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  1. Feel or actual? It's my understanding that adding tungsten weight to the toe doesn't actually increase the overall weight of the head, it simply takes the weight away from the center. If feel, then there should be ways to make the toe-weighted clubs "feel" lighter by increasing the grip/shaft weight etc...
  2. Yah, we're on the west coast. Stay where you are. You said serious golfers, so hasn't her coach recommended some stuff? Are her hands and height not big enough for ladies grips/shaft? What kind of swing speed are we talking about?
  3. Depends on the region. Where are you located? Our area has lots of competitive junior golfers and fitters who catered to them. Some fitters will even cut down shafts during the fitting. Having said that, it could all be a non-issue. If she's still using junior clubs, no need to get fitted. If she's ready for adult clubs, then nothing wrong with chocking down a bit.
  4. Nice ferrules! Not from factory I presume ? Also, what happened to the label on the 7i?
  5. This is for competitive juniors wedges, not the weekend playing dads. Talked to another dad and he said every year. Does this sound about right?
  6. I've had a set of ping g400s bent by a trusted shop, not a single scratch. He did warn me there might be some cosmetic line near the hosel. Keep us updated. I'm really curious what the shop says.
  7. Argument to this is that playing AND winning in their age appropriate field gets them used to winning, instead of just showing up. Competing in the final group on the last day feels completely different than playing in the middle of the pack, paired up with HS graduates who just started two years ago.
  8. From what I've heard, golf is one of the few sports where HS playing doesn't matter. If the junior wants to get noticed, they must play nationally by themselves, where college coaches will show up. Only Exception is if your school is surrounded by talent and can take the team to State.
  9. Harder tournaments in terms of setup or competition? I try to make sure the my kids play in tournaments where they can at least reach the green. One or two holes is fine, but things get really frustrating for everyone when you're taking an extra stroke every hole. I believe Earl woods didn't move his son's tees back until he could score. In terms of competition, our regions US Kids is very popular and gets fully booked within minutes with over hundreds in waiting list. Unless your kid is big and/or strong, their distance is right for the "normal" boys. Girls dista
  10. Experienced an interesting event today. While following my sons group, one of the player dropped his phone on the way to his ball. I didn't realize it was his, so picked it up and looked at the screen. Saw two pending text messages from "Dad", who is walking ahead of the group.
  11. I'd hold off on the custom fitting until she's a bit more grown. Whatever she gets fitted will be outdated next year.
  12. That butter knife of a wedge was very annoying when we used the Flynn.
  13. Christina Kim, is that you? https://www.golfchannel.com/news/christina-kim-calls-penalty-playing-competitors-lpga-q-series
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