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  1. The Tour Edge C721 is THE lowest spinning, most forgiving head available. Pretty much every review will show it is lower spinning than basically anything else. Now this doesn't mean it is the best head for you. The Callaway Epic Max LS is also very low spinning and forgiving. Those are probably the two lowest spinning/high forgiveness heads.
  2. Doesn't Billy Bobs sell the All Fit adapter system?
  3. Anyone know of an Autoflex fitter in the NJ area?
  4. Where is the fitter located?
  5. I'm no expert but the most important thing I've learned reading about Autoflex is there is no 1 combination of settings for everyone. There is a lot of trial and error as what works for one may not work for another. Start with a head weight of 192-194g(without adapter) and a swing weight of D0-D2. Try it on a launch monitor and see how you do. Then try different shaft lengths(choke down) and lower head weights(in 2g intervals). You can use that sw calculator to get an estimate of your sw as you make your changes. Some people do better with low to mid 180g head weights and mid to upper C swing
  6. I'm certainly not an expert on swing weight so maybe someone else can comment if those #'s fit. The 3g head weight is about 1.5 swing weight pts(every 2g head weight is 1 sw). The heaver midsized grip with extra wrap will also lower sw. 1/2" of shaft length is about 3 sw pts. There is a pretty good swing weight calculator online. http://www.leaderboard.com/SWINGWT.HTM
  7. Yes, with the stock 24g weight. Shaft length will effect swing weight. What shaft length is your Autoflex?
  8. What is your Autoflex shaft length? So you have in the stock 26g weight in the head? Do you have an oversized or heavier grip?
  9. My apologies. I incorrectly stated that the head weights were WITH the adapter. The head weights should be WITHOUT adapter. So most heads weigh around 192-195g without adapter. Sim 2 Max is about 194g without adapter. Most adapters will weight 7-10ish grams.
  10. Ping heads are 10-12g heavier than most other brand heads. They use counter balanced shafts to lower the swing weight. Head weight is more important with Autoflex. The head should be around 190-194g. Some people will need it to be lower. After getting the head in this weight range, the swing weight should be D0-2 to start. Autoflex is not counterbalanced so a 203g head would have a very high swing weight.
  11. Did you try the Ping G425 Max in the flat setting? That should reduce that closed face/snap hook.
  12. It's the opposite. Weight towards the heel produces draw. Weight towards toe produces fade.
  13. The 721 is going up against the Radspeed XB in TXG's 2021 driver bracket. Video should be up this week.
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