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  1. Scotty Cameron Button Back 35 Newport. Asking $1150 shipped to the lower 48. Only trades would be a Circle T (I’ll add cash) or a MOTO.
  2. Just talked to my pro about these. I have one on order for my brother, and he told me that Titleist has a ship date of early September. seems like they did 2 batches, but sold them all upfront.
  3. Got to my golf Galaxy around 7 AM, was first in line. Was told on the phone they got 6, but when I got there it was clear the employees got 3 of them. About 12 people in line. 1 Newport, 2 flowbacks.
  4. Red was a tighter dispersion, during this test.
  5. Both were extremely similar.
  6. Realized I had a typo with the blue spin. Blue spin is 2275. Still like the red 6s?
  7. Realized I had a typo with the blue spin. Blue spin is 2275. Still like the red 6s?
  8. Hola Amigos! So I was lucky enough to get gifted a Venus 5S Red, and I already had the 6S Blue. I've always hated hitting driver so really looking to make a change and stick with it. Took then to hit today on trackman and was quite surprised... Below are averages on 10 shots (5 with each at a time.) Longest carry, by a long shot, was with the red (on my last shot), but the longest total was with the blue. My miss with the red was high and spinny (over 3.3k) and my miss with the blue was a little hook. However, I know that when I get really tired, my swing speed will drop a lot and my miss with both will be really spinny. Looking at the numbers, stick with the blue, red, or look at the blue 5s/red6s? Blue 6S - Swing Speed 96.2 - Ball Speed 142.8 - Carry 233 - Total 275 - Spin 2275 - Launch 12.3 Red 5S - Swing Speed 94.2 - Ball Speed 141.1 - Carry 230.3 - Total 272.2 - Spin 2240 - Launch 12.5
  9. Hi everyone. If I put a shaft into a TSi2 wood (adjustable) and down the road put it into a fixed hosel Sim2Max wood, would they play the same length?
  10. Hey everyone, I went and got fitted twice today because one location didn't have somethings I wanted to try. I got the same result for what 3 wood head to play, but different shafts. Neither had them both so I couldn't hit them back to back but did hit them 2 hours apart. Location #1 fit me into the Diamana Thump and Location #2 fit me into the Ventus Red. The Ventus was measured on a FlightScope and the Thump on a Trackman. Bit of background...I am a 13 handicap and a big time sweeper of the ball who struggles to hit down on it. I currently play the ventus red in the driver, which is why I wanted to try the ventus red and went to location #2. The ventus numbers below are the last combo of the day, so about 3 hours of fitting prior. I think that is a large contributor to the club speed being lower. To me, it looks like the numbers point to Ventus. BUT, its a large purchase so hoping for some insight from the greater community. Club Speed Ventus = 88.5 Thump = 91 Ball Speed Ventus = 131.5 Thump = 136.7 Carry Ventus = 206.3 Thump = 210.2 Total Ventus = 243.7 Thump = 242.5 Height Ventus = 66.7 Thump = 59 Spin Ventus = 2391 Thump = 2111 Landing Ang Ventus = 31.5 Thump = 27.9 Launch Ang Ventus = 12.9 Thump = 12.3 Thanks!
  11. Interested in this as well. Did you do it?
  12. Has anyone gotten a players 4 or players 4+ with no logos yet? I know there’s a “customize” option in the catalog.
  13. What location did you get fitted at? I know their location in Castle Rock doesn't open until end of May (OUCH)
  14. Do you have any mom and pop stores near you? Had a similar situation, but the mom and pop shop got them for me in 10 days.
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