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  1. Yeah this was my main concern, I am trying to get out to tour it and try to get a feel for the number of members when I’m there. I called and talked to someone about membership and they wouldn’t tell me how many members they have whereas other places have. Little bit of a red flag.
  2. Not sure if you are interested in selling the Tour AD TP 6s separately from the head, if so shoot me a PM!
  3. Thanks for the input everyone, looks like it might just be a crack within the paint itself. I took it to the range for the first time yesterday and it seemed to perform perfectly fine
  4. Watched some videos recently comparing the previous Taylormade driver models and most reviewers were raving about the 2016 M2. Being that I don't love my Callaway Rogue Sub Zero but dont have the money to drop on a new driver I figured I would get a used M2 and give it a try. Found this one in the classifieds section and just received it the other day. I was wiping it off and inspecting it and noticed this scratch or crack. At first I thought it was just a scratch in the white paint but looking closer it looks like there is a crown line that splits the white section and this appears to be
  5. While I am excited that the game of golf is growing rapidly, I found it extremely difficult to fine prime-time tee times at public courses here in the Philadelphia area. I am considered a junior at most places I have researched (just turned 29) but was looking at some of the semi-private options around the Philadelphia area and ultimately have found Woodcrest CC in Cherry Hill and the Ottinger Golf Group membership to be pretty attractive. They both come in at $3,500 for my age with (what appears to be) no initiation fee. If I did the Ottinger membership I would play mostly out
  6. Have a buddy who belongs to the Union League who is a member at both courses. I have probably played Torresdale 30+ times over the last few years and National around 10 times. Both courses are great but it is easy to tell that National has become their baby. They have completely redone 1 of the 9s and are in the process of completely redesigning the third 9. If you can only choose one to play it has to be National, they are separate memberships and the initiation fee at National is going to be astronomic in the next couple of years.
  7. I have been looking for the best practice facility near Philly so that I can stop by after work and get some swings in. I am looking for somewhere with a grass range and a solid putting/chipping area. I know Tees Golf Center is relatively close but the last few times I have been there the grass range has been pretty horrendous. Bonus points if the facility is at a semi-private course as I am looking to join an affordable course at the end of the season or first thing next year.
  8. Any chance you could help break down the final cost of the fitting? What extra fees/services did they charge you for? I understand that the fitting itself is complimentary with purchase but did they charge additional for clubmaking?
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