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  1. I just heard that she has gained a significant amount of distance this year. How did she do it?
  2. They could make it against the rules for the caddie and the player to pull out any book, yardage or otherwise, while on the green. A player could glance at the book while walking to the green, but once there, no dice.
  3. Nice of Rees Jones to post on WRX.
  4. With persimmon and a shorter flight ball at Cypress.
  5. He was laughing about the PIP money he's going to get.
  6. With the condensed schedule and the big Phil story only 4 weeks ago, there is not build up for the US Open. Moving the PGA to May was a major mistake/sell out.
  7. Tom Watson. I wanted to swing like Tom Watson.
  8. That's a very good point. I can visualize every hole at Pebble, and only a couple at Torrey. It is pretty nondescript as a major golf course.
  9. The best tennis players don't look like strong athletes, but they can hammer the ball. Wirey strong.
  10. A lot of folks on this site who work out for strength believe that strength is a big factor. They forget that flexibility is also very important. And then there is flexibility of the wrists. Ever see a picture Wee Ben Hogan at the beginning of his forward swing? He had powerful, but also incredibly flexible wrists. His club is almost laying on his right shoulder. With that kind of natural lag, a player can unleash the Kraken close to impact. It is a huge speed generator. Rory has that kind of flexibility. Always had it.
  11. YEs, but if the equipment was harder to play (like in the 1980's), it's likely that a few guys would be at the top more often.
  12. You are absolutely right. It is appearance money by any other name. They should just allow appearance money, and be done with it.
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