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  1. What I have noticed in my area is that the lower level private clubs, that either weren't that great a course, not run great or not maintained well, so when golf was slow, they either closed or became public. The privates where there is some prestige/pride to join are doing well with waiting lists. I think a lot of the privates that were going to fail have already failed. I do agree the younger generations are less likely to join things, it doesn't mean all of them.
  2. All are reasonable if playing the correct tees. MB is at sea level, so the ball probably won't go as far as where you live. BF Dye is challenging with Dye stuff. True Blue is open off the tee, challenge to hit greens. Kings North can be more fun, because it doesn't look/feel hard, unless you are missing doable shots it in the water. On the other 3 courses, Prestwick is the most challenging hitting and putting the greens.
  3. Myrtle Beach has a new tee time system with aggressive dynamic price increases, as tee times are booked, mainly on the premium courses. I suggest getting the golf prices, to see what your splurge is. It also depends on dates and time of day and week. April 21 starts the highest. I really like Kings North, but True Blue + BF Dye will look more like private courses to a new group. For the other 3, I suggest: Willbrook, Arrowhead, Prestwick all 3 with good conditions. The least interesting is Shaft Glen. Pawleys conditions are inconsistent.
  4. I don't live in MB, so I haven't investigated that Legends Players Club deal. Look to see if you must own property in SC and/or if you must commit to paying that for a year. It also provides low cost golf fees also. I don't see any restrictions. It looks worth it to join for one month, even if only using it every day for a week. It's typical to go to MB with a group, so there are probably few who want to do that. They do have a large range. I don't think the typical retiree member will spend a lot of time on the range or hit more than 1 bucket. Legends is a crowded golf resort. I can't answer about waiting at the range.
  5. If you are still staying in the Wilmington area, Lockwood Folly is out of the way like Ca Natl. Leland has the premium Cape Fear and the midlevel Magnolia Greens and Compass Pointe. Sometimes I see a MB course on Golfnow that shows their peak package rate, which I guess is just to get noticed. If the deal is good enough at Rivers Edge, play there for scenery and challenge. There are a few long walks to the next tee. There is a course called The Lakes up around the CA Natl area. I have not played it, but it might be more like that farmer's course. Walking is nice if the entire group is walking. It can be annoying if some have carts and some walk. We have been covering the north side of MB. When you are on the south end, there aren't as many budget courses.
  6. Explain the next time he throws a club or acts unreasonable, he will be out of the group.
  7. Carolina Natl is considered a little higher class than the list I posted, at least CN has a more interesting design. MB has plenty of wow factor high priced courses, like the True Blue you looked at. Some other high ends are Barefoot, The Dunes, Tidewater, Caledonia, Thistle,....
  8. Carolina Natl was more popular than it is now, then conditions became up and down. It's around an hour drive from most MB trip lodging, so it doesn't get a lot of tourist play. Playing away from central MB should give you better odds of a not crowded course, that may have a low rate and allow walking. Out Rt 9 is Diamond Back and Crown Park. Rivers Edge in Shalotte is scenic and nice, but it may have more play and is not a good walking course, with some long walks between holes. Meadowlands, Brunswick, The Pearl are nice, but will likely have more players, depending on the weather. Brick Landing had closed for a couple years and has reopened. It should be low cost and not busy, but I doubt the greens are nice, although I have not seen the reopened version. Oyster Bay is a great design, with some rough conditions and decent greens. It is on Golfnow. Are you staying on the north end?
  9. I do see some members walking during peak season on average walkable courses. I also see members walking on the Private Dunes Club. The top 2 Big Cats courses, Tigers Eye + Leopards Chase are better designs than courses I listed, but are not maintained as they should be. I think they are good enough if you see a Golfnow type rate, just not good enough conditions for package rates. Panther + Lion are more in the class of Carolina Natl, but not as interesting. Legends Resort courses are nicer than Carolina Natl, but a lot more crowded.
  10. Myrtle Beach is primarily cart included in the price. If walking is allowed at a course in the off season (winter), it's probably the same price. Replays are about half the price. Courses have ranges where you pay by the bag/bucket. Cane Patch, Legends or Grande Dunes may have range deals. These are a bunch of the nicer lower cost courses: Brunswick, Eagle Nest, Beachwood, Aberdeen, Crown Park, Diamondback, Sandpiper Bay, Pearl, Meadowlands, MBN West, River Hills, Whispering Pines,
  11. Some retire to Florida, but the extra winter golf they play is offset by being too hot in the summer to play. NC/SC is a medium if you are from a Northern state with cold winters and high taxes. Then narrow it down further to places like Charlestown, Pinehurst, Myrtle Beach, etc. Visit + vacation is some of the spots recommended.
  12. This topic has loads of good points why you should wait when boarder line. Just trickling on the green will be upsetting, even though it would not hurt anyone. I can't remember this "you can hit" being an issue to me. If you have been playing badly, but know you can reach with a solid hit, then wait.
  13. I have them in FJ shoes and no issue. Are you sure you clicked them all the way in?
  14. That is a lot of moving around in one week. If you will do this annually, consider PH one trip, MB another. In Myrtle, if you like stay and play, there is Legends Resort and Barefoot Resort. If you want to work with a good Packager, try https://yourgolfpackage.com/ and only ask for Brian Noblin. The best courses in MB are also their expensive courses. Some of the best are The Dunes, Caledonia, Tidewater, Barefoot, Heritage.... Courses are spread out, so watch where you stay + play. If you like being on the beach: Avista, Island Vista, Grande Shores are a few of many similar beach front hotels. Premium off the beach is Barefoot Yacht Club, Marina Inn at Grande Dunes. Caledonia will get you a replay rate on True Blue, if openings. Same with other multi course sites. If you have a must play 36 holes, make sure the courses are near each other and consider booking 2 rounds, IE 7:30 + 1:30.
  15. It's rare that you will find a like new premium ball in a range bucket. If you do, the range got it free and the range doesn't know it's in there. It either came from a hole next to the range or a golfer accidently hit the new ball from his pocket that he was going to play with. I have done that. I have hit like new found Pinnacle, Top Flight, E6, etc, on the range with a driver, to see real flight. You can have them. At a course near me, they start the season with new or like new yellow range balls. Early in the year, they pick out any white balls they find. As it gets to about August, when the range ball supply shrinks from broken or stolen balls, they start leaving any balls golfers hit on the range in the range buckets.
  16. Quality courses without a premium price, but still might be higher than budget golfers pay at home: The Pearl - River Hills - Arcadian Shores - Wizard - Man O War - Wild Wing MBN West - Meadowlands - Sandpiper Bay - Myrtlewood - Eagle Nest Beachwood - Crown Park - Crow Creek - Burning Ridge - Whispering Pines Diamond Back Lowest cost lodging is usually 4 men in a condo at Places like Myrtlewood, River Oaks, etc.
  17. Most courses in MB do Double Tee. Those that don't return to the clubhouse single tee: BF Fazio, BF Norman, Wild Wing, MW Palmetto. The 27 hole courses usually have 1 9 starting 10-12:00. Arrowhead, Pearl, SPB. Also note that rates are low in Dec.
  18. If you normally play shorter tees than those you are joining, you should play your shorter tees. It's better for everyone's pace. The only time I feel others will be offended is if you are clearly playing tees too long for your ability and holding them up.
  19. In any city, the best odds of pairing up with reasonable golfers is at the higher priced courses. Assuming the course is busy, look for a twosome, if the online booking shows that, then you can book online.
  20. You can see the average temps. If only wanting to play 18, consider PM rounds or the latest AM rounds. Rates are low in Dec. Most of the courses overseed the fairways, so the look is green fairways and dormant rough, although the rough may not be fully dormant yet in Dec, depending on amount of frost days. Some courses overseed the greens and some don't. Those who don't will be faster. Naming them is nearly impossible.
  21. Those 4 courses are good choices. I think that Heritage's pace will have better odds of a faster pace in Dec, because there will be fewer visitors with big groups playing. On any given day it can be slow, but it's not every day. Packagers rent places like True Blue + Pawleys condos. Not many hotels down Pawleys. Litchfield is possible.
  22. The course probably has a standard fee. Then you can add a tip to that.
  23. You would have to play this often to have a good feel for expected score ranges. Also note if easy conditions. If nobody is giving back points, the more scores counting, the more points. They could also have some sandbaggers, but doesn't the UK only count tournaments for Hdc scores?
  24. Most of my friend are golf only friends. Some are golf trip only friends, who are usually friends of my friends.
  25. The farther south you go the warmer. Probably need to go to SC. If flying, FL provides the warmest, compared to Pinehurst or Myrtle Beach. A twosome can book any package that a foursome or big group books. Mention that you want forgiving courses. teetimesusa.com used to specialize in Florida, but it looks like they expanded.
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