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  1. Offloading as I didnt enjoy the profile.43.75" tip to grip with 0 tipping. Ideally want to trade for a Diamana BF/TB 60S, or Ventus blue 6s Looking for $240 OBRO Again, trade would be ideal here but down to sell. Cheers!
  2. Ideally only need 5 and 6 irons but willing to entertain deals on a full set
  3. Up for sale is my foresight GC2A, in fantastic condition. Unit was sent in a while back for upgrade to the apple compatible model (invoice pictured) and working flawlessly. The internal battery is currently dead, though works perfectly utilizing the charger (as shown) and a new internal battery can be procured if needed fairly cheaply. Shown below are pictures with timestamp (other username is my golfsimulatorforum name, will also be listing there). Let me know if you have any questions, comments, or need any more pictures! I'd be more than happy to provide anything I can. Tested w
  4. Any intrest in selling off the heads?
  5. Looking to offload some stuff I dont use to fund the home simulator, prices are shipped, OBRO, and add $5 if west of the Mississippi. Everything in great condition! Mp20 MB 3i with px evenflow blue 6.0 tipped a half inch-$85 Mp20 mmc 4i with kbs tour stiff-$90 Mp20 HMB 4i with TT elevate stiff-$95 PX evenflow riptide small batch 6.0 70g with titleist tip approx 44"-$110 (can remove tip if needed) SOLDDDDD Open to reasonable offers, feel free to ask any questions!
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