back. It took a while to get used to , but I really enjoyed the look and feel. When you figure it out, I think it's simplicity can't be beat and really improves your aiming and putting stroke
  3. so is the raw 588 set the ones with the s400 shafts?
  4. interested in the mp-18 combo set. might be a stupid question but if you remove the lead tape will it leave any residue? thanks
  5. Gotcha, thanks for the heads up. Will see how it goes meeting with the seller
  6. They were sold as new, wrapping on heads and grips. Actually got a hold of the guy and he says he will refund me, fingers crossed. Maybe he didn't know they were fakes or he is afraid to get into some trouble . So titleist would just destroy them? Would they give me any sort of credit or anything?
  7. Yea. Unfortunately , I think I got taken. Sending em to titleist for a proper review but pretty sure will get same answer. Not sure how to approach recouping my money from the private seller. Cash deal. Any ideas on that?
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