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  1. Will he be downsizing to a smaller home as well?
  2. I think that the long putter should have been banned because both hands were not working together. One hand was still while the other hand made the stroke. To me, that is "levering", not a stroke. I say that if the armlock is OK, then belly putting should be too. Both hands work together to make the stroke. By the way, that is what Harvey Penick thought as well.
  3. Interesting. You would think that he would keep a short game practice area for Charlie.
  4. Since Tom Watson won 8 majors, but did not achieve the Grand Slam, I doubt that either Rory or Jordan will. I also doubt that either will win 8 majors.
  5. The guys at Augusta are on the same page as the USGA. They would like the USGA to do something to roll back distance, because they would rather not keep lengthening the course. The 13th hole at ANGC is the canary in the coal mine.
  6. When the ball didn't go as far, 17 and 18 were strong holes. Rather than changing the golf course, they should change the equipment. Start with COR. As a condition of competition, bring it back to where it used to be - around .75. Modern thin faced titanium has a trampoline effect - like a tennis racquet. Golf rules have always stipulated that there should be no spring-like effect in the club face, but the rules makers ignored the spring face of titanium until they actually discovered that there is an effect. Rule it back.
  7. I agree. He missed it right quite a bit yesterday. the announcers thought that his shoulders looked open to his line, which could be a problem. But I would like to see him return to the driver that he used to win the Canadian Open and the Tour Championship. He had a lot of confidence in that club. Perhaps he would lose a few yards, but it might help him re-slot his swing. I wonder if his TaylorMade contract would allow him to use a previous model driver?
  8. How about a Pinnacle Soft? Made by the same company that owns Titleist - so you are bound to get very good consistence ball to ball.
  9. Sandy played a practice round at Augusta a few years ago with his hickories. The guy is having fun in life.
  10. I'd like to see Rory go back to the driver that he used in 2019 when he won the Canadian Open and Tour Championship. Go back to something he has confidence in, sort of like what Justin Rose has done. But I bet his TaylorMade contract prohibits that. Too bad.
  11. How did Bryson birdie 18? I thought he hit his drive deep into the trees.
  12. Jack Grout, who taught jack Nicklaus, played on the Tour and was a friend of Ben Hogan and Byron Nelson. Butch Harmon played, or tried to play the Tour for awhile. His father, a fine teacher, won the Masters. Grant Waite, who has coached Patty Tavatanakit, played on the Tour. Pete Cowan played on the European Tour.
  13. There might be a player like that; there might even be a few players like that. The ruling bodies aren't terribly concerned about one guy. They are more concerned with the average - like the Tour average, or the Korn Ferry tour average.
  14. I watched it on the Masters website. But it was a little later than 7:40.
  15. The interesting thing for me was that Wayne Player was carrying his Dad's bag. I thought they were on the outs.
  16. I happen to agree with Fred Ridley, who dodges the issue with a vanilla statement, but who really wants the USGA/R&A to provide a condition of competition (ball and clubface) so that the 13th can retain the risk reward component that it used to have.
  17. Furthermore, what do you think the scoring average would be if the greens were a bit softer, and not as fast?
  18. Finished second in the fall. Also Songjae Im.
  19. Angel Cabrera is an underdog this year.
  20. I would guess around 70% of the total holes played.
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