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  1. Cutdown yes. Does it throw off the weight? Sort of. It makes the putter feel lighter for sure, but kids putters are much lighter than adult putters. Some spiders have adjustable weight so you could potentially add additional weight.
  2. Stick with graphite, unless he's tipping at triple digit on the scale
  3. The tipping point is when you start paying money to play tournament golf. Local monthly club tournaments do not count. We all know the best camera is the one you have with you, and after two Kids we all stop lugging around the 5 pound full frame + L lens setup. These days I only carry around SL1 with a pancake 24mm f/2.8 STM, which is small enough to slide into my jean pockets if needed, yet still takes better pictures than any iPhones out there. The tipping point to spend on Photography is when you start making income, which we tried at one point in life. At that point,
  4. Kirklands are $24/2dozen, so $1 each. If you can find them at your local store, you can save on shipping as well.
  5. Also you don't have to pay $4 for premium golf balls. Lots of choices out there $2 premium golf balls $1 premium golf balls
  6. How old is your daughter? The cost of tournament was probably around ~$50? Time spent 3~4 hours? Add to it lesson fees, range fees, practice round fees, memberships, equipment cost, gas money, and the total cost really adds up. Golf ball price is an afterthought once you start playing competitive golf. As for performance, playing a premium ball does help with approach shots. Doesn't necessarily have to be ProV1. I've seen balls roll out when I thought it shouldn't and wondered why parents spend so much time and money yet skimp on golf balls.
  7. It was not the manufacturers fault, so you shouldn't expect a replacement. Like others said, he's 13 so plenty of better options out there. He shouldn't be on a US "KIDS" club anymore.
  8. We went through over 5~6 sets of them for my kids w/o any issues. Time to look for a better golf shop. There's too many in-experienced technicians out there that I'm very picky about who works on our clubs now.
  9. 1. Yes 2. Yes 3. So I've heard 4. Yes If the tournament is run correctly, everyone will play the same speed. Any group which finishes even one minute outside of allotted time gets penalized. This is how it's run at our local tour.
  10. I didn't find too much difference between junior shafts and ladies shafts. The clubhead is where the biggest difference is, and is causing your daughter to struggle.
  11. For question #2, I've never let my kids practice behind the ball after watching this: don't practice behind the ball!
  12. Kudos for your enthusiasm. My son is at the cusp of moving on from US Kids and I'm so relieved that he can finally play by himself w/o the parent caddy circus. As explained in the past my biggest gripe with our local tour was the price and the overbearing parents. Some parents have zero etiquettes while others have over-the-top etiquettes. The later being worst than the former.
  13. No experience on those shafts but beware of the cost associated with custom irons. Whatever shaft you get him at that age will last no more than a year.
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