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  1. What's been the turnaround time on your set?
  2. I have one in 21degrees turned down to 20 with a KBS hybrid prototype shaft and its a rocket launcher. I love their irons and figured I would give this a shot. First swing I took with it I was blown away. I have been really impressed with the quality from New Level. Tried them on a whim and feel in love.
  3. GWfool

    P53 golf

    Bumping this topic. Anyone know if this is still a company making clubs. Never heard anything else about them.
  4. Do you find you get enough data for practice without the HMT? Also, what about the sim blows? Or, was this previous FSX software?
  5. You will love those irons. I started playing New Level irons about 3 months ago and the love fest continues.
  6. Would it be possible for your pro to order the heads and shafts and do the build for you?
  7. I did a combo set with 1126 in 4,5, 902 in the 6, 7 and 623 in 7,8,9,PW. I constantly debate whether to game the 902 or 623 in the 7 iron. Truthfully, I think both are very playable. Also, the poster asking about losing distance in the 623 I bent them to the lofts of the 902 so 1 degree. I find them just as long as my 902s in those clubs and longer than z745s before them. I absolutely love these clubs.
  8. The terrain was too difficult and was going to make the cost exorbitant. The land in SC is the perfect soil and can be built with Collins King's design ideas easier.
  9. Aiken, SC is my understanding and I will leave it at that. There has been some positive momentum, really hope it happens.
  10. Everyone in here is feeling my pain. Losing yardage from high-spin and no roll out. Looking for the next driver.
  11. I had a set of 705s. They just didn't suit my eye for some reason. I played maybe 10 rounds with them and the switched the shaft out to some different clubs. Actually still have the heads; never got around to selling them. That said, they were beautiful irons, felt good and have a thin top line. Not sure what it was, but just weren't what I was looking for at the time. Great clubs, but I should have probably gone with the 5 series from Epon.
  12. I went into the 902s from Srixon z745s and I would say the feel is equal if not better in the 902s I was really shocked. I thought they'd be comparable but they blew me away once I tried them.
  13. II absolutely loved my 745s and truthfully gave these a shot on a whim. To me they are very similar to the 745. Basically the same club profile from address, if anything I see less club out of the back of the 1126 long irons. The forgiveness feels comparable and I would say that the New Levels are a touch longer. They have a pre-worn leading edge so good turf interaction as well. I wasn't sure they would get my 745s out of the bag, but they have currently. My honest opinion is they are very similar in performance, looks, etc.
  14. I just got a combo set of the 1126 and 902. 1126 4-6 and 902 7-PW. I am considering adding the 623 in 9-PW. I told Eric what I was playing and he recommended the combo set. I originally was concerned about the same things, but find they combo very well. I got rid of a set of Epon 705s because I thought the despite the thing topline the length was too much for me as I appreciate a smaller clubface. I have no issues with the 1126s. I came from Srixon z745s for reference.
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