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  1. Hi everyone. If I put a shaft into a TSi2 wood (adjustable) and down the road put it into a fixed hosel Sim2Max wood, would they play the same length?
  2. Hey everyone, I went and got fitted twice today because one location didn't have somethings I wanted to try. I got the same result for what 3 wood head to play, but different shafts. Neither had them both so I couldn't hit them back to back but did hit them 2 hours apart. Location #1 fit me into the Diamana Thump and Location #2 fit me into the Ventus Red. The Ventus was measured on a FlightScope and the Thump on a Trackman. Bit of background...I am a 13 handicap and a big time sweeper of the ball who struggles to hit down on it. I currently play the ventus red in the
  3. Interested in this as well. Did you do it?
  4. Has anyone gotten a players 4 or players 4+ with no logos yet? I know there’s a “customize” option in the catalog.
  5. What location did you get fitted at? I know their location in Castle Rock doesn't open until end of May (OUCH)
  6. Do you have any mom and pop stores near you? Had a similar situation, but the mom and pop shop got them for me in 10 days.
  7. Seeing a lot of ZITs with the filled in Swoosh on eBay. They are all “new without box” but most of the tags aren’t samples. Fakes?
  8. Does anyone have any comparisons between these two shafts?
  9. I agree with you here - I guess I mis-worded it. I’m flying out to CA and only have time for 1 fitting, so wasn’t sure if I should go to do KBS only or somewhere that offers more options.
  10. Has anyone been fit at the KBS Experience in Carlsbad? I am super interested in going, but not totally sold on only ONE brand of shaft fitting...
  11. Keeping the same heads - standard apex 19s
  12. Hahah I couldn't have worded it better...if they perform well I will love the look!
  13. For those who have played them, did the look bother you at all? I got fit into them and ordered them right away because I have no self control, but the look was the only thing throwing me off..
  14. Just got fit into these shaft and because I have no self control, bought them right away. For those who have these, what are your thoughts on the look of the shaft? Does it bother you at all? I have always played "traditional" looking shafts and not sure how I feel about this one.
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