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  1. My kid will play year round, if I let him. But man, my car and wallet needs a break too.
  2. My kid can't hit a hybrid save his life. We swapped it out with a 4 iron, but from a more forgiving set. Not the first choice out of rough, but much better off the tee. When their voice starts dipping is when they can start swinging.
  3. Well I finally caved in and signed up. Here are my observations: The way JGS is ranked is following: 65% is scoring differential, 25% is strength of field, and 10% is wins/top5/top10. No matter how everyone gripes about JGS, it's clear that scoring differential does not lie. i.e. no player with 4.xx will be ranked higher than players with 3.xx and so on. Also interesting is the state ranking, with California, Texas and Florida on top. Another interesting point is the number of tournaments kids play. There are kids who are ranked high by playing only 4 tournaments. And then there are kids who play insane amount of tournaments, 25+!!! Playing more does not equal higher ranking. Moral of the story is go out and shoot low! Forget about who you're playing with/against. Your biggest competitor is the course itself. I've always heard and thought that JGS was BS, but I think my opinion may have shifted a bit.
  4. We've stopped using all these consumer grade devices, as spin number is the biggest weakness with all the sub 1k devices. We get all the necessary numbers from his coach, and for quick tune-ups most places will have a quad or trackman. https://www.pgatoursuperstore.com/lessons-services-lessons-practice/ Wrong data is worst than no data. Mevo+ was the worst. By the time I was done setting up, both my kids were done with their buckets.
  5. https://golf.com/news/watch-leaf-knocks-web-com-players-ball-off-line-leads-to-a-four-stroke-penalty/
  6. Leave the PW alone, and pick up a GW at 48°. SW should be 54°. If in doubt, go with what is stated in the factory spec, and try not to deviate too far from it. https://www.callawaygolfpreowned.com/iron-sets/irons-2019-apex.html Depending on the course he plays, 2 degree weaker will cause some thin shots on tight lies.
  7. US Kids clubs are either TS3-57 or TS3-60. I'm guessing she's using the former. If she's 59/60" it's a good time to start looking. Measure her exact height with golf shoes on, not bare feet. Prodi-G is a popular choice, but I'd really take her down to the golf shop and have her hit some ladies clubs. Cobra junior driver is pretty popular, as are the cobra ladies woods. For the later, you may need to trim to kids length. Adult ladies clubs, maybe. Club fitting, no.
  8. As others have stated, no need for fitting. There just isn't enough choices at that level. If you're really itching to spend and upgrade to something (that will be outdated in a year or so), you could have her try some ladies clubs off the shelf.
  9. This thread should be moved to here: https://forums.golfwrx.com/forum/102-junior-equipment-talk/ Take a look at Ping G425. Ping is one of the last remaining company to not juice their lofts. As far as weight goes, have him try out some 90 gram steel shafts, and then move up or down from there. Your son's physique is similar to my 14yo boy.
  10. Does anyone have a guess as to when Epic Speed will have a price drop? It looks like Mavrik price dropped around Nov 2020, so was expecting something soon.
  11. Sounds about right... $300 for tournament fee $300 for 2 night hotel $300 for food + gas $100 for practice round This is assuming you don't fly
  12. I'm sure we've all ran into this. What do you do when people are smoking around you and your kids? I'm talking about driving range and putting greens, but worst is when we've been paired with couple of cigar puffers on an executive course.
  13. While I'm trying to map out our schedule for 2022, I'm also looking into pre-booking some flights in order to take advantage of lower prices. Also, since there is a similar topic in regards to Hotel, I thought Id start a discussion on whether to fly or drive to a tournament. Now I know more factors come into play such as timing, number of family members involved, actual region and the hotel prices in that region vs rental car prices etc. Just want to get a feel of what everyone's thresholds are.
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