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  1. That's interesting. I did a fitting at my club with a Titleist guy since our pro is a big Titleist guy and one of their featured teacher. Only been a couple of weeks but they are listed as "in progress" which I have no idea if that actually means in production. But, whatever, I can wait.
  2. I would love to try that combo. I have played a Mavrik SZ 9* with a Ventus Blue 6S and a G400Max with a Ventus Black 5X.
  3. If you order from titleist through a fitting or the like, how do you know when they are in production? Is that "In progress" or is there a specific "in production" status?
  4. Was gaming an off the rack G400 Max and hit it really well straight as an arrow or a slight draw but always a fairway finder. Felt like I wasn't getting enough out of it, my buddy thought I was crazy. Went to a fitting was spinning it really high and ended up in a Mavrik SZ with a. Hzdrus Smoke Yellow. I legitimately added 20-30 yards pulling the spin down and went to slight fade. Walked up to the tee and let it rip down the left side and watched a little 5-10 yard fade almost everytime. It was nirvana. Fast forward to now, lost about 70 lbs and swing has really changed and struggled with driver more than anything. Suddenly couldn't launch the SZ anymore, went back to the Ping and boom right down the middle again. Changed shafts on the Ping and it works. But, I miss that SZ sound.
  5. He won his group by a lot. Head wind directly into the competitors he was producing around 213 mph ball speed and had he #1 drive at 333 yards and the #2 drive a 318. Second place was at 316.
  6. That Ventus 5X is so sweet. I have one in a G400Max from Peoples. I need more loft than 8* unfortunately.
  7. I can't compare the PF series, but I have a set of the 623Ms and a set of the z745s. To me, they play very. comparably; doesn't hurt that they are in the same shaft. I actually find the 623M to be slightly longer and I think a smidge more forgiving. Though, I think the feel with the z745s is slightly better.
  8. Good to hear, am really leaning toward a combo set with T200 4-6 and T100s 7-PW. But, also considering that combo while also buying the T100s 5 & 6 as I will inevitably decide I want those in the bag at some point only to have a bad round or two and decide I need extra forgiveness again. It's a sickness.
  9. Completely in love for me. Added it and now going back to the G400 Max love affair. I am committing fully to it; way more fairways, a little more ballspeed and a little less spin but still controlled.
  10. I got the Ventus Black 5X in last night and gave it a whirl. I am going to miss my mavrik SZ but I am reunited with my G400 Max and we're going to be exclusive for a while.
  11. Put the G400Max back in the bag this weekend after a little over a year with the Mavrik SZ. Hit so many. more fairways, but still spin it a bit much and lost some distance (worth it) to be in the fairway that much. About to try the Ventus Black 5X in it to see if I can get slightly less spin.
  12. had the same issues with it. Moved into a Mavriik Sub Zero but brought the G400 Max back out still dead straight. I think I am going to put a Ventus Black in it to try and lower launch and spin.
  13. How is the topline? Have they made the topline thinner and it a little more compact?
  14. Good to know, I actually really like a small profile.
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