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  1. Looking to sell off some mizuno heads! 5-pw in the MMC with an HMB 4i, heads show some bag chatter but the faces are solid. Looking for $625 SOLD shipped OBO, not looking for trades at this point.
  2. Looking to offload some clubs and stuff I'm not using, add $10 west of the Mississippi, all prices include shipping and are OBRO. Not looking for trades really, maybe zx7s or miuras +cash? Mp20 MB 3-PW heads, good condition with bag chatter(3i has blue paintfill on logo, can remove if requested) -$675 910f 3w head, old 3w I never used, skuff towards the topline, comes with headcover with a few small tears -$35 818h1 21*head, old faithful, finally replaced after getting it new, scuff on topline, comes with old headcover -$60 Diamana BF 60s, fantastic driver shaft. TM tip and 44.25 long (has 1" extension), -$115 Modus 105s 4-pw pulls, came with a set of irons I got, not my profile-$115
  3. Offloading as I didnt enjoy the profile.43.75" tip to grip with 0 tipping. Ideally want to trade for a Diamana BF/TB 60S, or Ventus blue 6s Looking for $240 OBRO Again, trade would be ideal here but down to sell. Cheers!
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