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  1. Wanted a full Nike bag - got the Vapor Flex driver, 13* t40 strong 3, Original forged blades 4-PW and a couple toe sweep Engage wedges. Method Mod 001 putter. Need to find a hybrid or 5w for the 18-20* range. Shocked at how easy the blades are to hit, they feel so soft. also randomly picked up a set of Machspeed SQ Forged from Japan 5-AW that I need to reshaft out of senior graphite.
  2. Toulon Long Island in excellent condition with headcover. All stock everything, 35”. Gamed only a few times, it’s too long for my putting set up but didn’t want to change anything on it. $220 shipped - OBO. Cleveland CBX 50* and 54* wedges. Gamed for half a season. 115g DG wedge flex. Super forgiving wedges (jarred some hole outs from 100-125 with them). Switching to RTX4s for now. $SOLD Callaway MD4 54* raw in X grind. Also lightly used in great condition, grooves still crispy. 12* bounce in Elevate Tour stiff shaft. $SOLD
  3. Ahh that makes sense, thanks I’ll try that.
  4. Got these Nike SQ Machspeed Forged irons from Japan, took off the stock graphite from one and found a metal piece inside the hosel, I’m guessing to center the shafts. Is there anyway to remove them? If not, any tips for cleaning out the hosel around if so I can reshaft with steel? any idea if they’re standard .355 taper tip or something custom? bonus question: can’t find the lofts on these irons anywhere online - interested if anyone knows. Thanks!
  5. I see this recommended often, but when you say "work in one direction" do you mean scrub back and forth one way, or use long stroke in one direction, pick up and repeat in the same direction (i.e. not going back and forth)?
  6. Srixon z765 Mizuno MP-60 Maltby DBM (not sure if these count tbh) Own all 3 sets, currently gaming the 765s - it's my first Srixon set and don't have much to base it off of, but I don't fully understand why the 65 series is detested in comparison to 45 and 85 lines. Guess I'll have to hit those to understand, but loving the 765 so far. DBMs were first set I ever built for myself so have a special place, and the MP 60s are something I picked up cheap to test out some refurbishing and game every now and then. Also just picked up a Cleveland 588 CB / MB combo set
  7. In general, I prefer putters with more arc (i.e. blades or anything w/ more toe hang) to be a bit longer, around 34.5"-35", and mallets and more face balanced putters to be shorter - around 33.75-34.25". Not sure why, but I think it's just natural for me to tweak my setup a bit to allow the club path to move in its intended motion. Know this probably goes against conventional thinking for having one setup and stroke, etc. and finding the club that fits you best, but I like being able to adapt to all different styles and putter lengths as needed. Makes it easier to have a "rotation" and keeps p
  8. That's bad a**! What's the thinking on the wedge shaft...lighter than a standard putter shaft and the graphite has some feel to it, but wouldn't a 6.0 be fairly high torque for a putter?
  9. Hey all, thought it’d be easier to find online but does anyone know the hosel diameter for the short slant Spider X? Thinking about trying a UST frequency filtered shaft on my Copper, guessing I’ll need a .370 but don’t want to buy the wrong one. Thanks!
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