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  1. From what I saw, he was making his nice, full finish swing with his short irons and wedges, instead of the sawed-off finish where he tries to punch it low or fade the ball. I think that if he just plays his game - full swing finish game - he'll play his best.
  2. All they need are longer courses? It would be lot easier to go to shorter equipment.
  3. You are absolutely correct - it was Frank Thomas, who was head of equipment testing. With golf shafts becoming better and better, it might have been only a year or two before others put a 47" or 48" driver in play.
  4. The game is already limited. The driver head size is limited. The COR of the face is limited. The initial ball speed is limited, and the overall distance a ball can fly is limited. It is not a question of limiting equipment; it is a question of changing the existing limits.
  5. That would also be true if they played on a par 3 course. But that would never test driving skill.
  6. Cost of land, cost of water, cost of maintenance off the top of my mind. But the answer also has something to do with the nature of competition - man against the golf course. With current equipment and current course lengths, most of the time the game becomes a drive it long and make putts deal. If you like 600 yard par 5's that can be reached in two shots, I guess that's your game. The USGA is in charge of maintaining the integrity of golf. Driver, 9-iron on the 13th at Augusta isn't much of a challenge at the moment. As a sportsman, why shouldn't the competitor embrace a more difficult game from tee to green?
  7. Hitting short putts firmer is going to work great on downhillers at Augusta.
  8. You're getting close. Let's introduce a Masters ball, that restores the risk/reward that was inherent from the 1930's to the 1980's. I see that i replied to this thread back in April, when I mentioned that driver COR should be moved back to around what persimmon was. Well, at least I am consistent. No need to make any more stupid course changes if the equipment is restricted.
  9. It's nice to see Danny Willett playing well again. The Hojgaard brothers, Garrick Higgo, Guido Migliozzi, Christiaan Bezuidenhout and others will come forth for Europe.
  10. The reason that Moe never missed a fairway was that he wasn't long enough to miss offline, or run through the fairway. I watched him play in the Canadian Open in 1972. There were others who were more impressive, such as Lee Trevino.
  11. Rory stated earlier that the role of captain is overrated. Then he went out and played as though to clarify his statement.
  12. Can they excommunicate you from ANGC? See: Angel Cabrera.
  13. I don't see how anyone could play good golf if they had to wear the Euro's uniforms. Ugly.
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