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  1. Or maybe they already had a metal driver in design, and they didn't want the word to leak out. That makes more sense to me. Who wants to let the competition know what is coming down the pipeline?
  2. Let's face it. Someone is going to do it someday, unless the equipment is changed.
  3. The part about declaring that your game isn't ready for the US Open?
  4. Friday, Saturday and Sunday the wind is going to be from the Northeast. That will be a helping wind.
  5. Nelly Korda what's in the bag? (BTW, I am a huge Brooke Henderson fan as I live within a couple miles of the border.)
  6. who needs Phil? Definite changing of the guard.
  7. Rory made eagle on 13 yesterday, so it must not be impossible.
  8. this was great. I had never considered a stoned sloth.
  9. He and his team are going to experiment with driver shafts and driver heads until they understand the physics! I remember that he commented to Rory while playing at Riviera that his driver was so delicate, or something like that. If he believes that there is a way to swing upwards of 135 mph and control the ball, he'll keep doing what he's doing.
  10. How would you like to play with Ryan Yip?
  11. Bobby Jones was way ahead of his time. They did change the specs of the ball in 1931 to make it lighter than before. During that year, many protested about the new "floater", particularly about its play into the wind. The USGA changed back to a heavier ball in 1932. Some former pros think that the USGA should mandate a larger diameter ball. It would actually help the less skilled golfer, while reducing the distance of the most proficient.
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