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  1. Whenever I get the shanks my issue is lack of rotation, Mostly with wedges but if I rotate correctly the shanks never happen.
  2. I did a aim point course at my local range, was really helpful but you had to keep working at it to get the full use of it. I never which I really kick myself for as catching breaks was really good. Now my putting is not great haa haa.
  3. Skillest have guys who use stack n tilt. Don't know the full ins and out of it but I see and hear about it more recently.
  4. Sounds good, I've seen James on skillest might check him out. Now my handicap is down to single figures (9) I'm seeing a patter that my putting is not great. I'll have a look at the decade golf system too.
  5. Driver 250 on a good day. PW 115 anything more I tend to hit a 9i but no more than 125
  6. Id say that the pressure of having a card in hand could get to some. Its ok hitting some bad putts or chips on the practice area as you can just repeat the process till its right. But duffing a chip on the course is a different mind game.
  7. Was going to take an online lesson and wondered if anyone has taken one and if so how was it? Also if they could recommend one. I've been on skillest and the prices of some are quite high not sure if that's normal. I tried to book in with my local pro but he's just caught covid so that's not happening. Would it be worth it or is it better to see my local pro when he's back fit.
  8. Thanks guys the wedge is SM58 . 12 Spin milled. So I need to have a think.
  9. Hey I have a Vokey 58 degree wedge, I have a taylormade 58 degree wedge which is in my bag but I don't want to lose the Vokey 58. What options do I have with the wedge. Can I get it bent to a new loft?
  10. Great point, suppose when the shoulder and arms feel relaxed you can grip it as hard as you like, if going by what the others have said. But you then run the risk of tensing up the shoulders etc. So its finding that balance. Sure others with more experience will have a more definitive answer.
  11. Interesting seeing the different views. I gripped it so tight that I feared the club flying out my hands. I've since worked on a more less than strangle hold on it the club. I see the thought in gripping it to lightly as you can throw the club depending on how lose you hold it. I did see a good video of Shaun Clement with a clementine.
  12. Interesting, I never thought about it all when I was gripping the club. I think about it more now when I grip it lightly. Arms just hang now. Though my glove looks like its been through 10 years of wear haa haa.
  13. I grip the club quite firm and at times with driver tighter, Wedges seem to be a bit lighter. Anyway the guy I was chatting to said he holds it light to the point I pulled it out his hands. Me on the other hand he couldn't take it out my hands. Today I toyed about with a not so strangle type grip and although it felt weird I was hitting the ball well, where I could feel the club head travel back and forward. I'll keep at it and see where it gets me. Interested to see how others play and what experiences they've had with the grip pressure.
  14. I've seen a pro and was was wanting me to swing more "left" as in to hit a fade but I just really struggled with it. I used to slice before but now I can't even do that
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