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  1. TW33

    Amelia Island

    Ocean Links was bulldozed this past week, RIP, I won't miss it, wouldn't have played it again. Concur on Oak Marsh, so much better. Supposedly they are going to be putting some significant $$$ into upgrades for Oak Marsh. As much as I hate to see any Northeast Florida course close, I won't shed any tears about Ocean Links closing. Even though they kept it in good shape, there wasn't much that could be done with the design. It probably had the lamest closing hole in the state (a 130 yard par 3). As a resort pass holder, I would play it about once every two years. I would forget how much
  2. TW33

    Amelia Island

    Ocean Links is so bad. There's only room for like 14 holes so they forced the others into places they shouldn't be. Course is easily the tightest that I've played in my entire life (dead serious) and houses are in play on nearly every shot. Do not pay full price- you can get it on golf now for $30-$45 daily. Oak Marsh is so much better.
  3. I've been to this event for the last two years in a row (can't attend this year, unfortunately) and I really like the relaxed feel/ability to get close to the players. I don't love how play is split up over the first two days, but it's a fun event to see live. Beautiful course too. I think the smart money is obviously on Kisner. He's playing well this year, and has historically had a lot of success at the RSM.
  4. lol I'm the same way. If I play well you're getting a big tip.
  5. in before the next thread "thinking of trying to qualify for the Champions Tour"....
  6. looked it up online. Looks beautiful, but plays really short and seems gimmicky as most holes seem ridiculously tight. Is it the best option for me or should I look at some other courses?
  7. I'm spending Christmas in Santa Rosa, but also headed to Sea Ranch to see my wife's family. Would like to get a round in both on the drive up there and then on the way back. Any course recommendations? I've seen pictures of a course that weaves among giant redwoods (maybe that's all the courses in the area??). Does anyone know which course this may be? Also planning on playing at Sea Ranch as well, as we have family who are members. Thanks for the help.
  8. I had the pleasure of spending four days last week in Johannesburg playing golf. Courses: Parkview Golf Course Killarney Country Club Els Club at Copperleaf -- previous Euro Tour track Maccauveli Golf Course- childhood club of Charl Schwartzel Overall thoughts: - The risk of carjacking and other crimes is pretty overblown. You can't go online and search "Johannesburg" without reading all kinds of stuff about people getting mugged or carjacked. I was very careful while driving --only drove at night during my evening in town, ensured that my cell phone was not visible while sitting at st
  9. I will drop Castlerock. I think I'll be pretty jet lagged that day, and my wife and I are just going to play the Old Course at Portstewart so she can actually play as well. Ardglass looks awesome, but I am staying in Portrush so it's a bit out of the way.
  10. The proshop told me that it's only $60 in early February. Moving close to this area next summer and can't wait to play TR.
  11. Looking at playing first weekend of February -- I know the conditions will be iffy, but I'll be in NC for student orientation and want to take advantage of being in the area. Is a caddy required? It doesn't appear so based upon the website but want to confirm.
  12. can you hit drivers? And what was the total cost for everything? Very jealous.
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