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  1. You would have to play this often to have a good feel for expected score ranges. Also note if easy conditions. If nobody is giving back points, the more scores counting, the more points. They could also have some sandbaggers, but doesn't the UK only count tournaments for Hdc scores?
  2. Most of my friend are golf only friends. Some are golf trip only friends, who are usually friends of my friends.
  3. The farther south you go the warmer. Probably need to go to SC. If flying, FL provides the warmest, compared to Pinehurst or Myrtle Beach. A twosome can book any package that a foursome or big group books. Mention that you want forgiving courses. teetimesusa.com used to specialize in Florida, but it looks like they expanded.
  4. There is Rock Manor + White Clay Creek in DE. RM is closer and right on I95, WCC is more challenging and about 20-30 minutes farther drive. WCC costs a little more, but range is included. If going to WCC, use 495 around Wilmington, DE. If RM, stay on I95.
  5. My group decided to get separate checks at dinner, after we added a couple lobster eating, wine drinkers. That works well if you have light or budget eaters mixed with some big spenders. When you are splitting the bill, most will order extra stuff and drinks, to get their $ worth, only to increase the cost or all.
  6. Even if you start small with just a foursome, the group can grow. With or without CV, guys will say they are interested, then later not commit. If your stay in one place is to save on car rental, that could limit your fun.
  7. If anyone plays a lot of golf, they will encounter worse than expected conditions at times, even paying real $$$ for a good course with aerated greens, cart path only for overseeded wet fairways, etc.
  8. If you are at a high priced course and paid your greens fee, then it shouldn't be a big issue if you warm up long or practice afterwards, as long as you are not making other warmup players wait. This probably happens, but not a lot. You might not be noticed, unless the starter is right there or the pro shop can watch the range easily. Balls on the range is usually a premium course, with a large range. Many courses avoid the 2 hour practice session by providing a bag of balls per player .
  9. I don't think we would pick a course range with limited tee slots, for a long practice. They are mainly for hitting a warmup bag of balls. If it's a large range on/off course, where you pay for the range balls, then it should be OK to hit as many buckets as you want. Maybe you should buy multiple buckets, so nobody parks behind you. I don't think you should hit away for hours at a course range that provides balls free to those playing there. I have seen some courses take the free balls off the range at noon, because some will try that. I have seen range memberships advertised for a yearly cost, but use is limited to one hour, which makes sense. But if you buy bucket after bucket, you should be able to hit all day.
  10. That policy is not clear if they mean 24 hours or 48 hours. I think it's the same statement written 2 ways sloppy with a different period. Paying in advance has spread since Covid. Many courses have the 24 hour cancelation period. It's going to vary by course. Generally the more premium the course the stricter. If unsure about playing, check their online tee time system to see how busy it is, then you can know if you can wait longer to decide.
  11. Either bad areas around the green edges or fairway bermuda invading are reasons greens are allowed to get smaller. The lost areas can be sodded with grass matching the greens, but I don't see that much, because by this time, the greens often need replacing, possibly with a new hybrid like Champions, etc. Usually courses reclaim lost green areas when they are upgrading the greens to new greens.
  12. The public courses do have memberships of some type, usually to all of the courses run by the management company. You would have to review the deals and compare to just using a 48 hour rate membership, like the MB Passport for residents. Barefoot is at the higher end of the public courses, with 4 courses. Also look at Thistle, Tidewater, Prestwick. The Dunes is the best, but probably the most expensive. I think Surf Club will be less cost than The Dunes. Grande Dunes Members is not too old, well maintained, but isn't as interesting or challenging as the Resort course. Great clubhouse and nice development. I don't know the rates of any. Reserve Club is nice. During the Spring and Fall peak seasons, tee times will be harder to get at the courses with public play, but if you are a single, there will usually be a spot. Debordieu is south of Pawleys and private. It's a good course, if going to live on the south end.
  13. If it's singles match play, the one guy without an opponent could play against par, with his handicap. Another way in match or stroke play, is to blind draw 2 players from the correct handicap range. IE if an A player is missing draw from the A flight, if B missing draw from B, etc. Then pick the front 9 from one player and the back 9 from the other. This makes it more random, in the case of one drawn player, who had a great or bad day.
  14. So many are leaving the pin in now, but first in should get the flag, regardless of how many times. There are guys who don't get the flag, from when we used to remove it. I believe you can putt short putts better without the flag, evidenced by few tour pros leaving the flag in now. There are a lot of golfers learning golf from friends or on their own, so they either don't learn and/or they don't care.
  15. If you like Broad, Rock, GMills, you should like While Clay. WCC is tighter, but there are some layup holes and it's not long from the white tees. It has a good practice area (included) and usually better conditions.
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