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  1. Just curious but have you hit them in person? The HMBs were crazy hot and a much bigger head profile even going to MMC. I can only imagine they may look out of place next to the t100-s. I would agree with the above poster t200 probably would blend much easier. But in terms of gapping I would be concerned the HMBs would be a bit too hot in those irons.
  2. Agreed on buying Gen3. I am waiting for the $89 gen3 sale and those will be my first pxg clubs. All reviews I have read is that was a large generational leap in their irons for feel and consistency. But I have been 4 or 5 custom sets of gen2 just cannot pull the trigger. Lol
  3. Only one item today. shipping and fees included. Let me know if you need other pictures. PayPal only and thanks for looking! Titleist TSI3 - 8* Ventus Red 5-S with Velocore. Asking $550 $525 now $475 SOLDDDD Will split - Head $325 and shaft $225 Will consider trades!
  4. Looking for something in the 80-90 gram weight. Thanks!
  5. Sorry it’s a bit hard to read the weight in the picture. It’s the Fujikura Tour Spec Pro 95 x-flex! Let me know if you have any other questions.
  6. Thanks for looking and prices include shipping and fees. If you have questions or need other pictures please let me know and I can send others. Pictures should show worst defects I can find but always willing to send more! Also looking to move it all so make offers. Worst case I say no thanks! 1. Sim2 Max 10.5 Head - $375 (Includes Sim Headcover) SOLD 2. G425 Max LST 10.5 / Alta CB 55X / Standard - $415 3. G400 5 Wood Head - $100 (Includes G410 headcover) SOLD 4. G410 LST 3 wood / Tensei Orange 70 S / Standard - $200 - Head only $150 (Includes G410 headcover)SOLD
  7. 1. Squareback putter standard loft and lie with Mardi Gras headcover in plastic. - $285obo shipped
  8. No trades? Are you feeling ok! haha great seller good luck with sale!
  9. If you go into store they will normally beat the online value pretty handily only issue is you have to spend on something that day.
  10. Clubs are in great condition and just do not work for me. Shipping is included CONUS. Please let me know if you have any questions. 1. Evnroll Midlock ER2v ML 40" - Asking $350 2. Callaway Apex Pro 2 Hybrid 18* - Asking $175
  11. 1. Callaway Mavrik Subzero 9.0* (TC Serial) with a shaft shown below - Good condition - Asking $500 2. Callaway Epic Max LS 9.0* with a shaft shown below and stock shaft - Good Condition - Asking $550 3. Ping G400 LST 10.0* Head Only - Asking $200 4 - 8 - Shafts as pictured - Asking $225 each will discount for multiples Atmos Blue 6s - $125 Lengths shown Can send graphic measurements for tipping information but I believe that all Velocore shafts are untipped. **Ventus Velocore 7s has a Left Handed adapter b
  12. They are fake. The Titlelist script in the cavity even though it looks slightly white is chrome on the real version and those are white painted. A few dead giveaways for fakes sometimes are the shaft bands are facing up not down. The grips smell like gasoline and the numbers on the irons are slightly off. I know first hand because I bought a local brand new set. Also with these having project x shafts they would have had to be custom ordered and this should have a serial number on all irons not just the 6.
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