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  1. What is the benefit of such a deep face?
  2. 1. What tech in the new CBX ZipCore excites you the most? UltiZip Grooves 2. How can the CBX ZipCore wedge help your short game? More forgiving/higher MOI 3. What loft CBX ZipCore wedge do you want to win? 54 degree
  3. Can you just use the original screw that came with the driver head?
  4. Why not take the specs of the Edel putter fitting(head shape, alignment line, neck/hosel, weighting) and find a face balanced putter with those specs. If a face balanced or toe hang putter fits someones stroke then that seems like the best of both worlds.
  5. Yes, to stock specs. I've read that clubs from the factory sometimes can be a little off from stock specs. I was wondering if I should get the loft and lie checked to make sure they were what they are supposed to be.
  6. I just got new irons direct from Srixon. A combo set of ZX5 4-6/ZX7 7-AW. The only spec change was +1* upright. Should I get the lofts and lies checked before playing them?
  7. Club Champion tactics being implemented?
  8. rlb4

    Putter Fitting?

    Has anyone taken their Edel putter and had it evaluated on a SAM Putt lab? Also, what about getting an Edel fitting and using the fitting specs(head shape, line config., neck type, weighting) on a traditional putter that may feel better? Kind of combine the aiming science from Edel with SAM putt lab science. Maybe the best of both worlds?
  9. rlb4

    Putter Fitting?

    Thanks. I like Edel because aiming is the worst part of my putting. I have tried Axis 1 putters and love the feel of a toe balanced putter. The face just stays so square during the swing. I am a little concerned that I never read about people continue to use their Edel putter for a long period of time. But then again this is golfwrx .
  10. rlb4

    Putter Fitting?

    So did you get the Edel putter you were fit for? Are you still using it? I'm very interested in their fitting philosophy as it just seems to make sense.
  11. Compared to the left dash, shouldn't the left dot be similar low spin with the driver but a little lower spin with the irons and lower trajectory with irons and driver?
  12. How would you compare the C721 to the TSi2 in distance and forgiveness?
  13. Where are you getting the fitting done?
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