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  1. Ordered a tsi3 3 wood with proto 80tx last two weeks ago, will be here tomorrow
  2. Yea the TX was a 12 dollar upcharge for me on Carl’s
  3. I hit the Lst 3 wood, I don’t know if it was shaft combo or what but I could not get any distance out of it, shortest fairway for me
  4. I just ordered a AV raw orange 85tx to pair with the g425lst, can’t wait
  5. That’s for the input for everyone, after some research and talking to a few buddies in the industry I have decided to go back to a faithful ping in my drivers. They have a av raw tensei orange 85tx which is only 82 grams raw so it’s not a crazy jump but they heavier weight paired with a ping g425lst which is also heavier will hopefully help with my tempo, the Tourx was only a 12 dollar upgrade through Carl’s to, always had great success with ping drivers and enjoy a counterbalance shaft in my driver. Excited to get it!
  6. That’s for the input, a Ventus black 8x sounds fantastic to be honest, I will see how the green and blue feel In my current head, I’m thinking a TSI3 8/9 degree with a Ventus black would be nice just worried about low spin
  7. Picked up a tour blue 85tx as well lol
  8. That’s a great cheaper idea, just ordered an Aldila tour green 85tx for some testing
  9. Looking for any and all input, I currently game a 8 degree tour issue m6 driver with a AV raw white proto 75TX, tipped .5 inches, playing at 45.5 inches. I have a super quick tempo and swing it pretty hard, (topped out at 137 tonight) finding the right tempo is extremely hard for me. Distance isn’t an issue, I pushed one out to 370 on the simulator tonight, my issue is control and dispersion. I am seriously considering playing an 85g driver shaft I just have no place to start. I’m assuming most places don’t carry 80+ driver length shafts and they certainly don’t have anything near that in my h
  10. The ball speed off the tsi4 sounds promising, seems to be decently forgiving for a smaller head as well
  11. I am heading to Arizona in a month, maybe I can hold off until then
  12. I live in South Dakota, the only shop near me is terrible, have had terrible fitting experience, I did have a tsi3 and really enjoyed it, regret selling it, I just needed a heavier shaft, really chills out my tempo. So have no issues ordering a tsi3 again.
  13. I’m having second thoughts, do I go tsi4 with 85 gram shaft, 45 inches, or tsi3 with 85 grams 45 inches, man I think I’d love the smaller shape but need the more forgiveness of the tsi3
  14. I attempted to order one yesterday, I got a email from my PayPal account but got no confirmation email from titleist, is that normal?
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