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  1. Hi everyone...another question. I was playing around with a friends putter that had the sensor attached. I found it extremely annoying and distracting on putts. Everywhere I look online it says it HAS to have a sensor on the putter. Can I manually add my putts after each hole in the app so I don’t have to have the putter sensor?
  2. Nike and Under Armour are completely off the table. Remember, he has a current footwear deal and that hasn’t gone anywhere. Who’s the last Nike or UA athlete you know who isn’t wearing their shoes? I think JT is the type of guy who wants to stick with sponsors for a long time. Don’t be surprised if you see Him still in Polo and if he resigns. Otherwise, it’s going to probably be foot joy. My personal pick? Lulu. Would be a great spot for them to get into the game.
  3. I'm looking at buying a Lite Lux - how is the club tangle? I had a regular lite and had to return it because the club tangle was insane.
  4. Adidas is much more of a competitor to Cuater than Jordan. He’s wearing Jordan’s from 2 seasons ago, not some adidas you can buy from any store.
  5. So if I use the link, does my phone still need to use GPS during the round? also, can I keep the link in my front pocket like a phone?
  6. Hey everyone! I’m strongly considering getting Arccos for this season. However, in the past when I’ve used any apps that require GPS my phone battery drains super quickly. Curious if Arccos requires GPS? If so, does the clip require it as well?
  7. Thanks Swagee! In the past, the grint required me to use GPS. Any idea if this has changed?
  8. All of the ones listed require GPS which is the issue. I’ve tried GolfLogix, the Grint, and 18 birdies and they just drain my battery.
  9. Hi WRXers, I know there are a ton of great golf based apps out there, but they all seem to have a GPS requirements which I don’t want. They seem to drain my battery. Are there any apps out there that keep strictly stats like FIR, GIR, Putts, strokes gained, etc. without a need for GPS? Thanks!
  10. You are correct. I think that every club company could send him things and it would be completely okay, but he is CHOOSING to play TM, not contractually.
  11. Are we sure about this? I thought there were different rules for golf...think of JS with the Circle T or any other AMs who get gear. Seems most similar to a high school football or basketball team who gets free equipment.
  12. Has anyone used this before? Seems like a cool idea but I would love to hear some results... https://www.golfblueprint.com/
  13. My guess is that this is a release similar to the "blue" SM7s released a few months into their lifecycle.
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