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  1. Is anyone gaming this shaft, primarily in fairway woods?
  2. I just ordered a tsi2 3w with ad hd 7. Really wanted to get it with a di but hopefully the hd works, figured the tsi2 head would be better for me than the tsi3
  3. When I went for a driver fitting this year I was fit into a DI 6x, the fitter did not have a ventus blue 6x available and said it could be comparable. A few weeks later I went to a demo day and hit what I was fit into against the ventus blue 6x and for me the ventus had much better dispersion
  4. same here, I just can't find any reviews on this shaft in a fairway
  5. - Have you hit a Ventus shaft yet? What model? Yes, currently gaming a blue 6x in driver - What Ventus TX shaft do you want to win? red 7tx - What club in your bag would a Ventus TX go in? three wood!
  6. I have two pairs of gallivanter and a pair of the premiere tarlows. Grip is definitely better on the FJ but the verdict on comfort is still out. I have only worn the FJ one time and got a couple of blisters hopefully once the shoes are broken in this isn't a problem. I'm also thinking of taking the soles out of a pair of gfore and putting them in my premieres. Sizing I wear a 10 in gfore and got a 9.5 in the premiere, both fit great.
  7. Not an exact comparison but i have 4 and 5 in zx5 and 6-pw in zx7. All of the zx7 are standard, the zx5 5 iron is 1 weak, and the zx5 4 iron is standard
  8. For those ordering a fairway wood - are you going with the DI or the HD? Thinking of pulling the trigger on a TSi2 with a DI 7x
  9. I played the modus 105x then played modus 120x for a year and am happily playing modus 105x again. The 125 is also a great feeling shaft but I wanted something lighter and the 105x is perfect. Have no problem flighting it down if I need too, I don't really see myself straying away again
  10. Played the 120x last season and just went back to the 105x. I like the modus 105x a lot more. Really liked the 125 also but just wanted less weight so 105x seems to be working
  11. Last year I gamed a combo set 585 in 4 and 5 and 785 6-pw with modus 120x. This year I got fit into zx7 with modus 105x and decided to combo 4 and 5 zx5 for more forgiveness in the longer irons. My iron play is much better this year so far but I think that is mainly down to the shaft. First when comparing zx5 to 585 the zx5 look much better from address, however the 585 felt better. I would rather game the zx5 compared to the 585 based off looks alone. I know you asked about the zx7 but just figured I'd toss that in incase you decide to combo. Now when comparing the zx7 to the 785, I could gladly game either set. I am finding the zx7 to be more forgiving but I couldn't confidently tell you if it is because of the clubhead or because of the shaft change. I do think the zx7 looks slightly better and it seems to feel better and also glide through the turf better. That could also be mental because I'm playing better but overall I'm happier with the newer set. I don't think you could go wrong with either
  12. I kind of struggle with the transition drill and cast a...do you do the transition drill THEN do cast a or kind of do the transition drill and cast a simultaneously? Just looking for some insight to hopefully get me in the right direction.
  13. The modus 125s was one of the best shafts in an iron fitting I did earlier in the year. Ended up going with the modus 105x because I wanted something lighter, other than weight shafts felt the same and performed nearly identical. Just felt the lighter weight of the 105x would be easier to swing in the long run. Last season I played with 120s in my wedges and my short game was a roller coaster. Came from KBS 120 before that and loved those but the modus 120 just didn't feel right for me. Back to stock vokey wedge shafts this year and my short game is far better than it was last year.
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