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  1. The men's club champ is 1 or 2 weekends, and doesn't need to be all day. You should be able to play on weekends. My observation is that ladies groups at courses have a very high number/% of SR/retired ladies playing. They are probably happy to play on a weekday. There may not be enough younger/business ladies to field a decent weekend ladies tournament.
  2. What is nice about Taper Tips shafts is all shafts weight the same. With Parallel, if all are a single length blank, the long iron shafts weigh more than the short iron shafts. The same model should play the same, taper or parallel, but I think there could be differences in some brands.
  3. I have encountered guys with bad etiquette, but hardly ever thought a guy was doing that stuff on purpose. For the guys standing close, trying to be a distraction, notice if they do it to the guy they are playing or the guy leading the tournament. They might do it to all and not on purpose. To those who time various noises to your backswing. You can prove it with a fake swing. Take your backswing and stop after starting down. You will prove it's on purpose.
  4. Unless he won the event or finished high enough to win something, there is no need to bring it up to the coach/event. Just talk to your son about it. If the rest of the team is doing it, then maybe the coach should know. Unless you have a lot of really steep slopes, it's not much help when it adds or subtracts a couple yards.
  5. Since there is a hole open in front of you, we are going to let the group behind you go through.
  6. Saturday 4/24 -- OYSTER BAY: The tree lined holes have thin fairways, looking like they were not overseeded, else very light. The greens were pretty good, not overseeded, with nice speed. A few edges of greens were sodded, but in some cases only part of the bad area. This did not affect play. Some greens have fairway grass spots in them. There are lots of bare areas along the tree lines between the fairways and trees and the cart paths are destroyed. This all creates a ugly appearance. Hole #16 has great bermuda growth, with mostly no trees.
  7. If just practicing, the practice area at Grande Dunes is good. If you are looking to join a private course near NMB, then Surf and The Dunes are the top choices. Grande Dunes Resort is a public course. They also have the Grande Dunes Members course, which is private, so it's an option, if you don't want to compete with public players for tee times. As far as public golf goes, use the MB Passport and play all the courses then decide if any are best to hang out at. The few other privates are south of MB, Wachesaw Plant, Reserve Club, Debordieu.
  8. It's not clear if you want to be a member somewhere to save $ or to be a member of a private club. Beachwood + Surf Club are far apart in what they offer. Beachwood is a popular course with locals, budget golfers, budget tourists, beginners, etc. Surf Club is a private course, with very limited outside package play. You may need a member reference and pay initiation. It's an old style course with excellent conditions. I think most of the courses have some type of membership or freq player card. MB has a Passport program for discounts at 48 hours.
  9. With things more normal, the work at home people may have to work more hours, either at home or in the office, so less golf for them. With beaches opening up, if your beaches are open, that will pull some golfers away. And along with various other activities opening up.
  10. When we sign for a cart, the course is making us liable for cart damage, which probably includes injuries that are our fault. When we have discussions about golf ball damage, some say the course has insurance, some say the golfers have to use their own homeowners ins. See if homeowners insurance covers it and the Ins Co will determine if the $ request is legit. My thought is if a cart crash is caused by a faulty cart, like a wheel falling off, then the course is responsible.
  11. A straight divot line, where you place the next ball at the back of the line, so the next divot takes little grass, compared to a fresh divot from good solid unspoiled turf.
  12. The designer of World Tour got too concerned with having holes from famous courses around the world, but the only holes most golfers can relate to are the holes from Augusta, TPC Sawgrass #17 and St Andrews, holes we see on TV every year. The holes that are on TV once every 10-15 years are too unknown to most and some may no longer be in Tour/Major rotation. The third 9 is still closed, but not developed yet.
  13. The hole is over for the Acer. Nothing after holing out counts. If it wasn't found in the hole, you can't assume it must be lost in the water, unless you saw it splash. I believe he would have to play as if it's a lost ball.
  14. Unless you have a criteria, there are a lot of choices. Barefoot Fazio/Love/Dye, Heritage, Caledonia, True Blue, TPC,.... Your 3 choices are very good. Ask about green aeration in June.
  15. I think 6 hours is far for a long weekend. I also suggest Ocean City MD. It's also close enough to play on the days you drive. There are about 15 courses, most short drives from lodging. Look at Pam's golf for info, even if you don't book with them.
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