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  1. On a golf trip, especially to a special or premium place, most golfers will want to play their own ball. That leaves best ball, low net, stapleford type matches. One day can be best ball of partners, another best 2 balls of 4some. If you replay an extra 9/18, then you can try a scramble or shamble.
  2. TeeTimesUSA.com is a good source for FL packages.
  3. At any southern destination with bermuda grass, you have to investigate when they overseed. Fairway overseed can lead to CPO. Greens overseed causes slow greens. Many courses with modern hybrid greens don't overseed them. If FL, they may overseed after mid Nov, but check.
  4. I agree with hand size as a guide. Suddenly going left a lot could indicate grip is too small.
  5. You could have group handicaps, using scores from group play. Or you could handicap the sandbagger off of his group scores. Or sandbagger isn't in the matches. You are correct in addressing the situation.
  6. If heading from the Lancaster area to the course, Wyncote or Glen Mills can be kinda on the way. If staying near the airport, you can be to Rock Manor in DE in about 35 minutes. Glen Mills is the most unique. You could also add a day.
  7. Franks is considered the best in the area. It has a outside and a inside. For Italian; GIO's
  8. In the case of booking for 3, getting paired up with a single and having your 4th added later to the 3some behind you, any reasonable starter would swap the singles. I have had plenty of starters bump me up or back a group, because they felt it would be better for me and those I was paired with. If the course is busy to full, playing alone or as a 2some will mean that you wait around all day and can't kill time putting/chipping, because the group right behind you is ready to hit. It's fun to play alone sometimes, but it doesn't usually happen when we want it
  9. Wherever you end up going, you can arrange it that some golf every day, some golf 1 day and some don't golf. If your serious golfers want to play Pinehurst #2, you have to stay at a couple places. Some others know Pinehurst well and can recommend a packager. If you have party guys who want a variety of bars, GC, beach, etc, consider Myrtle Beach.
  10. I don't go to MB in the summer, but I see the beach hotels are expensive in the summer, due to beach vacations. Some good names are Ocean Reef, Caribbean, Breakers. Higher end are Grande Dunes Marriott and Island Vista. You can walk out of the hotel onto the beach. Some golf course condos like Legends, Myrtlewood, Barefoot, World Tour, are common condos, that still may be cheaper than on the beach. Higher end off the beach are Grande Dunes Marina Inn and Barefoot Yacht Club. This is a good golf packager: [email protected] 844-706-7
  11. It's one thing if wild tee shots go into the other fairway, but when golfers aim there on purpose, then that is a reason for internal OB. If they will stop aiming right, if the tree is removed, do that. If they will still aim right to avoid OB, than the new OB is proper. Also consider making #4 into a par 3, cutting tree down and a new tee at whatever yardage makes sense, maybe short to help avoid OB left.
  12. It would be easier to give you ideas if you added more criteria and decided on the location. In MB in August, room rates are high and golf prices are low. Golf will have a wide range of rates, between premium courses and lower cost courses. You probably want to avoid the cheapest courses. A golf course condo may be cheaper than a room at a beach hotel.
  13. Maybe he was tolerable and got worse over time. In a tournament, especially a private course affair, your partner should not embarrass you with non-golf stuff and should have tried to have his game in shape. If a partner plays badly, it happens, but it shouldn't be because he was out all night or didn't have time to play/practice for a month. He may still be ok with casual rounds, where it isn't considered a party.
  14. Myrtle Beach is like one big resort. You can stay at a beach hotel and drive to wherever you want. Which you pick might be based on your son's age. If a teenager, he will probably like MB better than HH.
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