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  1. Have a day in Austin, TX to play next week. Budget is $100ish. Let me know where I should play.
  2. Not interested in new in plastic as I plan to play it.
  3. Gaming mine. Really like it thus far. A little less forgiving due to size from the JT phantom. I would happily trade mine for the H20 though. I like the alignment on the insert rather than the three dots right on the top.
  4. Anyone made the jump from the 620's to new T100? Noticeable differences or worth the upgrade?
  5. Title says it all. Bonus if they are 1 or 2 flat.
  6. Yeah maybe my definition of significant sounds hyperbolic but definitely noticeable. Just assumed they'd be the same size. I think I like it though - feels more blade like.
  7. Anyone else get their hands on one of these and surprised by how much smaller the head is than the JT phantom 5.5? I love both putters but was surprised when I got mine that its significantly smaller than the 5.5.
  8. Bought this off a buddy who got it from an elite college player he trains. I wish he had the spec sticker but he does not. He is not a great ballstriker hence the price and marks on the face, hosel, and a little scrape on the aluminum frame. See all pics for closer look $280
  9. Excellent condition 620 Titleist 620 CB 4-PW with KBS Tour S+ Shafts - specs are 2 upright and 1" long with MCC Midsize Black/white grips. $750 $700 AD HY 95x - Titleist tip. has a half inch extension used in my 3 hybrid. New MCC midsize grip like new. $110 Handcrafted EvenFlow Black 65 6.5 - also has half inch extension to play 45.5" in Titleist TS driver. MC+4 midsize grip like new. $60 Fuji Atmos Red 7x - tipped 1.5" and plays a little over 43.25" in Titleist FW wood. Not a great ferrule job done by Dick's hence the price. White pure pro midsize $50 Diamana White Titleist 3 wood 7 TX - came with TS2 fairway and plays standard length 43" - $50 Black Spider Tour - like new condition but theres a little goo on the shaft from pulling off the KBS sticker and a very small paint chip on shaft. Comes with headcover. Pistolero Plus from the 2019 releases of the phantom. Used but not badly with no damage but not much tack left. - $50 Custom Shop Mallet headcover - Great shape not much use on it - $140 pin 9/15
  10. Newport 2 Brand new still in the bag. Pictures out of the bag are of another one we got. $1,000 OBRO
  11. Hard to tell but is that the gray top from the 917 or is it black?
  12. Looking for a Scotty Blade or Squareback 2 option for trade. This putter acquired through a WRXer measures 34" although the sticker is for 35". The yellow sole lettering has been removed with acetone and includes the 15 G weights that come with 34". Brand new 1.52 mfs Rosemark Tour grip. Can include headcover if trade is appropriately equal. Sold Tour AD HY 95x 3 Hybrid Length with Golf Pride MCC Blue Midsize. Has a half inch extension in it and in great overall condition $120.
  13. Is it inevitable that tour players will eventually be allowed to wear shorts? I mean what would happen if every player just rolled up on Thursday in shorts on a hot day. It's not like the PGA would stop play. I get the tradition and all but if they really want to grow the game and be considered an athletic sport (which I firmly believe it is) the apparel should match that of other sports. Kids growing up playing muni's in lower income areas can't afford the $70 golf pants. Just me and my soapbox here.
  14. Had a similar issue one time when I tried my zx7 4 iron in a nippon 105x but felt it was too inconsistent. Weird feeling too, definitely not as smooth as the 120's.
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