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  1. I remember when I went from stiff 105T shafts in 2012 AP1's to regular 105T shafts, same heads. The game got a lot easier and my scoring improved. Some players benefit from stiffer shafts; not me, I try too hard with them.
  2. Technology took a game that was pretty darn difficult, and made it easier. Since true sportsmen love a challenge, technology cheapened the game. In sailing, some of the most important sailors are competing in one design classes. The rules for hull and sail measurements, and materials, are tightly controlled. IT is the sailor himself which matters, not the equipment.
  3. Besides the fact that he is not in the field, if he were in the field, he would be too short to compete. ANGC has a tradition of being a bomber's course.
  4. Peter Malnati can win on this golf course. But he's got no chance at Augusta.
  5. She gained 43 yards from the Original One to the SIM. She gained club head speed because of the longer, lighter shaft - which is probably more consistent strike after strike than earlier TM shafts. And the ball speed was increased due also to the improvements in the club head. That was a 20% increase. 20%.
  6. Shaaaaaaaaane! (Funny, I had to look it up. How quickly I forget.)
  7. Every two years the OEMs bring out new 3-woods. They charge what, $200 - $300 for those?
  8. Even some of the best players in the world play a game improvement iron for their longest iron. i remember that Zach Johnson played an AP1 4-iron for years. I can play AP2 from 8-iron to PW, and sometimes the 7-iron. I don't think that it makes much difference in short irons in terms of playability. But I can't get the ball up in the air as easily with an AP2 5-iron or 6-iron, so I play AP1 in those irons.
  9. In the roll back world, recreational club players would have two handicaps. One would be for them if they decided to buy and play the roll back equipment; the other would be with equipment as it stands now. A sandbagger, who had a cap with rolled back equipment, would have to use that equipment in a club tournament, unless he/she also had a handicap with modern equipment. Or the tournament committee could make an adjustment to his "rolled back" handicap. I played in hickory tournaments for awhile. My hickory handicap was around 13 or 14, and my regular cap was around 8. No big deal.
  11. I think that the Ping G710's would be perfect for someone like me. At 68, I struggle to hit my AP2 PW 105 yards. If I could get back to a 115 yard PW and a 150 yard 7-iron, I would be in heaven. Well, hopefully not literally.
  12. Right. But if, as a recreational player, you wanted to play the same equipment as the pros play, you could.
  13. I don't think that "the genius in his swing" was sustainable. 1. It is not natural. 2. It was reliant upon hand squaring of the face, not natural rotation. I think that swing was flawed from the get go. He was able to make it work for awhile when he was younger with less battle scars - the innocence of youth, and great putting. But he was exposed to too many players who were flying it by him on the course, and that has to work on the sub-bean.
  14. this is what I am advocating. Different specs for different golf courses, since it is some golf courses that cannot defend against golf technology.
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