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  1. Just got off the phone with their customer service...s400 will be back in stock at the end of july
  2. I just emailed them requesting the same thing, I need to add a rtx 46 and a full face 60 stat
  3. Wonder if it will be similar to the new apex pro as in “hollow” where all the tech and tungsten are inside for a cleaner look.
  4. I have my 75TX tipped .5 inches int he driver, I do have a 85tx tipped 1 and 1.5 that I might try in my 3 and 5 wood but I doubt they will beat out the Ventus 9 and 10x
  5. A 5 wood....higher swing player, didn’t think I needed more than 1 fairway wood. I was really struggling with my 2 iron. Decided on a tsi2 with a Ventus black 10x. I am in love
  6. I have one in my m6 8 degree head and love it, just flat out works, would love to rock an sim 2 head
  7. Just wanted to give some input about the gen 4 driver after my recent fitting. I went down to Scottsdale this past weekend for some golf with my brother in law. Brought my tour issue m6 8 degree driver. I averaged roughly 310 off the tee at TPC champions and stadium with the longest ball being 348 (hole 14 stadium) was on fire with the driver. Helps when playing for money lol, but played 36 in one day, had my fitting at pxg Scottsdale the day after. The gen 4 X did beat my m6 driver out for ball speed when hit in the middle of face but couldn’t find it on a consistent basis. They fit me into a
  8. Yes for me there was lower spin and launch in the tsi3 3 wood
  9. Simply wanted higher launch off my 5 wood as I use it off the fairway
  10. I can’t tell you how much the added weight chills out my tempo
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