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  1. Looking so sell to cover a tree that decided to punch a hole through the garage....only trades I'd be really interested in are some mp20s I suppose... 718 ap2s/T-MB: great condition, 4i is a 718 tmb and is really the only club with any decent wear- looking for $500 after shipping/paypal fees Ad-di 7x: fairway shaft, has a single scratch, untipped, and the orange thing in the tip is only to prevent epoxy from getting in the shaft and can be removed if needed. Shaft length is 41.5" -looking for $100 after shipping/paypal fees Spieth caps: both
  2. Yes, but it's not the greatest Definitely want to see how accuracy compares with skytrak, and can additional courses be used? Like if I have a pc, can I pair this with other sim software????
  3. Cant wait! Interested on your driver before/after in terms of club delivery, let's see those #s!!!
  4. Are you available January 16th-18th for this event? -Of Course!!Current driver setup? -titleist ts3 with a diamana bf70sWhat excites you about the new TaylorMade SIM woods? -i love any new tech, and it seems like TM really tried to learn from past products hereAre you willing to document your experience in the GolfWRX forum as well as on social media? But of course!
  5. Hit the riptide back on the 14th at a CC in Hartford, fantastic feel, much tighter than the old ef blue. Played similar to the diamana bf I was fit into, just got slightly better launch with the BF. Would def recommend trying it, great feel
  6. Offloading a bunch of shafts I no longer use, all prices include shipping, add $10 for shipping west of the Mississippi. Feel free to make an offer! Ignore the PXI and Project x black shafts, those have been sold prior to posting Only trades I'm looking for are 2x atmos black 7x untipped wood shafts, or a diamana bf 70s driver shaft Gd Addi 6s 43.5" -$115 SOLD Px ef white 65g 6.0 43.5" $75 SOLD PX Hzrdus red 5.5 65g 43.25" -$65 SOLD Px hzrdus red 5.5 75g 40.75" $60 Px hzrdus t800 5.5 41" $50 Px ef blue 6.0 85g 39.5" $45 SOLD Tensei ck blue regular 65g 42" $45 SOLD RIP Phenom 85g stiff
  7. Find your nearest authorized Fujikura dealer HERE In a post below tell us who is your nearest authorized dealer? Club champion Hartford CT What do you love about the VeloCore Technology in the Ventus? Any innovation of shaft materials is exciting, stability through impact seems like a plus Why are you excited to try Ventus Red? Would be interesting to compare to my other driver shafts What weight / flex Ventus Red you want to win? 6S
  8. Building Golf Clubs at Home: The Essential Tips, Tricks and Tools Also check this out!
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