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  1. Well I tried to purchase through my pro and he could not get one as his account rep only had 3 and they were already gone. They had to raffle the 3 they had and they just drew today. If anyone in here can get one and would not mind helping out a fellow WRX'r just shoot me a message! I know it is a long shot but just wanted to throw it out there!
  2. 1. Scotty Cameron 2012 Newport 2 - 34" w/headcover - Asking $285 2. Scotty Cameron 2020 Special Select Mid Mallet Stock Headcover - Asking $45 3. Scotty Cameron Weight Tool and weights - Asking $85 4. Scotty Cameron Jackpot Johnny Center Shaft Headcover - Asking $100
  3. I think the reasoning is just avoid commenting about the condition that other people have listed as if you do not agree with the condition listed then you do not need to purchase the item. I think allowing that just creates a toxic forum that we would have people commenting on condition even more. The one area I think should be stated every time is if the item is not authentic. But again these are just my interpretations and I would agree that the seller was "creative" in the description.
  4. prayers to the family as I could not imagine going through that! let the community know when you set up the fundraiser if that is allowable!
  5. All expired free shipping codes are still valid just as an FYI. The code will still work as long as you have not used it!
  6. Haha so true! Well it was more of an admission of guilt but its over November 16th and I picked the best year to do it because I cant even play right now!
  7. man if i hadn't signed a contract not to buy clubs for 12 months I would buy the driver and the irons...this is a crazy deal.
  8. After having it for a while I wish I had just gotten a full mat. But it is still a great item just wish I would have gone the whole way now.
  9. What a great price man I said I am not playing any new irons this year so this is rough!
  10. And the block list grows by one more member. Take a Xanax and stop playing golf. I could not imagine playing golf with someone who got this worked up over a wrench. Not to mention it doesn’t help you this weekend? If you are that high profile of a golfer you have to know how to find something that would work...goodness.
  11. These are brand new in white box packaging as shown in the photo. Tag on box shows right dash but the balls themselves have it as the left dash. I cannot find anything on a right dash prototype so I am fairly certain they are left dash prov1x but if anyone else knows feel free to chime in! Shipping CONUS is included and please let me know if you have any questions. Will consider trades towards of putters. Asking $200
  12. I want each and every one of these but I am taking time off from buying clubs to try to cure my sickness! Such beautiful works of art!
  13. Thanks! Yea I just am ready to move to something different.
  14. The head is in good shape in my opinion and seems to be the original finish but I am not the original owner so cannot confirm. Mill marks do look original to me but maybe others could confirm? Does not have the original shaft and length is show in the pictures. Also the shaft is equipped with a Tour Pro Lock weighting system it looks like to me and I can send pictures of it if any of you know more about those. Top line has minor ding and I tried to show as best as I could in the pictures but I can send more if needed. Comes with the original head cover and the superstroke 3.0 grip. Please let
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